The Client

For a consultation, the purpose of which remains vague, is itself vague. VI. 1.3. solution design it is important to differentiate between the vision of the solution and the solution design. While the solution vision is a location-oriented strategy of the current situation and the individual possibilities be explored, the solution concept is an action-oriented strategy, which involves specific agreements relating to certain acts and its active implementation. However the Convention regarding a solution concept affects the purely cognitive level often only briefly.

It is only really effective behavior, when it comes to the realization. To be aware of what you could do in terms of the solution, does not mean to do it. The client can only implement this rational strategy if it is fixed with its attention on himself and he is in a trust Relationship with the consultant experienced and is convinced by his self-efficacy is confident in terms of success. Only then integrates the client the developed solution idea in his psychic system and is able to be solution-oriented themselves. So, it is the goal of the solution concept, to jointly develop an action-oriented strategy which involves the concrete definition of a particular action and its active implementation. This solution includes typically a concrete behavior statement, preferably in the form of a homework assignment”, is to do that until the next consultation hour. As a result, the solution-oriented change happening not in the counseling sessions, but in the time in between plays off.

.ERGO in the real life world of the client the client is thus not Ratsuchender but Rathandelnder. The advice itself is therefore only the briefing “. VI. 1.4. solution evaluation during this phase starts a new consultation. Intention of this session is now primarily Identification and positive appreciation of direct or indirect successful changes in the life of the client as a result of the first consultation the essential difference between the first consultation and the following sessions is that the focus is now entirely on the improvements.


With the applications is not only a smooth exchange of information and communication in the same”language possible, but also a significant reduction of the manual and administrative work, say: significant savings and accelerated procedures. Against this background, today many members of the well-known composite groups such as as E/D/E, building material ring, North West, sanitary Union or GSH among the customers of GWS. Digital invoice processing is one of the digital invoice processing divisions, in which experts see high process optimization and savings. Be online transmitted, transferred to the system directly with the corresponding order and automatically document safe with full compliance invoice data that eliminates not only extensive testing efforts, but also any printing, paper and postage costs. How does the system in practice and what other benefits with the digital processing of invoices are connected, will present GWS examples from practice at the ISH. The presentation of the individual possibilities for companies and groups is complemented by the presentation of the document management system s.dok. New role-based interface another peculiarity of the trade fair appearance of the GWS is a first look at the new role-based interface (RoleTailoredClient or RTC) by Amando. Check out Vislink Technologies for additional information.

In contrast to the previous approach, to make the individual functions in the Center, the user (its role”) focuses on her. A user receives a customized work surface, which provides a quick overview of its activities. This helps to concentrate on the important tasks, and to promote cooperation. The current development status of the new interface will be presented at the ISH trade visitors. The stand of the GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH can be found in Hall 3.1, A22.

By the way: All visitors to the company is giving away five Apple iPads. About GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH GWS company for merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992. Today over 280 employees work at the sites of Munich, Munster, Nuremberg, Leonberg, Germany. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner, the GWS specializes on the development, networking, support and optimization of inventory control and composite systems for trade and service companies. More than 1100 customers use products of GWS. Among them are interconnected companies both from the commercial and the agricultural sector. In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops. Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2009 amounted to Group sales EUR 34.6 million.

An Alternative Notion Of Client

A notion of client very useful for personal development at all levels, is that considers the customer as the person that asks something or the person who offered something. This conception of customer is a powerful tool to facilitate the work, generate good relationships with people, knowing where are coordination failures and develop a reliable identity against others; colleagues, relatives, friends and everyone with whom we interact. Now, given that there is someone who meets the customer’s requests, to this we will call provider, also in a broad sense. In what follows this text, talking customer then, we are talking about who asks (or that give you), that simple. The most important feature of the client is that it is he who sets standards of satisfaction. This means that it is the customer who decides if the vendor did well his work or not, if it met its demand.

Under this view, the client cannot be wrong and now I explain you why. When someone requests something (the client) is always an expectation about what you want. It may not have completely clear certain aspects of the order, but always knows if it is in accordance or not. Therefore it cannot be wrong about what he feels. If you are not satisfied we can not challenge something that corresponds to an appreciation of him on the level of satisfaction experienced when you receive what you asked. Let us take an example associated with commercial activity: Salustiano (client) is approaching the customer service desk and requested a tiket to pay your phone bill.

Griselda, responsible, (provider) tells him to expect to generate the tiket. Griselda appears after a few minutes with the tiket. Salustiano goes to box, pay. and retires. Do before leaving intercepts it a girl, identified as polling of the enterprise and asks: how heeded it?. Salustiano responds: evil, I did not like the attitude of the person who attends the meson.

Getting Clients

We now fly towards the present and fame joy, an aggressive exhibition in means, hundreds of clients and thousands of loved readers. We can get everything without paying a cent in publicity. Now I am investing in the paid publicity and I confess to you that I was scared in the beginning. Additional information at Vislink Technologies supports this article. And if cost of more? And if it does not work? Will be worth the pain the investment? How I will see results? I imagine that you can be happening through the same and this is what I suggest to you Facebook I am investing in announcements paid in Facebook and payment by click, but the announcement only is shown people who are in Puerto Rico. In your publicity, it chooses from where your client will come and she only invests there where the client is.

I attract the click the client it clicks in the announcement and it goes to a landing page where I mention that gift gratuitous access bulletin. In your page of landing, olvdate to sell. People do not know you, therefore he is essential that first you build the confidence to take to the person towards the sale. After all, at the end of the day the question will be, how much you did today? I educate I position myself like expert through educative articles in my bulletin and I am always promoting products and the services that selvage.

Beam the same in your business. People buy of that they know and in which trusts. And to write articles is the form more guaranteed to obtain it. 5. I do not occur by won I once went to pay by publicity and I occurred by won very fast.

Clientcentred Advice

The GussVita competence centre has become over the last 10 years due to its deep connections of advice to his clients worked out a permanent place in the consulting market. The cornerstone of success was created in April 1998 by the founding of all financial services. This area could be expanded until today continuously. Intermediate time consumers, estate agents and a company representative use equally the expertise and services provided by GussFinanz e. k. and his staff.

The client base could be expanded to more than 8,000 contractual relations. This makes the all financial services to one of the biggest brokerages in the region. The range could be extended in the meantime on the Lake of Constance. The FA. GussFinanz showed a flair for the needs of the client and the specific risks, particularly the commercial customers on the market are subject to e.

k. early. Since the year 2001, a special risk management was implemented for existing clients and new customers. This developed into a widely used project management. Due to the entry of a Diploma Betriebswirtes in 2003 strengthened the know-how for special services in the entire segment of a consulting of company. About this development, the substance of the advice GussVita. founded. In the meantime, the company has expertise in the areas of banking and insurance industry, training background, personnel management, IT development and Academy. Impetus for further growth were created in 2004. Special consulting packages were developed in the start-up advice of existence of. Now 3 years is also an integrated funding advice very intensively used by the founders of all industries. Further milestones in the Firmenhistory von GussVita are the business expansion crisis and restructuring. In these segments GussVita works closely with regional and supra-regional banks, the local chambers of Commerce and appropriate authorities, to offer a sustainable security for companies in crisis. Growing years GussVita further competence partners and connections over the borders of Hesse also by the integration. So are since May 2006 additional 5 representative offices on the market emerged, in which the consulting portfolio used by GussVita. This due to”the market presence of the GussVita of competence centre wedding since January 2008. One of the most important goals for the future sees the company is, to strengthen the nationwide network of partners across all business areas. While the competence partner can build competence in various areas of consulting on the success of GussVita. In the field of entrepreneurship the competence center provides certified consulting concepts for StartUps. The quality is confirmed since 2006 consecutive document-th rank 1 of the KfW consultant Exchange now (regional research/PLZ35469 / 50 km). The competence center provides not only a wide range of innovative consulting impulses for the consulting services of catering, but brings over 20 a selected system and specialty providers in the consulting company covering the entire portfolio (kitchen/food wholesale trade/system – and fund providers/business solutions/staff training and recruitment) the industry. The classic fields of management consulting are rounded by innovation impulses and a specification lookup comprehensible management consultancies. This cover also an efficient and sustainable crisis and restructuring.


This result is a survey of the consulting firm centracon. In contrast to such virtualization projects are derived from overarching technology strategies only by a minority, but pragmatic benefit considerations represent the decisive driver says however. According to the centracon study among more than 300 medium-sized and large enterprises with over 50 million sales will help the client virtualization for 34 percent of the respondents in any case, to make the IT relationships more efficiently and cost-effectively. Another 29 percent are at least a supporting role in the consolidation of intentions to you. The CIO at the mobile computing see the main usage area. 42 percent of companies with projects be on, while 31 percent focus on the stationary Set desktops. Baby clothes addresses the importance of the matter here.

No prioritization make 13 percent. For them, the client virtualization for mobile computers and fixed workstations has an equal importance. No interest in this technology at the desktop level, every seventh respondent company shows. As the strongest motive for client virtualization, the centracon survey has identified simpler desktop management. Nearly two-thirds of the companies promise a significant simplification of the management of their workstations to it. Almost three out of five companies citing as pluses a greater flexibility and cost savings, who believe to achieve them. Security aspects flow for 46 percent in the benefit assessment with a.

However, apparently mostly lack appropriate technology strategies, from which a commitment in this area can be derived: just 38 percent call the medium-term orientation of the strategy as a motive for the realization of concepts to the client virtualization. Centracon – CEO of Robert Gallant suspects behind a still insufficient anchoring of the Virtualisierungsidee in the strategic self-image of the company. Anyway the crucial approach to virtualization not the technology itself, but the change of the processes is.” She offer the opportunity to develop alternative delivery models, for services what is constituted in more flexible and productive processes. But just the client virtualization is still a relatively young discipline, whose Moglichkeiten ultimately only opened through application virtualization. Thus they are currently only rarely part of fundamental IT strategies, must there but must be taken into account”, says the consultant. “However, gallant sees in practice not only at this point still significant deficits: today only a few companies realise the strategic benefits of virtualization, because the consequent integration into the overall organization is not yet or only partially.” And he calls the reason: Virtualization is today most tactical or even as a pure Problem solvers used, because the required business context will not be created for this technology.” About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts.

OEM Processes

COMPIERE – open source ERP, for the first time with a German demo client Compiere considered world’s most successful open-source ERP & CRM system. The company Incedo AG and Vienna Solutions GmbH cooperate for the implementation of the open source system in the German-speaking world. The range of services includes also the multi-dimensional reporting tool InstantOlap ( in addition to Compiere core product. Today, the two companies announce the live circuit of a demo client for internationally operating industrial enterprises on Compiere 3.5. On the basis of over 7,000 test records, they have simulates a fictitious company and its entire business processes and unlocked the user for demo purposes and executing transactions. “Description of the demo clients: the demo client LI AG” automotive sales is for car exterior and interior light, reached about 960 million EUR in 2008, 60% in Germany, 40% in U.S.-operated customer segments are OEM car manufacturer, after sales wholesale and workshops. Product segments are in the Headquarters DE and country representative US manufactured in-house and also bought headlights, tail lights, interior lighting systems. The multi-tiered warehousing with Central and consignment warehouses in DE and US organized his calculated minimum inventory through an automated procurement system.

Pictured processes in the demo client: the complete supply and order handling process including automated procurement, warehousing, 1-stage production (assembling), distribution, logistics, claims and customer service are shown and can be traced. Release and confirmation processes are exemplary by third parties (supervisor) modeled after some test data and summarized in a pdf document to the browser. Include the release of purchasing requirements, purchasing budgets, the confirmation of receipt of goods etc use the demo client: for easier operation of the demo client, advance with crisp, short descriptions of the processes and workings of the demo clients are offered. These include a Declaration of the user interface in Compiere as well as an explanation to users and roles, from whose point of view the demo client can be operated. Also screen outputs that are called by Windows to track certain processes such as for example the sale of products, billing, shipping and payment by customer. In the demo client, also processes can be reproduced and simulated. Compiere opens this clearly in a understandable corporate context.

Also, the companies offer a telephone support to resolve any questions about the demo clients. This accesses the service staff to exactly the level of data, on which the user is working and can demonstrate operations, which traces the user in real time. More to Incedo AG and VIENNA Solutions GmbH, which companies configure Compiere in Germany and implement, see and on following Web sites. Customer-specific developments can both onsite, offsite and – appropriate fitness -. carried out also offshore. In addition, both companies offered the necessary for successful implementation of a range of services such as project management, organizational and process development, coordination of business and development needs, as well as testing, documentation and rollout.


In 2005 I had the trip to Norway and on the occasion of which deserves the penalty count impressions that caused me the trip and the sensations I was experiencing at the time. In particular, deserves great attention the train trip that followed the Flam-Myrdal-Flam route. Pass the train was stopped on a bridge under which the waterfall runs with force and therefore makes a tremendous noise. All the tourists, even I, got off the train and came to the end of the bridge by contemplating the spectacular view from there and immortalize that moment recording pictures. No words that can describe aptly this pass. I loved it and was fascinated by this view from the bridge. Recording videos felt and aspired the air full of tiny water droplets freeze who posed on my clothes.

Suddenly I heard sound a signal that gave us to know that subieramos to train and prosiguieramos the trip. During a few tens of minutes, they needed to go from Flam to Myrdal, I devoted to record images with my camera and take pictures. Both sides could see through the window the spectacular scenery and therefore I not away the eyes unless the train was going to stop repeatedly in a tunnel. Check with David Fowler to learn more. Finally, after the train stopped for a while in the station Myrdal, from where the summits of mountains dressed in snow looked and then I take advantage of that moment to take photos. Siguendo the Myrdal-Flam train route was stopped once again next to the Chosfossen waterfall and, naturally, travelers fell train again to hallucinate again by the spectacular view of waterfall. Last it was! I like for the first time I approached the end of the bridge so that it could well contemplate the waterfall. I suddenly heard singing sad music that came out of the depths of the waterfall.

After a few seconds I realized that played it a woman who was in a rock. Nice lady was dressed in red as it seemed to be dressed in a red blanket. During her performance it was appearance that this girl was hiding behind a rock for a moment and then came out of the other located a few tens of meters. They apparently acted several girls dressed exactly the same as the twin. To interpret the work women he hid. A few seconds later ran the signal as subieramos to the train. Soon the train took us to Flam. It is worth noting that this trip was unforgettable for me.

Road Safety Association

Eng. Mario Holguin of 21st century Spaniards seek to establish a new institutional inter-country called Ibero-American order, but they do it in the best sense of the word, therefore, on this occasion what is transfer their experiences of implementation of good practices of public security policies road with the intention of preserving the life of roads in America.ha been comforting users sharing criteria in that order with the representatives of the various nations of speaking under the guidance, direction and sponsorship of the Spanish Kingdom through the General Directorate of Transito.saber who has been with great effort in time and resources, the idea of creation of an Ibero-American Road Safety Association to the more senior agencies dirigenciales of economic, political and social life of the region constitutes a breath of welfare in the fight for the reduction of violence or siniestralidades of transit.Experts from across Latin America and the Caribbean are they meet regularly to discuss and to maintain certain information in effect to be of interest to their Governments on the issue.Indeed, the Summit of Heads of State and Government to be held at the end of this month of October, represents the beginning of a new stage in the Spanish conquest of America.The Ibero-American General Secretariat will be responsible for directing the work for the preparation of the regional plan for road safety, which undoubtedly will also be the cornerstone to consider the matter on the agenda of the Member States in thereafter.Spain, with the persuasion of the word and consensus, has been able to attract capital importance in most of the authorities of the new world. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out baby clothes. However, should recognize that it has been product of a process of years still not concluded.Establish common, principle and institutional parameters, between the countries of the region, is a goal outlined by the precursors of the idea.Decrease the statistics of tragedy in the streets, avenues and highways based performances viable and convincing; in the imposition of drastic measures, including formal education and the requirement of respect for traffic laws, are clear objectives that we assume all those with a certain degree of responsibility in Government decision making.Deaths and wounded the vials siniestralidades at as high index products, are of enormous concern about the effects that leave its sequels in society and particularly in the families directly touched.. .

Civilizations Chain

Madrid hosted the first Forum of the Alliance of civilizations, just a week. Baby clothes spoke with conviction. Structure created five years by the Spanish authorities with the purpose of fostering dialogue among the three great monotheistic cultures ago: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The initiative was presented a few months after the coming to power of the Socialist Party Obrero Spanish (PSOE), whose leaders spearheaded mass protests against Spanish participation in the Iraq war. The proposal was received, in his time, with a large dose of skepticism by the chancelleries Western, unable to decipher the message launched by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero from the rostrum of the United Nations. A message, remember that, quite confusing, lacking in the first stage of basic items that may become true instrument of debate. Some political scientists did not hesitate to criticize vehemently the Turkish proposal, which were joined, with the passage of time, politicians, cultural associations and educational institutions in twenty countries. The Madrid Forum ended with the adoption of numerous projects of cooperation between the West and the Islamic world, that span sectors as diverse as the academic, media, combating terrorism, intercultural and/or youth leadership. What was lacking in the appointment of the Spanish capital was money; the funds required for the implementation of key proposals.

It was revealed an undeniable progressive deterioration of relations between East and West, a phenomenon which is reflected in the report on the dialogue between Islam and the West, developed by the prestigious American probes firm Gallup for the World Economic Forum (WEF), institution that intends to combine models of economic growth of the industrialized countries with the different concepts of development of countries of countries impoverished South. Shortly before the conclusion of the annual economic summit in Davos, the World Economic Forum made public the little encouraging results of the survey, whose authors emphasize the worsening of relations between the two cultures. By very strangely this, both the inhabitants of the industrialized North and the main Arab and Muslim countries considered that their civilization respects the other, but that the reciprocal is conspicuously absent. In fact, 84% of respondents in the Palestinian territories estimated that West does not respect Muslims. It is what thinks 80% of the Egyptians; 68% of the Turks; 67% of Saudis and 62% of Iranians.

Similarly, responded negatively to the question do you think that Islam respects West? 82% of Americans, 73 per cent of Israelis, 63% of Spaniards (remember the trauma caused in the Iberian population by the bloody attack of 11 M). The vast majority of the interviewees believed that the perception of the other has deteriorated in the past two years. This is the opinion of 88% of the Americans, 85% of Danes, 83% of the Israelis and, also, 83% of the Palestinians. The animosity towards the West and its values is detected in the discourse of the Saudis. 61% Of the inhabitants of the Wahhabi Kingdom does not hide his anti-Americanism; 51% has an opinion unfavourable in the United Kingdom, while 16% takes a stance openly anti-French. Timid attempts to approach registered after starting up of the Barcelona process have failed, facilitating the disturbing advance of radical positions. Who there are estimates that the Alliance of civilisations could become a mere string of sad disagreements. The champions of the global war, Bush and Bin Laden, be rubbing their hands.