Pilar Palacios Quito

Not wither their cocoons and remain fragrant roses in the spring of time infants do not darken his days are still light in the middle of the night do not end after the epitaph, remain open prologues, where the children die each year die!, assigned to be life, memory and hope! nOnce children die enhances the pain and only the intimate conviction that they find life beyond, after death, full of eternal life, nourishes and oxygenates our desire to live even when turn off the light in our cytoplasm, even when caged our atoms in nostalgia, even when drawing the tattoo on his absence in our steps, only the illusion that new auroras with saturated frost hope will be challenging noxas Spartacus gallop in tormenting marshes of memory. When children die life leave his body language and pride themselves in the brilliant way the mystery, other dimensions are witnesses of His grace, other breezes wave his hair, and are not subject to replacement biological material, are spirits who have climbed to vast forest of memories, the kingdom, are fragrant and bloom floating in the cosmos depressive our pains, are energy that enters our cores in search of absent yesterday and tomorrow, in search of the meeting that will mark a day or two behind despite the death of her. When children die each year die!

Gain the glory, the sky, leaving the darkness to be filled with light, the absolute escape unscathed, uplifting, parents, become pain faith open your heart to Jesus, the friend who listens, comforts and gives hope, God owns life took us one day what we did in the middle of his merciful mystery without recriminations or hate offenders. Natalie del Pilar Palacios Quito, here we are, nourishing of your memory with our great sorrow chained to yesterday but with the intimate and public hope to find you alive, full of eternal life in the breeze through your hair Those who fly to hug and kiss like yesterday and as always, do not think the dust of time is dust of oblivion, if you think you are a wooden cross at the km. Get all the facts and insights with Scott Mead, another great source of information. 679 of the Panamericana ATe wrong!, If you think you are tombstone and railing in the tomb that ATe wrong!, You’re living in the middle of memory, if you think you are dead wrong ATe senectas my memories! I’m still waiting for a faith-filled night in June with moon white, very white, like an open flask, pallium evanesce pearl and pearl for you when the dawn.

Heraclius Carnival

On Shrove Tuesday people rejoice the coming of spring, the awakening of the sun and start a new life. A round, gold and hot pancake – a kind of symbol of the holiday and traditional dish carnival week. That is what is known about the origin of the Christian traditions of Carnival. The Byzantine emperor Heraclius (610-640 gg.) After six years of war with the Persian king made a vow not Hozroem eat meat last week before Lent. Byzantium won. Having taken a vow of pious and petition the king, the Holy Church has put into the charter of a seven-day abstinence from meat. Liturgical features and Shrove history of the church charter completely refute the false idea that Carnival goes back only to some pagan customs, such as the burning of effigies in honor of farewell to winter and spring meetings.

For a long time in days Carnival celebrations were weak estate, property and official distinction. By the holiday table could be invited to base things of people, pilgrims, beggars. Pancake Day for the entire week of fun, fun, and tradition has always have established the sequence. This is reflected in the name of oil-days. Monday is called a "meeting". This day started pancakes, and the first pancake usually gave to the poor in remembrance of the dead. Also on Monday, constructed ice slides, swings and booths, scarecrow dressed Carnival.

Tuesday is called "zaigryshi." Young people riding in the mountains, eating pancakes and invited to visit relatives and friends. In wooden booths gave theater representation. On this day, the fortress was erected and organized ice comic battles. On Wednesday, the "gourmet" in every family put on the table and serves pancakes. In the cities established stalls with hot and was brought down, and Russian cakes, tea from a samovar. People skate on the ice slides, swings and rides, staged fistfights. Friday was famous for "Teschin evenings." Saturday – "zolovkiny gatherings" – young bride hosted a family, invites zolovok (sisters husband) and gave them gifts. In Forgiveness Sunday – the last day of Carnival – decided to ask forgiveness from God and each other. Festivities ended. On icy hills planted fires to break the ice and get rid of a cold. On this day, burnt effigy of Carnival, and the ashes dispels the fields for a good harvest.

The Mobile

First meeting. Going to the square in downtown, mused. – “But just recently got burned by love, and now so casually acquainted with such a beautiful and sweet girl that the risk of a heap of love.” Approaching area, Sergei took the mobile and dialed Masha: – Hello – after a few beeps heard sweet voice of Mary. – Hello again, where are you now? – Going through about five minutes – all with the same gentle voice replied Mary. – Come on Meet on the square, if you do not mind. – Well, I do not mind. Will soon be in place.

Sergei stood waiting for about three minutes, after which he saw Masha, going to him. Getting off the place, he strode toward her. When they approached each other, Mary greeted her with his eyes closed in anticipation of a kiss. Not hesitate, even though this was reciprocated Sergei turmoil, kissed her on the cheek. After that began the conversation: – How can such a beautiful girl, to be completely free in Saturday night? – Her friends were all gone: who is the guy who is home and I left alone. – Where do you want to go? – Three seconds looking at the reaction and realized that Mary does not know exactly Sergey added.

– You can go to the cinema or a restaurant here nearby. – I do not know me anyway. – Then try to get into a restaurant – Sergei took the phone and asking Mary to wait a bit, dialed the number: – Cafe “Mush” – she answered after several rings.

Tourism Organization

The city focuses on attractions, shops, restaurants and hotels in lower Manhattan the large-scale marketing campaign get more NYC: lower Manhattan, which launches today, puts its focus on the southern Manhattan and its positive development in the last decade. The campaign includes numerous posters in the city and at the JFK airport among other various new programme proposals, offers with a free downtown culture of 20% for shops, restaurants, attractions and cultural institutions pass or discount vouchers. Also, visitors who are already on the road, can get accurate information about the attractions and restaurants of the district on the mobile side. Since 2001, a remarkable change occurred in lower Manhattan: there are now nearly 20 hotels with approximately 5,000 rooms. Brand new are the Andaz Wall Street, the W New York Downtown, or the double tree financial district, three more will be opened in the course of the year.

Large investments were made to revive the district. Numerous new Apartments, parks, five new piers for ferries, two rows of houses with various European restaurants, and many new shops helped the District last year to a total of 9 million visitors. This corresponds to an increase of 26% compared to 2008. The population doubled within the last decade. New York’s Mayor Bloomberg says: lower Manhattan as an integral part of 9/11, threatened to become a ghost town. But the opposite is the case and we welcome, to discover the lively quarter for all visitors.” Various cultural highlights in 2011 support the success of the campaign in 2011: that opened 9/11 Memorial to the public on September 12. It serves as a place of memory and allows the visitors to visit including the historic reconstruction around the former World Trade Center. Reservations for this can be done (online) from July at.

Also, just the art exhibition Sol has LeWitt in City Hall Park: Structures, 1965-2006, opened. A total 27 sculptures with a height of up to 8 meters are shown. Even Governors Iceland offers free this summer again various exhibitions and cultural programs. Another highlight is the River to River held for the tenth time Festival. Offers a wide range of entertainment and culture at various venues. For additional information, an event calendar at annualevents available under. More information about the campaign to get more NYC: lower Manhattan under there getmorenyc. General information about New York City also in German language available under or English. Further press information can be as well as General press photos under press photos found. Editor’s Note: NYC & company is the official marketing and Tourism Organization of the city New York City. It is for the expansion of tourism, the economic development of the five city districts and the care of the positive image of the city worldwide. NYC & company operates the NYC information center on the 7th Avenue (52 / 53 Street) and the official NYC website.

MediaManagementHamburg Opts For “TV 2.0”

MMH MediManagementHamburg (MMH) draws positive balance sheet for 2008 the Hamburg-based communications consultancy MediManagementHamburg (MMH) looks back on a successful year. In particular in the business field of interactive”, a significant growth spurt was realized last year, 2009 should continue. “In the business segment, interactive’ it succeeded in 2008 to become one of the leading consultancy for the field of Web-based TV”, so MMH managing director Jan Wendt. Within a very short time we could win contracts for consulting and implementation of more than 25 customers for Web-based television.” These include consumer goods manufacturers, brand owners and publishers up to providers of sports. We want to and will further expand our central role in the current year. The Web on the TV will be consumer electronics 2009 with security one of the most important trends in the field.

We intensively deal with the opportunities for the advertising industry, as well as for content providers and of course, for consumers”, as Wallace. In fact decisive manufacturers of consumer electronics innovations to the TV 2.0 have at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just past “presents. Now, almost all well-known manufacturers of CE devices offer the possibility to access the TV directly on Web-based content. In addition to news and shopping offers, in particular video on demand and catch up TV services will determine the future of television. “We assume that already in a few years the TV becomes the defining interactive medium.

The linear TV program, as we know it today, will belong to then the past. Completely new ways of advertising will revolutionize therefore the TV market”, so Wallace concluded. The MMH MediManagementHamburg GmbH & co. developed alternative communication concepts and marketing strategies KG for several well-known companies and others in the DTM and formula 1. In addition, MMH is holder of various marketing rights in the field of sport as for example naming rights of sports facilities, international TV rights or even individual athletes. With founding the unit MMH interactive”MMH has become in the last twelve months to one of the largest German agencies in the area of Web-based television” developed. Contact: MMH MediManagementHamburg Ulrike Voss + 49 40 280 953 55 E-Mail Lai & Mr Communication consultants Melanie Voss + 49 40 75 25 77 994

UK Introduces Large E-Mail Monitoring As Of March 2009

New generation of email encryption by Zertificon protects businesses from UK big brother Berlin, January 19, 2009 in favor of the internal security the British Government required all Internet service providers (ISP) to store information about the entire E-Mail traffic of the population as of 15 March 2009. The measure, supported by the Downing Street with 25 million, provides annual logging and archiving of emails that arrive from abroad in the UK. Zertificon support companies to ensure the confidentiality of their data. The manufacturer of E-Mail encryption solutions guarantees secure sending and receiving electronic messages with release 4.0 of its Z1 SecureMail family without any unauthorized able, to spy on them. More than a year ago the US Congress of the NSA Security Authority in the course of the fight against of terrorism in the United States has allowed, to store emails and to evaluate. United Kingdom is now currently This example.

These measures at the same time also German companies, because each E-Mail transferred between the foreign and the United Kingdom falls under this law. And also Germany introduces more and more surveillance by decisions such as data retention. However, companies are able to preserve their privacy by encrypt all email traffic. Secure communication channel Zertificon with the email encryption solutions of product family Z1 SecureMail provides effective protection against unauthorized access. This offer also efficient, password-based encryption methods that are applicable also for communication partners who do not have the established standards S / MIME or PGP certificates and keys, in addition to the PKI-based security. Thus, a secure and confidential exchange of electronic messages for and with anyone is possible. The Z1 appliance product family consists of among other things the Z1 SecureMail gateway\”, the virtual administrable than central Post Office\”for large companies and organizations act. It seamlessly due to the compatibility with all popular E-Mail programs into existing IT infrastructures.

Michael Finkler

In addition, the ERP Specialist shows the industry solutions developed in cooperation with experienced industry experts for the vehicle construction, the electronics industry as well as the furniture and plastics. Based on proALPHA industry solutions offer many functionalities and enhancements specifically tailored to the needs of specific industries and market mechanisms. “The ALPHA business solutions AG will invest in the future in the development of industry solutions”, says company CEO Michael Finkler. “Company put emphasis has always been on their industry-specific processes. This functionality must not costly retrofit it with us, but get delivered on the basis of one of the leading mid-market ERP systems already in the standard.” Another industry solution with numerous enhancements for enterprises in the field of metal trading is currently in the pilot phase, and 2009 is to be released for distribution. ALPHA business solutions at CeBIT 2009 the ALPHA business solutions AG is their visitors in Hall 5, stand D38 for talks and presentations available. In addition to the exhibition Michael Finkler speaks March 04, 2009, at 11: 30-12:00 titled on the ERP Forum in Hall 5 on Wednesday, “The man, the natural obstacle – ERP implementation right fashion”. In the communication, the procedures and the project tools, often serious mistakes are made which negatively affect the success of the project and not infrequently lead to the failure of projects.

Paper sensitized to the issue of employee orientation and shows basic rules to avoid failures in change projects. Also on this year’s CeBIT the ALPHA business solutions AG, participates again on the tour in cooperation with Trovarit AG. To selected topics such as project / production, order and Variant manufacturing and inventory management, ALPHA simulates typical business solutions and proALPHA also not everyday business processes. The registration of a personal appointment interested parties reach cebit. Date time guided tour theme 04.03.2009 12:30 project / production 05.03.2009 12:00 project / production 04.03.2009 13:30 variant manufacturing 04.03.2009 11:30 Uhr inventory 05.03.2009 13:00 ALPHA business solutions Warenwirtschaft AG Carmen Reiser of Brussels str.

5 D-67657 Kaiserslautern Tel: + 49 (0) 631-3 03 47-0 fax: + 49 (0) 631-3 03 47-399 E-Mail: Internet: trend Lux pr GmbH Petra M. Spielmann head of consultant Oeverseestrasse 10-12 22769 Hamburg telephone: 80 99 0-0 Web: E-Mail: the ALPHA business solutions AG is one of the leading specialists for business process optimization and the introduction of business standard software in Germany. The company was founded in 1994 as the first subsidiary of proALPHA Software AG and released in 2003 from the proALPHA group of companies. ALPHA business solutions manages more than 300 ERP projects in over 1,200 companies. The solution portfolio includes proALPHA also own developed industry solutions on basis of proALPHA besides the complete ERP solution, in addition, the company is also early partner of SAP for the on-demand solution SAP since early 2008 Business ByDesign. Thus, the company offers a wide range of powerful and requirement-oriented ERP solutions for medium-sized industrial, commercial and service companies. With a comprehensive industry expertise, many years of experience in business process optimization and ERP project management, as well as a professional software-based ERP implementation methodology, ERP projects be implemented efficiently, safely and successfully.

TEAMCANIN – Innovative Dog Centre In The Southern Black Forest

Uwe Friedrich, long-time service dog leader of Stuttgart Police Department and founder of the dog school Canin in Stuttgart was looking for successful opening of the dog TEAMCANIN for the partnership between man and dog 20 January 2009/Gaby Gunther almost three years, after a suitable site for its 1-to multi-day seminars for humans and dogs. His new concept offers an extensive now for people with dog in a spacious resort in the idyllic southern black forest. The new facility includes a new training place with 800 m 2, a Hall with 800 m 2, two training courses with each 800 m 2, lunging space, seminar rooms and building a training ground with 4000 m 2, Gerateparcour, are fenced puppy garden, fenced area of the outlet, a kennels and a pet shop. The dog Centre is directly attached to the Landhotel pine corner (Hotel Garni). In addition to holiday \”educational with the dog\”, the extensive offer of TEAMCANIN in the vicinity also offers numerous excursion possibilities in the Black Forest, of Switzerland and France. I am delighted to have found a perfect site for my training seminars in Loffingen!\”Uwe Friedrich is looking forward.

The beautiful scenery here a great platform for my seminars and educational vacations for people and dog in the tri-border region.\” Uwe Friedrich offers a variety of seminar (2-day seminars, 1-day seminars, intensive weeks) with his business partner Dipl. ing. Jessica Ollrogge for dog owners. Basic courses, help! Chasing my dog! \”, golf companion dog seminars, family seminars and employment seminars are just a few examples of the extensive offer of TEAMCANIN. All info about the seminars can be found on the new website of. \”As well as any information about guest seminars with renowned animal trainer-lecturers like agility\” with Alex Beitl and Krisztina Daphne by the 14.-15, 2009, dog dancing \”with Mica Koppel from 611 April 2009 as well as the exclusive Ekard Lind 26.6.

Zertificon Solutions Care

As SMTP proxy opens, assures and it loads the entire E-Mail traffic using Central encryption and signature, where the users are completely transparent. The server-based Z1 station “variant is aimed particularly at small and medium-sized companies that do not have corresponding infrastructures (PKI), which are required for E-Mail encryption. The station solution is the management of certificates and OpenPGP keys of the communication partner at no additional cost to the of Zertificon global trust point (www.globaltrustpoint.com) outsources furnished Z1 and ensures easy professional E-Mail encryption. With the recent release of 4.0, the Z1 SecureMail product family to numerous new features has been added. With an increased flexibility the two products are more user-friendly than before in terms of configuration and management.

Short profile of Zertificon Solutions GmbH: the Zertificon Solutions GmbH is an IT-security-software company headquartered in Berlin. Since 1998, it focuses on the protection of electronic business processes over the Internet through server-based encryption and electronic signature. Details can be found by clicking Phil Vasan or emailing the administrator. The portfolio consists of the Z1 SecureMail family, which includes various solutions to protect of your complete E-Mail traffic by organizations of all sizes and industries. The leading and award-winning products work according to international standards and characterized by easy operation and high efficiency. The specially developed software solution Z1 Backbone of trust, a central system for the review and the management of public keys and certificates, rounds off the supply fan. Including well-known organizations and companies from the sectors of finance, automotive, health among the customers of Zertificon Solutions Care, public sector, industry and retail as well as lawyers, chartered accountant u.v.m. more information: Zertificon Solutions GmbH, Landsberger Allee 117 D-10407 Berlin contact: Dr. Burkhard Wiegel Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-0 fax: + 49 (0) 30 59 00 300-99 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Ulrike Peter senior PR consultant phone + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax. + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 E-Mail:

Three Meets Vampire Classic

Stefan Balzter – the ritual of glittering demons Stefan Balzter proves in his fantasy novel the ritual of the glittering demons”, which appears on June 28 in Latos Verlag, abundant humor and knowledge of the vampire myth. “The strong characters, especially the protagonist Lea, to deliver intelligent speech duels, the full references stuck, so attentive and curious reader can find more in this book than just” a vampire story. LEA Leonardt, 15, smart, quick-witted, loner, was so far quite happy with her life even though she was in the school has always been considered something strange (except for her best friend Lucy). But she starts to suffer, that her father is increasingly removed from her and her mother and appears to live only for his work really including. Feels misunderstood and ignored by him, and what initially holds anyone for paranoia, is finally more and more evidence. Her anger at her father’s new contracting authorities, which steal all his time and anything with the strange Changes to do, who are with him, helps her, incredible things to find out. LEAs’s big adventure, which is against the world (Vampire) and risked her life to insist they told things that are not always as they seem, and dark powers, which we have long been excluded from our reality. And it also tells of the love between father and daughter and the strong bonds between family members and friends. More at: and