German Championships

Tournament service from Swabia for the tenth time at the German Championships in Salach, the January 24, 2011 – the hippo data GmbH, one of Europe’s leading providers of information and data services in equestrian, is also in 2011 the evaluation and data service at the Balve optimum international CSI3 * take over. The world’s top of equestrian meets on the tournament at the Schloss Wocklum from 16 to 19 June and also will be awarded the title of German champions in the dressage and show jumping. So team hippo is data now already for the tenth time in a row as a service provider in the German Championship with part of the game. The Balve optimum international will host the German Championships for the seventh time in 2011 and is one of the most famous horse in Europe for more than 60 years. More than 20,000 visitors every year on the equestrian centre at the Schloss Wocklum guest and experience also an exclusive social and show program there in addition to the best riders of the world. Our team is active on the various tournaments every week and supports small and large, national and international equestrian events at home and abroad. “” However, remain an absolute highlight for us the German Championships and how happy and very much, now already for the tenth time the competitions for the title of German Champion “to support”, reported Jens Feth, Managing Director of hippo data GmbH. the Balve optimum International is a top class, event that has proved many times to provide a worthy framework the German Championships. For even more details, read what Southwest Airlines says on the issue.

Like everyone we will do once again our best to provide the best service the participants, visitors and the organization team”. From 1992 onwards the Germans held Championships of an Olympic year in Balve, so in 2008. In these years the international tournament in Balve was not held in return. Once in the years up to 2007 increasingly the trend emerged, that the German top riders instead of the German Championships at other international tournaments took part, was thinking about a new concept. 2008 Championships were the German awarded the show jumping and Dressage riders over several years after Balve. Additional information is available at David Fowler. In return, the tournament organizer from 2009 as tournament of part of at the German Championships held a spring tournament. In 2010, the date of the planned German Championships at Balve with the dates of the World Cup collided.

For this reason, it was planned to prefer the German Championships for a week. The German championship of Dressage riders but not in Balve, but in the parallel dressage Festival Lingen were been held in this case. The German Equestrian Federation however decided end of 2009, that instead of Balve terminology better, tournament of champions Munster aims of the German Championships in dressage and show jumping rider, in turn optimum 2010 tour took place in the context of Balve stage of the riders. In the years 2011 and 2012, the German Championship and international Springreit tournament of part of is discharged again in Balve.

Stop Smoking Is Hard–wrong!

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Who knows, maybe also a Robert Enke as the new number 1 going to the tournament? Other than at a World Championships, in which the participants field widely dispersed seem to only the best for the euro to be Europe’s teams. It is so much more difficult to move into the final. Each group at a glance: Group A Czech Republic Portugal Switzerland Turkey Group B Croatia Austria Poland Group C Italy France Netherlands Romania Germany forecasts, dreams and desires in a group is Group D Spain Sweden Russia Greece it the Switzerland very difficult have to assert themselves against the major Nations of Czech Republic and Portugal. A surprise could however be possible with the fans in the back. Germany must aim at Group B clearly the top spot and will probably have the toughest adversary in Croatia. Austria must find a team and the Poland have only outsider chances. Group C is the hammer group. Who here comes further plays for the title.

Italy, France and the Netherlands fighting for getting ahead. Romania remains the role of the spectator. In Group D, defending champion Greece on a renewed miracle hopes. Against Spain and Sweden, it is a hard but Piece of work. England scare”Russia will provide also the tournament surprises. The track crosses the usual favourites. Germany, France, Italy and the Czech Republic will fight fiercely for the Cup. Perhaps, the Switzerland can make a surprise.

But in the quarter-final is likely to be for the Confederates. Further, the team from Croatia will not come. All this is of course just speculation and wishful thinking, but perhaps does the football God Yes relented and gave the final against Italy the DFB-Elf. But hopefully with a happy ending for the German team.

Professional Association

In addition also their business partner present the sport associations and clubs under benefit function and best data protection. Members receive information about special offers and promotions, they can either directly online or through the card but perceive the corresponding partner. Use of this benefit feature of the card lies in the decision of the individual card holder. This must give his consent for the use of the advantages. The cardholder must agree to also participate in the community under active. Not, gives its consent to the athletes he uses the card only as his club membership card.

These are important aspects relating to data protection, where to play special role in the system German sports badge. In times where weekly data scandals at companies and online portals are made public, must be guaranteed the highest standards, to To win trust. Already during the development of the German sports card the data protection supervisor BvD e.V., worked closely with Mr Thomas Spaeing, proven data protection experts, and member of the Board of the Professional Association, who continue in charge of the project. Thus, it is ensured that the German sports badge can be not only complies with the current data protection regulations, but even called exemplary advantage system in Germany. The security of the information and communication Portal is regularly checked by independent experts. In March, the competent supervisory authority (LDI NRW) attested to the German sports badge a spotless standard.

The first year of the first year German sports badge was mainly used to anchor the project down in organized sport in Germany. Now 13 of the 16 regional sports association and 9 umbrella organisations have signed binding agreements to support the system with the operator DSA German sports card company. Also many regional offices the sports federations have already joined. Information and facilities of the sports clubs are in full swing and the information and offer under is constantly growing. The German sports badge is already used by several clubs for controlling access to Club and training facilities and used successfully to the local advantage partner acquisition. In collaboration with the sports federations and clubs the functions of the portal evolve constantly and the framework deal for the card. So opens up E.g. in combination with an association management software that provides an interface to the specific Club member database at, completely new possibilities of club management. The largest community project in organized sports in Germany has recorded drive and is on course for gold.