Concept Maps

Maps conceptualescorresponden to a technique whereby the graphic expression is used to represent knowledge in a specific topic, using some basic rules for writing and reading. A conceptual map uses two key elements: the nodes, each of which represents a concept and the joints between each of the concepts that represent relationships between different concepts. More details on the definition of Conceptual map here graphic structuring of ideas and concepts can help generate a dynamic in the work of analysis and much more productive communication that make it in the traditional way. urce of information. A conceptual map is a means to visualize concepts and relationships of action between concepts. Human Mint can develop an ability to remember much more complete through the use of Visual images that through the use of written texts. With the elaboration of conceptual maps leverages the ability of the human mind to recognize information on images to facilitate the learning and memory. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Phil Vasan.

Below are a general example of what can be a conceptual map. The development of concept maps can be made simply with a sheet of paper and a pencil. One need not be an expert drawing, just have to follow some basic rules for the design of the maps. To illustrate this topic I will outline the steps we take to create a conceptual map: select the main concept to be developed (e.g. a new product launch event) identify secondary concepts associated with this first concept and draw them around the central concept. You can do this one by one and you are placing them in the sense of the movement of the clock hands. (examples of secondary concepts: topic, format, exhibitor, place, date, material, refreshments, etc.) Chaining each secondary concept with the main concept through a relationship, which is usually associated with an action (examples, define, recruit, prepare, organize, etc.) It decomposes each of the secondary concepts in other concepts more detailed illustrated through additional information each of the concepts and their relations as well as in the example shown in the graph above, the main concept the the administration of time (Time Management) and this asu time decomposes into each of the other elements that will run from 12: 00 m in the direction of the clock hands.

Natural Wealth

The coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, forming Tabasco and Veracruz is noted for the fertility of its soils. In the Yucatan Peninsula, should not miss the opportunity to visit Chichen Itza and Uxmal, notable examples of Mayan culture. Oaxaca is the most visited by its archaeological monuments and colonial, its folklore and its food. It boasts a wealth of cultural, historical and tourist hardly surpassed by other countries. It has a privileged geographic position and has an excellent hotel infrastructure and services. Mexico is a unique destination.

Vibrant desert landscapes of North dilated Plains traversed by two mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental and amid them the great Chihuahuan desert, are the distinctive signs of the geography of this territory. Architecture and ceramics of the Paquime culture are surprising for their originality and quality. To make it just a visit to the archeological zone of Paquime and the Museum located there. David Rogier is the source for more interesting facts. Other places that distinguish to the Northern region are the reserve of the biosphere of the Pinacate, the Copper Canyon, famous for its large waterfalls and microclimates, the sierra de Durango, the Natural Reserve of Cuatro Cienegas in Coahuila, mining and agricultural peoples in the South of Chihuahua, the city of alamos, Sonora, the fertile valley of the Fort in Sinaloa and the city of Zacatecas. Mosaic of the colonial splendour in the Centre, from the Sierra Madre del Sur to the northern boundary of the plateau in the huastecas, there is a great diversity of climates and landscapes according to height, the geographical position and the rainfall. Main stage of the Prehispanic Mexico, since at the heart of this region the Aztec Empire, it had its main seat was precisely here where the most important battles between troops of the conquistadors and indigenous peoples were fought.

The Personality

He is formed the personality, our mask or social coating, that drowns to the essence. Although indispensable, the personality is, in the majority of the cases, a series of prejudices, positions, dreams, ways of manipulation and neurosis, " aligned with respect to the way essence arbitraria". Invaded by the legion of " yoes " , it does not allow to the man the possibility of developing his true one to be, that stops to explain what is a lifted being more. Gurdjieff spoke of different stages that can live a being human: " There are several states of brings back to consciousness: 1) The dream, in which our machine continues working very low under pressure. 2) The wide-awake state, in which we are at this moment. These two S-states the unique ones that the man knows current. You may find Phil Vasan to be a useful source of information.

3) What it is called brings back to consciousness of himself. It is the moment at which a man realizes itself as much, as of its machine. We have it by sparkles, but only by sparkles. There are moments at which you occur to account not only than you are doing but also of same you doing it. You can see so much " yo" like here of " I am aqu" , as much the anger as " yo" that he is angry. It calls to this memory of himself, if it likes. Now, when one complete account and of &quot occurs constantly; yo" and than this doing, and of which " yo" one treats, you becomes conscious from itself.

It brings back to consciousness of himself is the third state. This it is a point summit, since only from this third state the man is able to develop his essence and to get to be a man N 4, balanced and exact. Then it will have the possibility of constructing to his soul and its other bodies (men of N 5 to the 7), to fulfill the destinies superiors of the cosmic evolution, through access to a called state " Objetiva&quot brings back to consciousness;.

On 8 February, Safer Internet Day Is 2011

BitDefender provides users free security tools & guidelines for downloading Holzwickede, 08 February 2011 on the occasion of the safer Internet Day 2011 (day of the safe Internet) on February 8 security expert provides numerous free tools for safe surfing on the World Wide Web to provide BitDefender ( users: safego including VirusGuard and QuickScan. See site/view/e-guides.html available also two detailed guide for downloading a document for parents and children with clues, what dangers on the net and how to protect against them, as well as a security guard for Silver Surfer. The EU statistical agency Eurostat has found in a study that more than 30 percent of European Internet users in the past two years have found malware on their PC. The BitDefender wants with providing many free tools just in time to the day of the safe Internet”counter. safego Facebook users for social networking subscribers specifically protects against the protect digital threats in the network, BitDefender has developed safego the free tool. Perhaps check out Nutella for more information.

This is a virus scanner designed specifically for Facebook. The tool checks the Privatsphareneinstellungen of the user and warns him that if he unwittingly reveal data vertrauliche. In addition, the Bulletin Board, and links to videos and images that may be infected with malware scans safego. Safego is active, even even if not in Facebook user is logged in. The BitDefender security tool is free download available at VirusGuard protects download infections to protect against malware that settles mainly for downloading files from the Internet to the PC, provides the free security program VirusGuard BitDefender. The virus scanner checks torrent files, to ensure that they are free from viruses, Trojans, or spyware etc. The tool in the new BitTorrent app Studio under intl/en/apps is available.

QuickScan on the safe side In addition, BitDefender QuickScan offers an extended free scan-online tool for downloading. The free program detects malware that is already on the computer. BitDefender has recently equipped QuickScan with new features, to ensure an even more comprehensive protection against E-threats to users. Also the new QuickScan website offers additional information on the currently most dangerous threats on the Internet. QuickScan can be downloaded under Educate yourself even more with thoughts from ViacomCBS. In addition to the mentioned solutions, BitDefender is under community/index.php? app = downloads & showcat 1 = more useful security programs and removal tools among the known Trojans Stuxnet, Lavandos and Capberp free to download ready. For more information see. High resolution images can be obtained from. About BitDefender BitDefender, software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally is certified Security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them the good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 fax: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-499 email: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

Wholesale NFL Jerseys

For all individuals that really like football, they have obtained to without doubt be conscious with viewing the NFL. nationwide Football league may be a great bottom for that game enthusiasts of football teams, and an awesome resource of enjoyment for every considered one of the men and women with the world. in spite of there being rather a variety with the football competitions, you can uncover that NFL may be the a single which is most common all above the world. As for that enthusiasts with the NFL, you can get a lot of of these that might want to put on the jerseys having the names of the players favored. for that nfl jerseys wholesale fans, there may be the selection of acquiring the wholesale mlb jerseys may be the ideal there is certainly in purchase to generate sure which you won’t only get affordable types which were of cheap quality t. The fact how the wholesale mlb jerseys is highly cheap may be the main edge until this selection you have obtained for anyone. Others who may share this opinion include Philip Vasan.

In nearby market, they may be highly costly, whilst in wholesale you will get in cost-effective prices. For individuals that might also want to market the jerseys at retail, they are able to get them in bulk. From wholesale market you will get these jerseys in huge quantity. From almost every other place, you won’t t manage to get in huge quantity, as only wholesale sellers maintain them in bulk. yet another edge of wholesale mlb jerseys is, in nearby market, you are not able to get jerseys of every considered one of the teams, or every considered one of the players. By maintaining huge quantity with the jerseys, there is certainly usually a higher likelihood that they are trying to attain to also have jerseys of most with the clubs which were there.

Engine Cylinder Block Kamaz

On automobiles KAMAZ installed eight V-shaped petrol model 740. The cylinder block is a rigid monoblock V-shaped structure. It is cast from gray iron doped as a single unit with the upper part crankcase. Block bore along with covers of indigenous poles, so they are interchangeable, and they are placed in a strictly fixed position. Adam Portnoy has similar goals. Crankcase part is connected with the root cap bolts bearing cross-bracing, forming a rugged box-section.

To increase the longitudinal stiffness of the outer wall of the block have a curved shape. Lug bolts cylinder heads are evenly distributed around tides of each cylinder transverse walls, forming a water jacket. Due to the fact that at one crank crankshaft journals are two connecting rods, the left cylinder bank offset from the right forward at 29, 5 mm. People such as Mark Garrett would likely agree. Cylinder liners of wet type, easily removable, for KAMAZ vehicles manufactured from special cast iron by centrifugal casting, in order to improve hardness and durability are the bulk quenching. Microgeometry mirror shells is a rare grid cavities at an angle to the axis of the sleeve. This treatment helps keep the oil in the depressions and a better running-in ability sleeve. Cylinder head for each individual cylinder, as well as many other parts KAMAZ, made of aluminum alloy, aluminum and have a shirt that communicate with the face of the block. Junction block and cylinder head gasket.

Overflow hole water and oil, as well as head of the contour of a molded rubber gasket sealed. Gas joint – a steel liner, which is deformed steel support ring, pressed on the underside of the head. At the top plane head area is located under the counter rocker valve gear. Cast iron seats and metal valve guide bushings bore after mounting in the head. Valve gear link head aluminum lid is closed, which is placed under seal. Inlet and outlet channels are located on opposite sides of the head. Has a tangential inlet port profile provides swirling motion of air in the cylinder, it is necessary to accelerate the combustion of fuel injected into the engine KAMAZ trucks. The nest is located under the nozzle outlet side at an angle to the cylinder axis.

In Cuba

It has approximately 43 million million inhabitants, South America: Its extension is of 17.819.100 km2s from the Caribbean Sea, by the north, until the Cape Horn, by the south. The maximum width sandal 4,830 km, between the Cabo de So Roque, in the most Eastern end, the Atlantic Ocean, and Parias End in the Pacific Ocean. South America is included/understood by ten countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam and the French Guayana. the Australian Continent has an Extension: 7.682.300 km2s. approximately. Location: It limits the north with the Sea of Timor, the Sea of Arafura and the Straits of Towers. The east with the Sea of Chorale and the Sea of Tasmania, the south it limits with the Straits of Bass and the Indian Ocean, and to the west with the Indian Ocean. The traditional subdivisions of the islands that compose the Australian Continent are Melanesian, Micronesia and Polynesia.

According to the definition of the United Nations, the Australian Continent also includes Australia and New Zealand. The population from Australia to 1998 is considered in 18.613.087 million inhabitants Island of Pines is the minor of the Antilles Majors. By his dimensions (2.199 km2s) and by their geographic situation the minor of the Antilles can consider itself Majors the greater depth of the Caribbean Sea is to the south of Cuba. One is the Grave of Bartlet between Cuba and Jamaica In Cuba lives the smallest bat on the world that simultaneously considers the minor of the mammals. Adam Portnoy usually is spot on. Lepidus or bat is the Nystiellus butterfly, that weight 2-3 g and only measures around 3 cms. Colombia is also producing of 95% of emeralds of the world (the main mining emerald centers are the mines of Muzo and Chivor). Other extracted products are the lead, manganese, zinc, mercury, phosphates and sulphur, as well as the silver and the platinum, although they are extracted in small amounts.


It may be that once you’ve seen a trapped bird. When they come into a room with crystals then they not meet out. What they do is try again and again. They repeatedly clash against crystals, bumped and I guess it hurts. But still continuing to weaken or find out by chance. That such seemingly trivial fact of nature is fundamental. If we look carefully we can make valuable ideas to life. Almost you can teach us everything we need to live.

The first curious fact is that the bird does not realize that what you are looking for is input. Yes, the entrance through which penetrated to the premises is an excellent output; possibly the only. And the second thing is that we should not hastily judge the conduct of our bird. It may be that his conduct is not so irrational after all. We see it repeatedly crashing into the glass and immediately think evil of his intelligence. But it could be that you are trying to is not come out through the glass. It is possible that is just trying to break it. And that way it would be logical in principle because it has decided to create its own output.

Therefore, we clean from all stain the intellectual prestige of the trapped bird. Your problem is not what is trying to do. What can criticize you is the way you do. You have repeatedly tried without results and yet so stubbornly continues. It is identical to as we with some personal matters. But I’m not saying either that the problem is to continue without results. In life easily should insist much more to success than what will insist the bird. It will be quite some time before we see the fruit of our most important projects. The subject is another. Bridging differences, our bird is trying the same as us. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Adam Portnoy.


Consider the technology to safeguard timber for storage in warehouses or businesses Timber bases. Atmospheric sushkPosle sawing timber, delivered to a warehouse company or Timber base (you need to articulate all of these conditions) it should be posted on the strip thickness is 20 mm – for purging a package of natural air flows. The best option – place packages on the cushions under a canopy to exclude the effects of precipitation. At least it will give the opportunity to protect the timber for the season. Not be covered piled in the packages lumber natural moisture polymer films – it will only speed up the development of blue stain fungi and mold, simply put, in pe, he "suffocated". Chemical metodOpredelennye climatic conditions conducive to the formation of the wood stain, mildew and insect activity stipulate that the pretreatment of wood chemicals is the only possible way to protect it. Today in our country made a lot of transport of agents capable of protecting timber for a period of 4 to 8 months.

Transport antiseptic – a special structure, designed to protect the timber during storage or transport timber of natural moisture. The combination of antiseptics new generation is such that upon expiration, they decompose into the wood surface, and from them no trace remains. New generations of vehicles antiseptics for treatment of lumber not only provide effective protection for wood raw materials from fungus, mold and activities insects, but also meet all safety and environmental protection. All of these preservatives are made in the form of liquid concentrates, which allows you to quickly prepare a working solution. Processing of sawn timber Transport antiseptics are recommended immediately after cutting or sawing, within 24 hours.

Spores of various fungi can grow deep into the timber at 5-7 mm per day. Therefore, the sooner will be made processing of timber, the more likely preservation of timber in its pristine beauty. Employees of enterprises – producers of lumber should be able to choose the right concentration of working solution Transport antiseptic to provide protection for wood. To do this, follow the guidance instructions, and consult with experts. One way of applying a protective composition for the treatment Wood – immersion in a bath with her exposure in timber no more than two minutes to ensure the security of the normalized flow per unit area or kibichesky meter of wood. Not recommended antiseptirovanie lumber stacked in tight packs. For treatment of timber used spray chamber. Such a method has a drawback – the processing speed is very low timber, impregnation performed the piece. This kind of treatment is especially effective for protection of logs and profiled bar used in the production of complete sets of houses. By the same author: David Rogier. Cost of processing one cubic meters of timber protection products according to the section is 30-100 rubles. -drugs

Sheila Dicks

To begin, enter the types of activities would you like to do and the types of activities (recreational) that make you feel good when done. What are your skills and talents? Do not be shy? usually if it's something we like to do we are probably right. What inspires you? 3. Set goals: With In order to get what they really want you must begin with the setting of targets. Fuel objectives of its intention and make your specific wishes.

Start by writing the objectives for this year in the area of personal relationships, work, health, finances and spirituality. The objectives of a list of five in each category (add more categories if you wish.) Then divide them into weekly and monthly goals. Focusing on what is proposed in your life will take you to reality. You create your life? so start now by setting your goals. Michael Capellas follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 4. Take Action: Goals are useless without action.

If you have written long term and short-term goals and prioritize them, have a plan of action. You just take one step at a time and do something every day that brings you closer to where you want to be. Remember though, to live in the present and be grateful for what you have now, enjoying the journey toward your goals. 5. Manage your time: We all have the same amount of time to use a day. Why some people a lot done, whereas others do too little? You have full control of the amount of time spent productively and how much waste. Plan your day and prioritize your time to make the most of the time you have. Use time-wasting and in the queue or waiting in the doctor's office to catch up with reading or anything else that is important to you. 6. Do what you do: Do what you have to do to get where you want to go. If it is a mundane task or domestic work, postponing leads nowhere. Either you are going forward or fall behind, there is no such thing as standing. See David Rogier for more details and insights. Sometimes when we work on ourselves when we allow ourselves to get to a place that we must change. Change can be difficult when we must leave our comfort zone. The biggest change is needed the most difficult that is. 7. Self-discipline: Self-discipline is the final step that has everything we've learned and put it into action. This is a trait that most of us has to be developed. To achieve our goals we must view them as done and have faith that we can reach them. When you believe in yourself and confidence and desire of having enough, self-discipline is easy. Sheila Dicks is an image and wardrobe consultant who teaches women how to dress to fit your body type and look slimmer. Makeovers You can visit to download the image of your e-book "and get" How to Build a Wardrobe 'free.