Xavantes Brazilian

The 8 rites of initiation are delicate, difficult and critical moments of the life of a person. Old, and still today, it thus enters the peoples called ' ' primitivos' ' , these moments recognized and are marked by specific rituals. One is about stages of the life and events that deserve prominence and are boarded through a set of cautious procedures, so that its function is fulfilled. The direction of a ritual is to propitiate definitive experience to an individual, experience this that will be a landmark in its life, producing effect in long stated period. In the initiation rite, it is celebrated and one propitiated a ticket; the one exit universe, as, for example, that one of infancy, and the entrance in another one, route to the adult age.

Between the Xavantes Brazilian, the period of time enters these two phases of the life, that is the adolescence, is lived as a long rite of initiation that if carries through during years marked for the separation between boys and girls, for the collected attitude and introverted that makes with that each young keeps a respectful distanciamento stops with the adult members of the community, by the prohibition of the sexual relations (that they will only have beginning after the ticket, when will be reached the majority) and for the convivncia between young of the same sex, that they pass to be citizens the guardianship of an adult that guides, the godfather. Add to your understanding with Marie Claire. This long period of ticket culminates? for the men? in a ceremony that marks the initiation to the social and sexual maturity, and that it is become fullfilled through the ritual puncture in the ear. 2Como in all the initiation rites, also has a test of courage here: to support the pain of the puncture in the ear is a demonstration of force and emotional matureness. The initiation rites are not private and individual, exactly that solitude and silence happen in.