Blue Jean Economy

Another of the aspects that contribute to the informalization of the economy is the tax, since this great working mass is not circumscribed within a plan or system that would allow a control to information operations, and thus power, through a process transparent and objective, implement fiscal policies that serve to improve the space where these people work andSimilarly, Treasury to make contributions and help increase the national treasure. 3. Inside of the factors that could influence the growth of the informal economy, seem contradictory, but the opposite is immersed in the same tax factor, but not in the implementation of their plans and their standards in the non-application of efficient and effective manner, safeguarding and control of goods entering the country in an illegal manner; is this speaking of the smuggling, key factor in the growth of the informal sector, because it allows the inclusion of illegal goods and that they are not pechadas by the Treasury, all of which it turns out that the cost of the same is lower than the merchandise of the same kind that Yes pays their taxes, which makes that competitiveness is not transparent. 4. In addition to the smuggling, piracy is also a factor that contributes to the informal economy, the recording industry has been one of the most serious victims by the growth of piracy. The difference is abysmal, considering that a burnt CD can cost around 1,000 bolivares and original of the artist one can reach 20,000 bolivars. But, not only is observed level CD copies, also at the level of clothing, while a Blue Jean pants, something out of a legal plant can have a value from 35,000 bolivars, an imitation or imported under illegal can get to 8,000 bolivars. The labour sector activity, informal work, is (characterised around four elements, namely: to) its ease of entry, based on the scant or no need for capital to start the activity and the lack of specific training requirements..