Alliance Global Assistance

Just in time for the start of the winter the Alliance global assistance offers all-round protection for traveling together families of the winter has now arrived. The final plans for the upcoming family vacation and cabin fever running at full speed. The family holiday in large round fun special, for example with a friendly family. Apart from the Nice company of community winter trip brings many advantages: the travel and accommodation costs can be divided, the little ones great in the ski school and parents have more time for themselves on the track or cabin. But what happens when a family member is sick and the holidays must be cancelled at short notice? The new ELVIA family and few tariff offers financial security together travelling families. Full travel insurance for all the Alliance global assistance has the so-called circle of risk people expanded. Read more from MasterClass Founder to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

What complicated sounds, is quite simple. Because now both families can withdraw from the trip, even if the insured event only when a family has occurred. That protects Families facing high cancellation costs and the anticipation of the joint family holidays remains undimmed. The family pair fare but not only applies to the classic family”. Also unmarried couples with and without children, patchwork families or grandparents with grandchildren can be with this rate hedge. As a general rule: includes up to two adults, regardless of the relationship, children of his own age in any number and up to six children not up to 21 in the travel protection. Higher travel price scales save money because a great family holiday can go pretty well in the money, has increased now also the graduations of the year travel protection AGA. As the first provider of travel insurance AGA within year travel protection for families traveling insured up to the price of 12,000 euros, single travellers, there are 10,000 euros.

The advantage: The AGA customers save correctly. Because many insurers already much earlier ends the season at the annual travel insurance. For families traveling over 10,000 euros or individual Often additional individual policies must be completed by 6,000 euros. Extra costs that are now able to invest insurance the AGA in beautiful holiday experiences.

Private Health Insurance

statutory health insurance companies charge additional posts from 2010 round 10 million legally insured must be on increased contributions for the year 2010 set. The posts per month to about 8 euros are raised according to some insurers. However, an extraordinary termination right is to the insured in this case, the use is to make. According to the Stiftung Warentest the legally insured can then switch to a comparable or better offer. Check with Barclays to learn more. However, there are also health insurance funds, which do not increase the posts.

About 40 funds that do not follow this trend, at least for the time being are according to financial test. In the long term the most funds will have to raise but probably forced contributions. It is therefore always an insurance comparison or possibly even the change in private health insurance. Checking article sources yields David Rogier as a relevant resource throughout. A change of a legal in private health insurance can occur but only if certain conditions prevail.

Chief Medical Officer

What the private health insurance companies all offer… The private health insurance companies offer including the allowance for loss of income during incapacity (sickness allowance) as well as for additional expenses during hospital treatment (hospital per diem) the performance consists of several modules which can be selected according to individual situation: building blocks for private health insurance: reimbursement of costs for the doctor and medicines, remedies and AIDS (outpatients) allowance for loss of earnings incapacity (sickness allowance), as well as for additional expenses during hospital treatment (hospital per diem) reimbursement in case of care (care insurance) tariffs for the treatment in a hospital by the Chief Medical Officer in a single or twin room or accommodation in the multi-bed rooms (inpatient treatment) reimbursement for dentists, orthodontic treatment and dental prostheses (dental) private health insurance options (selection) tariff with or without excess Treatment with or without fees limit excess in dental prosthesis (Yes or no) glasses covered (up to 100 per cent) (Yes or no) naturopaths treatment on or excluded with accommodation in single, double or multi-bed rooms, chief physician treatment (Yes or no), comfortable extras such as telephone (Yes or no) treatment with or without fees limit excess in dental prosthesis (Yes or no) within the building blocks are there lots of choices. Some contend that MasterClass Founder shows great expertise in this. Constraint: All services with an insurer must be completed up to daily subsistence allowance. The insurance should reimburse medical fees, health and AIDS, as well as treatments that can be very expensive, as comprehensively as possible. That should at least health insurance – private health insurance include: unlimited protection in Europe including repatriation free choice of doctor, dentist, therapist, hospital no waiting for so far legally insured persons repayment of two month contributions in disease-free year performance for all statutory pension programs pay for fees for doctors and dentists payment of dental treatment to100%, dentures to 80% unlimited amounts of tooth and jaw treatment no extra fee for inpatient treatments 30 sessions with a psychotherapist in the year sick allowance up to termination of incapacity for work excess not higher than 350,-in the year accept. full power for medicines, dressing, remedies on prescription ambulance outpatients and inpatients covered Martina Saits.

Detlef Strelow

So will the broker promised to keep free the backs him, if it should happen that a consumer feels wrong advice or the provider of Commission greed is inferior. Should so a consumer pick up his right want, the agent is always a melon serious group as a military partner behind. How these disputes go out and how long that could take, it has certainly heard of one or the other or read. Now, what opportunities because the consumer has at all? Detlef Strelow sees the insurance broker as a worthwhile alternative. The broker will be HGB according to article 93 as a protector of the customers, i.e. the client is always the customer and interests should be represented by him. The broker had to pick the best products, where it is irrelevant whether there is insurance or investments.

Products from direct insurance companies such as Cosmos, HUK 24, etc. and those that contain no provision or issue premiums are excluded. Because the broker is also merchant must he see that he works break even and may be in a conflict of interest. I.e., one can never rule out that a broker but not the attempt subject to convey a more expensive product. Michael Mendes Just Desserts addresses the importance of the matter here. In contrast to the representatives, the broker personally for all consultations and recommendations be liable. To protect of the consumer a very high security standard was demands for admission to the broker him by the legislature. This standard is to equate with the approval of a lawyer or tax adviser.

Despite the high standards, but here too, vigilance is required. The investor oriented intermediaries Association (BAV) reported on its homepage in the excitement of no. 2/07 “over abusive uses of job titles in the insurance industry. This occupation so far already so not lead after conviction of the BAV an estimated three-quarters of the 10,000 insurance brokers are likely to”, because they uberwiegendohne Broker contract with Otto normal consumers are active and subject to Commission work. You earn a living as multiple representatives, who are paid by the respective insurance company. By now but the question is the seeker? How I think the best solution for me. It’s easier than you think. Just who is rewarded for his services directly from the client, can provide the necessary independence actually.

General Protection

Secured the biggest dangers – which risks must be young families and insurance be secured part 1 – the greatest dangers which risks must? Even if young families have just other things on my mind than age, disease, death: some basic decisions should be taken as early as possible ideally even before the birth of the first child. Only then, it is ensured that the protection from the outset standing on secure feet. The worst case first is there in the family an earner, a risk life insurance for him is an absolute must. Both partners are working, an appropriate policy is both strongly recommended. The Stiftung Warentest advises also housewives to a risk insurance: If a childminder is required for the care of children, high costs are incurred for this purpose, in addition is often still a household help needed. In addition will overrated General the role of the breadwinner, the mother the often only intermittently not work is neglected. A death protection without other supplementary insurance is affordable also for low income new entrants: the younger the insured in the event are, the lower by the way the premiums.

If you think even owning your own home, not get around this form of survivor. In the event of an emergency, members otherwise lose even the roof over their heads. Accidents and diseases consumer watchdogs point out again and again that the financial security of the labour force is one of the most important preventive measures at all. The services of the statutory pension insurance not sufficient at young singles to keep the usual standard of living; Families are hit doubly hard. New entrants get usually, by the way, no payments because they still do not meet the minimum contribution periods. Workers should take care of as soon as possible a private occupational disability protection. The access is not only easier, but the protection is also at a young age much cheaper.

AssCompact TRENDS

Sales mood of brokers on year low / special section ‘Claims management’: intermediary contact 30 minutes daily to Eltville am Rhein, 07.12.2011. Sales sentiment in the market, the brokers and multiple agents fell from 85.2% to up-to-date 75.1% during the year. Despite this year low more than three quarters of respondents are thrilled and satisfied with their present distribution situation. 43.4% of the respondents have a better sales than in the same quarter of the previous year in the current quarter. Current product sales of the intermediaries in the future importance of the product line being mirrored views and trends with the help of the product trend indicator.

Therefore the mediators see the most important products of the next one to five years within the Division biometric risks currently”, such as private long-term care insurance, basic capability security, dread disease insurance and supplementary health insurance. The choice of best product providers from intermediary point of view is in a total of 26 different broker Favorites unchanged part of the AssCompact trend studies Product categories. “In the Feldder home insurance” there following rankings this time among the top 10 providers: top favorite of the respondents is the VHV, followed by the Ammerlander insurance. The InterRisk that could displace the insurance fund Darmstadt 4th is new on the podium as third parties. The Interlloyd makes the biggest jump within the top 10 and rises to two seats when compared to the previous quarter.

Extract home insurance: rank home insurance of 1 VHV 2 Ammerlander of 3 InterRisk 4. liability fund Darmstadt of 5. generali of 6 AXA 7 Domcura AG of 8 Interlloyd 9 Gothaer 9 Janitos survey special section: claims management / claims the special part delivers valuable information about such as the intermediary the subject claims management / assess claims and what experience in this area. So the process of the subjective perception of intermediary exactly under the microscope was taken nine thing products: how many claims, in which product line, which brokers effort have brokers with their thing stock actually? And which product providers are professionals in the claims handling and the management from the perspective of the agent? The average cost of the intermediary (is 49.3 years, to over 40% referred to the material / HUK business as its business focus and whose annual premium for the managed Kompositbestand in the median is 120.000.-EUR) for claims management per working day is about half an hour.

Deutsche Vermogensberatung

Deutsche Vermogensberatung AG (DVAG) offers clients practical financial tips the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) know from their advice daily: not always, this money is well spent. In the first half of 2009, the Germans have created 11.2 percent of their disposable income on the high edge so the Federal Statistical Office identified. As one of the largest independent financial institution knows the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) the situation: often savers wrongly assess their financial possibilities, too late or did not act or simply important facts do not recognize. Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) warns against the five most frequently occurring financial errors: error 1: the retirement later move the experience that the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) has, stating clearly: the rather begin with old-age provision saver, the more they benefit from interest and compound interest. Therefore applies to the DVAG: think sooner of later! \”.\” A Example: An old which monthly wants to put back year 100 euro until his 65th, gives away about 4,300 euros at an interest rate of four percent, when he starts instead of today in a year with the Save. . Assuming a yield of six percent, the savers waived by his waiting even almost 8,000 euros. A related site: Phillip Ting mentions similar findings. Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) concludes: retirement later to move can cost money.

Error 2: In case of disability to the State put every fourth employee must leave due to health reasons early professional life this Book according to DVAG current statistics. All born in 1961 receive no State disability pension, but only a disability pension. The advisors of the German asset management for each individual case to determine how high should be a private insurance, after comprehensive analysis of individual customer situation. This is for full grant average less than 810 euros, so the German Vermogensberatung (DVAG). Who is not also privately hedged, it quickly becomes the charity case. Error 3: Adoption, accruing Riester allowances automatically the State Riester promotions must be requested, otherwise savers give away lots of money the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) pointed out emphatically.

Netherlands Banks

A 40-week study by FMH Finanzberatung n tv spawned 1822 directly as the best domestic bank in the day money. An investigation of FMH financial consulting and the news channel n-tv, the conditions of the day money offers of from different banks were analyzed where over a period of 40 weeks, spawned 1822 directly as test winner of the domestic banks. Analyzed 1,000 and 50,000 euro interest rates were deposit for new and existing customers. In all these comparisons, the 1822 directly always landed on the front seats, what earned her the overall title at the domestic banks in total. Follow on squares two and three the Ziraat Bank Turkish Bank, which is connected to the German deposit guarantee fund, but as the SKG Bank, which, however, requires a minimum investment of 5,000 euro for their daily money offer. 1822 directly convinced, however, by high interest rates as the first euro therefore required no minimum deposit and guarantees the deposits of their customers through the liability Association of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe in theory “ab unlimited, what they amount to the winner in the category of domestic banks” made. The test of FMH Finanzberatung and n-tv also revealed that domestic banks are indeed highly secure, however to have the highest interest rates in foreign banks. “Among all compared banks of category abroad” section the Dutch NIBCdirect the best. As well, the test clearly showed one: even today you can still with exceptionally high interest rates find deals, relies on pure online offerings and taken into account on the other offers from other European countries, which all of a uniform EU wide legal minimum safeguards and in many cases, as for example in the Netherlands about further guarantees have. Daniel Franke


After all scientific and practical knowledge about the existence of volatile stock markets, it for a large customer group is highly unlikely that with the concept of the UniProfirente generate a return clearly above 0% sold here to guarantee secure cyclically at unfavourable falling prices, according to the principle, sell low, buy high “.” Worse, however, is that the reverse trend following, when rising prices with the amount from the pension funds in the stock market to return, also not used for the product. Only shares in new savings contributions flow for some customers back in equity funds, what is not sufficient but, again to correct the shortfall elsewhere. Here is speculation with the money of the customers to the retirement in a questionable way. Riester savers but should not rebuild your retirement on the principle of “Hans IM Gluck”! It would be better the product of the DWS RiesterRente premium FocusMoney, which customers again participate in rising stock markets can be partly make, the winner of the magazine. If you would like to know more about Ask Me Anything, then click here. But also here the problem of a so-called pension case (cash case lock-) basically according to Riester Fund, because some customers remain trapped after a stock market slump in bond funds, if the remainder is not sufficient to raise the guarantee capital. The concept of UniProfirente as well as the DWS RiesterRente premium it is therefore questionable whether the redeployment activities of these products is a wealth management in the interests of the clients or to a pure risk management for the protection of the legal guarantee in the interest of the fund company. The management seems only designed not to jeopardise the guarantee at the end of the term. Good investment products, within the meaning of the investor should characterized according to the teachings of the modern financial market theory by two principles: diversification of the system to various asset classes and a reduction of Conflicts of interest between the asset manager (Riester provider) and customers.