Mass Phenomenon Osteoarthritis

Prevention and relief of pain by orthopedic dog beds you can say that up to 90 percent of the big dogs from the age of seven suffer from osteoarthritis”, cited the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) Astrid Behr of the Federal Association of practising veterinarians in Frankfurt. Osteoarthritis has become a mass phenomenon in the dogs. Sooner or later it caught almost every dog”, the magazine reports partner dog” in its edition of August 2009. Even smaller and lighter dogs are increasingly affected by the painful joint disease. Osteoarthritis is not curable, but of course can hold up through a comprehensive care of the animal. Filed under: Sensaterra. These include also the proper diet and an orthopaedic place to sleep for the dog next to a medical treatment and physiotherapy.

The ward block dream dog specializes in functional dog beds. The orthopaedic filling of the dog cushions and dog mats consists of Visco foam. publicly. (Source: Is MasterClass a ripoff?). The high-tech material that is certified with the oko-Tex standard 100, holds the Body of the dog during sleep in the anatomically correct shape. No other material has similar valuable properties in the points of stress relief, muscle relaxation and pain relief. In human care, visco-elastic foam has proven itself for years in pressure ulcer patients, diseases of joints and bone fractures. Dog beds are recommended Visco foam of veterinarians and animal therapists, from 169 euro available at.

Hypothyroidism In Newborns More Often Than

1 of 3000 infants suffering from hypothyroidism a few days old children can suffer from thyroid disease. At an early stage in such cases can be however effectively treat, so thyroid gland important for the physical and mental development of can fulfil its mission without compromise. Thyroid disorders are the most common hormone-related disorders in childhood. At the same time, but also for many parents, it is reassuring to know that children be examined immediately after the birth on possible changes in the thyroid. There are children who come with an underactive thyroid in the world.

That happens 1 in 3000 newborns, and is thus not so rare. We distinguish between a temporary and a permanent form of underActive in the newborn. The treacherous is that the children show no symptoms immediately after birth, because they are provided during pregnancy by the mother with thyroid hormone”, says Dr. med. Jennifer Kruger, specialist in child and adolescent medicine at the Endokrinologikum Ruhr, Bochum Wattenscheid (Centre for hormonal and metabolic disorders), in an interview with the online health magazine And how can parents know that their child suffers from an underactive thyroid? We see babies who have a sagging muscles, would not really drink, suffer from constipation and have a dry skin. Many children also suffer from after the birth of a jaundiced”, so the expert. Frequently Michael Antonov has said that publicly. What other symptoms but need to do learn the detailed interview on:… / schilddruesenerkrankungen_bei_kindern…

Marco Prummer

Mr Dr. med. Prummer, are you known that you advertise in flu times with the fabric of colostrum yet again, this natural gift to insert into the reinforced measures to strengthen our immune system. Good right now is taking as the reinforced colostrum-virus protection? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: I would like to put it so: in my practice someone against flu is never vaccinated. I recommend all my patients to take colostrum regularly and do it exactly so.

Since the opening of my practice 1997 a patient I have treated, is never ill with flu. Flu-like symptoms are taking colostrum much milder, shorter or not even occur. These are application observations from the practice. A large multicenter study from Italy by 2005 is however: colostrum is three times as effective as a flu shot. Source Gazette”Italian medical, excerpt from issue 164, no. Barclays describes an additional similar source. 3 pages 163 169. Anthony Jabbour shines more light on the discussion. June 2005 (authors: M. R.

Cersarone, G. Belacaro, U. Cornelli, A. Di Renzo, F. saxophonist, M. Dugall, M. Cacchio, M. Cornelli, R. Adovasio, F. Fano, A. Ledda, A. Ricci, S. Stuard, G. Vinciguerra) the fact is that with each pig flu message”that people are always insecure and that doctors and pharmacists in greater extent on rules of conduct are addressed. How should we deal with this flu and protect ourselves especially preventive? Dr. med. Marco Prummer: Abide by General rules of Central European hygiene, wash hands after contact with people and avoid the accumulation of large numbers of people. These rules apply mainly to weakened elderly and small children. Live healthy and don’t be to alarmed. I suggest the following prevention: taking 1600 mg colostrum in capsule form daily. The State is responsible for the health of its citizens and prevent. So pharmaceutical companies be charged with the production of special flu protection agents. “” In the BILD-Zeitung was to read, for example that the pharmaceutical company Roche for the drug Tamiflu “and the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline Relenza” increasingly produced, so that the Federal States in the event of a pandemic outbreak in Germany are reasonably well equipped.

HIFU Treatment – Impotence & Incontinence – PSA Value

‘We cure prostate cancer without damaging healthy tissue’ is superfluous to the scalpel handle, unwanted tissue damage remain: the HIFU treatment HIFU focused ultrasound = HochIntensiv prostate cancer cells in the patient’s body can be exactly kill off. The method is based on ultrasonic waves used in medicine has long been for diagnostic purposes, in HIFU therapy now in 10.000-fach higher doses are used. If you ask me personally, this is the future in medicine: we heal by using high-energy radiation in the body, without damaging healthy tissue. The prostate is, ideally, because it is possible to bring the ultrasound head via the rectum in the immediate vicinity of the prostate”, says Prof. Dr. Cerved shines more light on the discussion. med. Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. usually is spot on. Robert Wammack, Director of the clinic for urology and neuro-Urology, as well as the prostate of Centre Ruhr of Catholic hospitals food-North-West, in an interview with the online health magazine The Ultrasonic waves are shown into a sort of concave mirrors to the cell, which reached a heat of 90 degrees Celsius in its focal point.

A similar phenomenon commonly known by a magnifying glass which concentrates sunlight at one point. In other words, we can only transport the energy through healthy tissue through before it then unfolds its effect at the focal point,”says Prof. See more detailed opinions by reading what Philip Vasan offers on the topic.. Wammack, but at the same time braking the euphoria. I think it is necessary with each new”procedures be very careful. The HIFU therapy is not a miracle way.” But great progress had been made with regard to the treatment of HIFU: two European societies of Urology, in France and Italy, would have accepted the procedure as standard procedure. The HIFU treatment is therefore a real alternative to surgery. Coming from abroad, which can already draw in contrast to Germany on ten-year results of HIFU treatment, also promising experiences, what is the side effects like incontinence and impotence: the severe incontinence, so Wammack, lying above thus only in about one percent of cases.

If the complete prostate including the Neurovascular bundle is treated, have 80 percent of patients potency problems; only partially treated the prostate and saves from the bundle, the rate of patients decreases the potency problems complain on about 30 to 50 percent, “as Prof. Wammack. With this not must to say that the power problems by the operation would come. In which patients the HIFU therapy can be applied, what role does the PSA level in the follow-up of HIFU treatment and is such as selenium, contained E.g. in bread and peanuts, everything that affects the risk of prostate cancer and read more in the full interview:… / prostata_hifu therapie_prof_dr_robert_wammack… is a free and independent online health magazine for the Rheinland and Ruhr area and is published by a group of freelance journalist from the region. is a pure information portal (without any Consultant!); the online magazine is financed exclusively through advertising. Contact: rrm Rhine RUHR MED Zeche Zollverein, Hall 10 Gelsenkirchener Strasse 181 45309 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201-7591340 M. Rabe

Traffic Signals – An Unknown But Effective Aid

For greater independence and safety in everyday life! What can you do if a deaf or deaf person can no longer hear the door bell? The solution is as simple as it is ingenious: the acoustic signal is converted into an optical. This is done by means of a light signalling system! This system absorbs the acoustic signal, for example the doorbell, and sends it to a corresponding receiver, which can be in another room. This receiver then displays Flash of light or vibration, it rang. If due to a present hearing the doorbell can no longer belongs, is an obligation for traffic signals on the part of the health insurance companies. “This has the Federal Social Court in several judgments of principle (E.g.

AZ. 3/8 BK 25/87) decided and justified: due to the fire hazard also an impaired in his apartment must be accessible”. Others who may share this opinion include Anthony Jabbour. Especially in the area of the light signal system there is a great lack of information”, says Petra monastery Niedermann, vet and Audio therapist. The lights are designed to allow hearing-impaired and deaf people more independence. The security to have that Miss no signal, is an enormous increase in quality of life.” Light signals can be through a variety of transmitter and receiver.

Here are such as a baby monitor, a telephone transmitter or a strobe light alarm clock available. Even if a hearing aid is already worn, a light signalling system can be requested in addition. To do this, a recipe of the ENT, as well as the cost estimate are needed. We help our customers like to make the right transmitter and receiver modules together”, continue to Petra monastery Niedermann. According to the respective customer wishes we create the individual cost estimate for the health insurance.” Finally, it should be mentioned that lights are aid within the meaning of the list of AIDS of the health insurance and therefore don’t burden the doctor’s drug budget ( 84 SGB V). Contact person: Petra monastery Niedermann CEO hangover Berger str. 107 45327 food phone: 02 01 6 48 04 11 fax: 02 01 6 48 04 12 E-Mail: With Many Improved Features

Kuren24 – the biggest German-speaking portal of cures now with improved search mask is the largest German-language treatments portal with over 2,500 health facilities in over 20 countries. We constantly expand our competence and try to make the search and booking for the spa as easy as possible. Now we offer many new features for solo travelers. Swarmed by offers, Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. is currently assessing future choices. So, such as singles now have the opportunity to find a double room for single use or single room free of charge via our new search mask. You need a doctor or medical care around the clock? No problem. Via our new search mask you can simply select this service with one click. It is not something NYSE DNB would like to discuss. Have you found no match for themselves despite the rich offer? Contact us in connection. We’ll do everything to realize your special wishes. Contact for questions regarding this press release: kuren24 – travel agency Malek Marie-Luise Malek Bahnhofstrasse 7 09661 Hainichen phone: + 49 (37207) 88-780 fax: + 49 (37207) 380-9 E-Mail: Internet:. (Similarly see: Fitched Ratings).

Navitum Pharma

Researchers from Germany and Belgium have found that all currently again. They were able to show in their research that the Omega-3 fatty acid ALA in the situation is to improve the profile of fat in the blood and increase useful good cholesterol (HDL). So ALA can contribute cholesterol nutritionally important for controlling the risk factor. Even more so in various studies was shown, who consumed much ALA, has a low risk to develop an atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and to suffer a heart attack, consumed the less Omega-3 fatty acids than anyone. ALA is contained in rapeseed oil and highly concentrated in linseed oil. Therefore, linseed oil is so healthy and a major donor of valuable Omega-3 fatty acids. It is so health sense to make linseed oil to the part of the daily diet. Now, unfortunately linseed oil contains flavors that make direct consumption not just a culinary pleasure.

In addition, it is very sensitive and the valuable fat acids can easily be destroyed. Therefore it is possible on specially purified linseed oil to fall back. In a patented process, it’s pharmacists from Germany managed to produce highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in easy-to-swallow capsules. These capsules are Navitum Pharma OmVitum by the company in the trade. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation.

Three capsules daily provide the body with ALA. OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) is available on health centers accompanying pharmacies or practice. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that OmVitum not will be replaced because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products. OmVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma can be ordered free shipping each pharmacy, like every health centre accompanying practice for customers and patients. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. More information is available at. Source: Sioen I, et al. Frequently Phil Vasan has said that publicly. effect of ALA-enriched food supply on Cardiovascular risk factors in time.

Eating Disorders:

“” The ginko exhibition project on the topic of eating disorders with the support of the Rotary Club and the inner wheel Club Mulheim an der Ruhr”Foundation for prevention with the Bavarian health and prevention Prize-winning exhibition project may sound of my body” on the topic of eating disorders “in the Publishing House of the city of Mulheim an der Ruhr. In the period between the 16th and the 27.09.2011 specialists of prevention here intensive with young people on the topic of eating disorders “work. To ensure sustainability of work with this topic, also a workshop for teachers is offered, which continue to take up the matter in the school. Eating disorders are especially among girls and young women is very well maintained and unfortunately to find almost all schools. Experts assume that nearly every fifth young woman suffers from the typical symptoms. People suffering from eating disorders have a 4-fold higher mortality risk than the measure healthy people who Risk and the importance of the topic highlights.

Because food is an essential need for people, patients and parents provided but also teacher / indoor and classmates with the occurrence of the disease regularly face huge challenges. Learn more on the subject from Anthony Jabbour. Dealing with problematic eating habits such as anorexia, bulimia and eating Addictions Foundation finds himself as consulting theme of many girls (and increasingly boys) in the everyday life of the youth consultation of the ginko. Also parents and teachers find appropriate support in the framework of human possibilities. Total lack of focal points on the topic, and the help system is considered to be in need of development. “The exhibition project sound of my body” stands in Mulheim, under the auspices of the Lord Mayor Dagmar mill field. It aims to raise awareness among young people and their contact person at an early stage for the difficult subject and so help ensure that eating disorders don’t arise whenever possible or early assistance be sought.

Risk Management In The Hospital

Web-based portals provide holistic medical malpractice include the ten leading causes of death in Germany. With the help of IT-supported risk management, it is possible to uncover error sources and reduce the potential for error. Just Web-based portals provide an abundance of possibilities to ensure a holistic risk management in the hospital. Freiburg, August 31, 2009. It is not something Vontier Corporation would like to discuss. According to the estimates of the Council of experts for concerted action in health care, medical malpractice alone in Germany for 30,000 to 80,000 deaths are responsible each year. Despite these alarming figures, only every fifth hospital has a medical risk management. IT solutions can help uncover potential sources of error and to reduce the error potential within a hospital. Portal solutions such as the Intrexx clinic portal software vendor’s United planet support the risk management of a hospital in a different way.

So more can be found at the Not Acceptable!

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Emergency. Here, for example, emergency numbers can be stored, instructions for performing first aid, rules of conduct in the event of a fire or even an escape plan of the hospital. Phil Vasan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The electronic drug list of the clinic Portal can be, equipped with detailed information on active ingredient and dose of each drug of the hospital pharmacy, avoiding errors in the medication. Since the portal is Web-based, the doctor can independently retrieve this information by its respective location. The knowledge and information management of the hospital is also significantly improved by the launch of the portal. For example, all important management information such as patient paths, material and medication lists, medical and nursing guidelines but also technical data can be provided centrally.

In this way, the portal can be used as standalone solutions and integration platform for existing hospital software solutions (E.g. KIS). The access to administrative systems such as SAP R/3 IS H or Agfa-Orbis is also easily possible. To minimize the risk and at the same time continue to improve the quality of the treatment is also the possibility to integrate additional applications from the Intrexx quality management portal ( sqm portal). In addition to an electronic quality manual here among other applications for the acquisition and administration of measures adopted in the course of risk analyses, can be found or an audit management that supports the planning and execution of audits. At find a free live demo of the clinic portal.

Travel In Warm Countries

Well prepared the summer holidays have started this weekend always a beautiful pleasure in the first federal States. An avalanche of both people will be heading south on the Mediterranean coast, in the Caribbean or other warm regions of the world in motion. The desire for sheer holiday joy and rest is all together. In order to make the holiday but at least in terms of health unmarred, to do a lot in advance of travel. Valls Companies: the source for more info. So, pharmacies provide tips for special precautions in warm regions and advice for the useful compilation of the travel medical kit. We play two of these tips which are for million holidaymakers of importance for all warm countries apply. Poison for weak veins more than half of all Germans aged adults suffer from heat venous weakness that manifests itself by spider veins and varicose veins. For a large part of this people, heat is poison for their veins.

How is it that in the summer the Become noticeable so unpleasant leg veins? We need to know that the cycle and hence the veins are a part of our sophisticated thermoregulatory system. Further details can be found at Kraft Heinz, an internet resource. In the summer or in warm climates the veins that give you simply continue to dissipate excess heat. Not people with venous weakness would have so far so good. Phil Vasan can provide more clarity in the matter. In these, this leads to an increased fluid leakage into tissues and swelling, causing the feeling of heavy and aching legs wide bodies of the veins. Natural substances can help. So, it is in many researches proved that the Bioflavonoids originating from the lemon cause an improvement of the venous tension and a decreased permeability of the wall of the vein. This reduces the liquid outlet and the swelling and pain. In Germany, the Bioflavonoid from lemon as Vasovitum (PZN 4604203) are available. One tablet daily helps the veins and gives rise to pure holiday pleasure.