Mobile Data

Until June 30, 2010 giving away CareSocial optimized for the completely installed data acquisition devices for easier detection services, operations and tours of new mobile data acquisition for ambulatory care services all new customers with mobile licenses workers until June 30, 2010 giving away CareSocial require completely pre-installed DAQ devices for easier detection services, operations and tours continuous cost pressures and tougher requirements on the part of the cost all new customers with mobile licenses nursing services a growing degree of planning and documentation from. Without computerized target planning, the economic operation of an out-patient care service is already longer no longer to realize; now, the cost bearers in many federal States require even the minute-based billing of is operations. To prevent costly, partly double paper capturing of the services nursing services will no longer pass in the future mobile data capture solutions. To do this, Johannes Kersten (CareSocial): the concern of the Employees in a cleaning service that you should deal now to the already scanty periods for their activity in the patients with data acquisition devices, is unfounded. It has built up a positive feedback of the orderlies and nurses in our pilot projects already after a few weeks”.

The mobile data acquisition system is simple to operate. Large, colored buttons with understandable features – here is the fast and uncomplicated work clearly in the foreground. The employee starts and stops only his tours and operations, where the timestamp will be set automatically. Also, he can cancel operations or add. The collected information flow up in real time in the is planning Board of missions and tours in the administration interface of CareSocial. A comparison of target is can be done with a mouse click and be immediately settled on request. As an addition we have still a news service developed, free where the employees of the Administration messages on the mobile Data acquisition devices can send similar to SMS,.” Mobile data acquisition makes transparent the work in maintenance, the individual processes in time and costs, analyze and optimize.

CareSocial delivers mobile data collection devices in cooperation with Telekom fully installed. For more information on the Internet at. Heard about CareSocial CareSocial with more than 150 installations throughout the country one of the leading software solutions for nursing services. CareSocial supervised this micro – care services as well as larger institutions with over 200 employees.


Many of those who dream of becoming models and see your face on the cover of any magazine or see parading on the catwalk. Whenever we think about models the first thing that comes to mind are the supermodels and glamor that always surrounds them… The reality is that very few of which begin the career of model, will arrive someday to reach the category of supermodels. Most of those who want to be models hard them work start and get some work and many times are rejected over and over again. Not all are lucky that approaching them in the street, or anywhere else, a modelling agent offering to be model and giving you their card. Lot constancy, perseverance and not stop affecting you that you’re rejected is required to enter into the world of modeling.

The first thing that you need to present yourself as a model is a book. The book should be your best photographs, taken on different days, with different hairstyles and clothes. The book of model must contain photos in black and white and in color, and must include a photo of the face, of medium body and full body. To be model does not lack you’re a beauty or you’re high. Depending on the type of modeling you want to devote yourself, need a few requirements or others. For example, for catwalk model height is a very important requirement. If you prefer is photography and exit in magazines or catalogs, the height is not so important but if you are have beautiful teeth and a clean skin. What if it is essential for any model, is have a high self-esteem. For more tips and information about be model: original author and source of the article

Blue Jean Economy

Another of the aspects that contribute to the informalization of the economy is the tax, since this great working mass is not circumscribed within a plan or system that would allow a control to information operations, and thus power, through a process transparent and objective, implement fiscal policies that serve to improve the space where these people work andSimilarly, Treasury to make contributions and help increase the national treasure. 3. Inside of the factors that could influence the growth of the informal economy, seem contradictory, but the opposite is immersed in the same tax factor, but not in the implementation of their plans and their standards in the non-application of efficient and effective manner, safeguarding and control of goods entering the country in an illegal manner; is this speaking of the smuggling, key factor in the growth of the informal sector, because it allows the inclusion of illegal goods and that they are not pechadas by the Treasury, all of which it turns out that the cost of the same is lower than the merchandise of the same kind that Yes pays their taxes, which makes that competitiveness is not transparent. 4. In addition to the smuggling, piracy is also a factor that contributes to the informal economy, the recording industry has been one of the most serious victims by the growth of piracy. The difference is abysmal, considering that a burnt CD can cost around 1,000 bolivares and original of the artist one can reach 20,000 bolivars. But, not only is observed level CD copies, also at the level of clothing, while a Blue Jean pants, something out of a legal plant can have a value from 35,000 bolivars, an imitation or imported under illegal can get to 8,000 bolivars. The labour sector activity, informal work, is (characterised around four elements, namely: to) its ease of entry, based on the scant or no need for capital to start the activity and the lack of specific training requirements..


December is without doubt the most anticipated months while the month with most found emotions – all in some way we hope our great gift, our own truce, some try to accomplish in a month what could not in one year and very few just want to share and give to others – is a month where most of us get caught up in the whirlwind of trade, every year taking hold of more days of November … and this seems to cheer up the bulk of the human species and we paying attention to the true spirit of Christmas: love, solidarity, humility, peace, brotherhood, freedom, inclusion … … and everything is reduced to as many gifts and lights you can buy … it is the ideal month in which credit cards reign on Earth, at the expense of the nightmares that cause payments in January …

will we lost the light that leads us to the manger in Bethlehem? December is the month where our emails are flooded with so much propaganda, the best dinner party at the end of the year … strategies, tips and other recommendations to change our lives with hardly lifting a finger … is that possible? In 2009, we will … inevitably come to an end, regardless of whether some want to stop and many want and finish it, it obviously was a very difficult year, the great global crisis engulfed us all … this great global village Mc Luhan, once again felt that paradoxically caused devastating blow by a handful of bad investors, true believers and usurers of this formidable neoliberal economy, which once again proved that it can be lethal and malign for mankind.