Knowledge And Dreaming

Knowledge and dream I want to tell about an interesting episode in his practice of Dreaming. What is interesting is that dream? It is possible to touch an all-new aspect of my practice, to see something new and later helped give shape to the knowledge that I could bear. Now this is one of the main areas in my practice. I decided to leave, only the description of this dream in the form in which I took it then, I have removed everything else aside. I think it's better. In his diary of dreams, this episode I have called 'Indians':' I sleep in a clear and well aware of the plot, but their environment is partly absorbed in a dream. I'm in the house. There are a lot of people engaged in some activity.

I walk around the house, I do not a me someone accompanies. This is a young woman. We are entering into something resembling either the tunnels, or caves. A woman is like a squaw. I'm in this for some reason convinced, moreover, I am beginning to understand more clearly what it says – it show me the statue and tells us about their meaning. The statues are created in such a way that they convey some of the positions of the body associated with practices that use body movement. Externally, they are executed in style characteristic of the American Indian. I listen to it carefully and try to memorize the position of the body, which depict these statues, especially when it comes to 'my position'.