I always read that the Great Depression, also called for times of Crisis of 1929, initiate in the United States of America and that persisted throughout the decade of 1930, only finished definitively with the beginning of World War II in 1939. With the advent of this war that if drew out up to 1945, worse and the longest period of economic contraction of century XX he had its intentionally end. The wheel of the economy was the industry of the death putting into motion, finishing with any remainder of the crisis that had shaken the world in the ten previous years. It would have been perhaps? Then. Where I am wanting to arrive? He is that today we are living a crisis that some economists affirm to have the same dimension of that one generated with the Great Depression.

Here it is that in its height, opportunely and conveniently, a Pandemic appears suddenly that soon is brought to tona for the international media, getting the hearing success that costumam to have the notice that in them cause terror. Initiate in Mexico, the Suna Grippe soon spread for the world and, after the announcement of some deaths, world-wide authorities if had put into motion, taking initiatives drastic look with it to contain the epidemic. All good, is the minimum that if waits ahead of the governmental bodies of a serious fact as this. that in way to everything this, we discover that, if exists a world-wide crisis, for one determined and famous multinational laboratory, it will pass to the plaza. Yes, because it commercializes 90% of the remedy indicated for the treatment of the illness the one that we are in relating and whose patent was acquired in 1996 for the Gilead Sciences Incorporation company who vendeu this year the patent to the Roche laboratories and whose president was the secretary of the Defense of the United States, Donald Rumsfeld (nicknamed for some as Mr.

of the Wars), that until today he continues one of the main shareholders of the company. Most interesting it is that, searching on the such called medicine Tamiflu, we discover that it only alliviates some symptoms, having its effectiveness before the grippe questioned for great part of the scientific community. They affirm some that this frmaco not cure nor the common grippe more, that the virus in question does not affect the man in normal conditions. It will be that I am being victim of plus a theory of the conspiracy? For yes, for not, we must be intent, therefore the creativity, to the times mrbida, of some sectors of the economy, is the best form found for them to run away from the crises, despite to the costs of the fear of the population.

Brazilian Gasoline

You give to reach the dreamed exploit of adentrar in the biggest world-wide market, badly obtains to supply its domestic market. Worse, it imported inefficient etanol of American maize, in the peak of crisis R$ 0,40 more cheap than the national similar. One contrassenso for a tropical country, with land, propitious water and climate to very supply its domestic market and of the external market. After as much fight consolidating etanol as commodity, if it cannot lose the uneven possibility to supply the pujante international demand.

The Brazilian government decided to after act the economic crisis provoked by the sudden rise of prices of etanol, that it also pressured the indices of inflation in 2011. It defined that etanol is a strategical fuel and not only one derivative of the agricultural production. It determined that Petrobra’s acts as a great one player in this market, with plans to triple its production in four years, of current 5% for 15% of the total of etanol produced in the country, and thus to minimize the problems of period between harvests and volatileness of prices. A so complex problem as the market of etanol starts to be decided with the confrontation of its structural problems that had reduced the competitiveness of the product. It must be searched conditions for a new supported cycle of growth of the industry of etanol.

Some measures that demand courage and effort politician can be cited: to adjust federal and state taxes, reducing aliquot to improve the competitiveness of etanol front to the gasoline; bigger investments in research in favor of energy and ambient efficiency of the vehicles flex; strong incentive to the generation of etanol celulsico, saw agricultural and forest residues of the biomass; logistic storage and improvement; commitments of long stated period of all the productive chain with offers and the demand; improvement of the infrastructure and the systems of supplying. Currently the market inductors are very distinct of those observed in 2005. the topic at hand. In these last six years, the cost of production of etanol increased 40% more than and the product lost competitiveness front to the gasoline, that follows the same with price since 2005. Beyond the significant reduction of edges, that do not justify high investments in new units, the entrepreneurs if feel in relation to the lack criteria in the setting of price of the gasoline unsafe. As much the public power how much the fuel plants and deliverers suffer with improvisation, lack of planning and politics of long stated period. The government has now that to face in short term a possible increase of demand for gasoline and a probable lack of it offers of etanol, events to be taken care of unhappyly by means of importation. The disparity enters offers and demand of etanol is generating distortions in the market. To each year the prices are if locating in raised platforms more. For the Brazilian consumer, therefore, the notice are not alvissareiras. At least per more three years it offers of etanol cheap is discarded and its future is again in game.