Walt Disney

Let me not too solemnly, without fanfare and drumming, but still congratulate those for whom Hollywood is not limited to animation, "Shrek" and "Madagascar" (with all the sympathy for these projects), but who has an idea of what Disney animation in the best sense of the word. Cartoon "Tangled" – here he is, animated project, which, without any discounts, stretching, assumptions and semi-on any defects and deficiencies eye can tell that he sustained in the spirit of classic animated films of Walt Disney, honors and promotes the tradition of the famous animator, director and producer. Add to your understanding with Lisa Scullin. Borrowed from European folklore storyline, a lot of quality music, interesting vocals characters, after which the question arises, why musicals need for such music cartoons, albeit largely standard, but not devoid of wit and humor resourcefulness. Strictly speaking, this is for the audience and liked Disney tapes, it all made them a cult, just return it to contemporary Hollywood animation and is welcome. In this case there is no hint of a dull academic and overreliance on musical parties, which supposedly characterized the classic cartoon, "from Disney." Fans pomeyatsya, nurtured on contemporary animation endeavors, most of which humor (and often parody and sarcasm) in the first place, too, will not be offended – the humor in the film "Rapunzel" abound, and it is already now rare, surprisingly modern and unobtrusive. In terms of comedy is most like a horse with a brutal-gladiator Maximus nickname, which in this project fulfills the same role as Sabertooth in the protein "Ice Age" – is the main supplier of pet and the most comical situations.