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Why tourists are in no hurry to visit our region? Despite the fact that the Kolyma is ready to offer both domestic and foreign travelers almost all kinds of modern tourism, this industry in the region virtually does not develop. Meanwhile, in some regions of the Far Eastern tour operators gives local budgets additional revenue. To Kamchatka us away? While our region can not boast the huge influx of Russian and foreign tourists. The main reason – lack of infrastructure and remoteness of the region. In Magadan, no modern hotel complexes. The route, connecting the regional center with the areas and towns, – the usual primer trip to a comfortable nazovesh.Mezhdu not so distance Magadan region should not be considered an objective constraint on tourism development. A striking example – our Far Eastern neighbors – Kamchatka, where in 2009 there were almost 100 companies, providing tourist and excursion services. Every year there are coming more than 24 thousand citizens of Russia and 14,000 foreigners. Gain insight and clarity with Mina Nada.

Most of Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, as well as from the Far East. The bulk of foreign tourists – the citizens of other countries. One of the most popular places in Kamchatka – Kronotsky Nature Reserve, located on the territory of which the famous Valley geysers, long ago became a sort of tourist brand edge. Wild Sports Reserve "Magadan" not promoted as Kamchatka, but here too the tourists go, albeit in modest amounts. Since 2001, the Reserve together with a local tour companies operates the hostel on the river jelly. Come back every summer lovers of wildlife, mostly foreigners – from France, USA and Norway.

They are designed for environmental routes, including alloys, fishing 'catch and release "and so on. However, it is rather a one-time projects, and speak of the tourism industry it is not necessary. The fact that an alien who has arrived to us through the whole of Russia, already satisfied in the first place the prices of airline tickets. To the place of rest can be reached only by helicopter, but it is also significant costs. Yes, and tourism in our wild in the truest sense of the word night in tents, minimum comfort. Most tourists to this part is not ready – they need a high level of comfort even in the taiga. This local tour operators offer are not yet ready. The reverse side raises another question – so I need a lift to our region Tourism? Do not suffer long-term and unique corners of the Kolyma River to the mass invasion of tourists? "To provide a complete absence of human influence on the nature of an increase in tourist traffic is almost impossible – says executive director of the Magadan Center for Environment Olga Moskvina. – Strange as it may seem, the less people will attend our wildlife, the better for it. The exception – the so-called eco-tourism which provides for the observation and study of nature, but not hunting and fishing. " Victor Pchelintsev

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lastminute.com and lastminute.de merge their two websites in the German market and operate is now available at. Munich, December 10, 2007 the new website combines the best of both: the domain name of the one and the pink, Europe-wide known brand image of the other. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. Lastminute.com so far focused mainly on individual travel, lastminute.de mainly on package tours now find user the entire product range on the pink-colored. Experience more pay less! “Smart deals on lastminute.de creative, surprising and smart ideas for the free time – comprehensive product offering lastminute.de offers a wealth of inspiration throughout the year: last minute or early bird offer, vacation packages, hotel deals with his own arrival, apartments, flights worldwide, TripMix” to the even combine, city breaks, active and sport travel, Club holidays, wellness and ski trips, cruises, holiday car hire, leisure experiences and travel insurance. Many bargains in all product categories offer users again and again the possibility of a more for less “offer by lastminute.de to find: 5 * holiday to 3 * price, city breaks under 150 euros or wellness trips less than 99 euros.” About lastminute.de lastminute.de is part of the lastminute.com group. According to the user belongs to the high quality and popularity continually confirm the travel portal to the best German sites in the area ‘Travel & leisure’ surveys and tests.

founded by Brent Hoberman and Martha lane Fox in England in 1998, lastminute.com belongs to Travelocity Europe limited since 2005. The company operates with about 2,200 employees in the core markets of UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and has additional offices in Ireland, Scandinavia and the United States. In Germany, consists of lastminute.de, holiday cars, holiday and more, travelocity.de group of companies and medhotels. The company is a founding member of the VIR (Internet travel distribution Association:), acknowledges the Reiseschiedsstelle ()) map and is TuV-certified s@fer-shopping quality, security and transparency in the online booking. lastminute.de customers offers inspirations and for travel and leisure by package tours, flight, hotel, wellness, activity breaks, city breaks, cruises, holiday homes to rent a car. The dynamic packaging tool TripMix”customers combined with their desired trip flight, hotel, car or train themselves online from the modules. More press releases: lastminute.

Unique City Lions

At all times people are looking for interesting and unusual places. Number of interesting countries, cities and geographical locations is growing. One of those cities that there are more than 1000 years, but was not well known. Lions called the capital of western Ukraine. Offitsyalno founded in 1256, but in reality – much earlier.

Founded by Prince Danylo Galitsky. A short list of 'intriguing' facts of Lviv, which is easy to convince tourists to come and see all my own eyes. The city preserved buildings from the founding, in three cathedrals: the Orthodox, Greek Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches, Downtown (Area-market) consists of buildings, whose age – 300 years or more; gasovaya bulb was invented in Lviv, Ivan Feder (inventor of the printing press) zhyl Lviv, Peter was in Lviv; It is possible to see the ruins srednivekovyh buildings, monasteries and defense facilities. The city is the 'heart of Europe', 'Masonic lodge', 'Kryivka' and other very interesting places. Very convenient city for tourists, many hotels, hostels and private apartments. One of the Beautiful hotels – Park Hotel 'Ancient City', in the style of the ancient city and the five-star level of service and comfort. The Park Hotel 'Ancient City' is located in a fairly comfortable and convenient for both Directions site.

Dubrava with lawns, bridge track, alpine gardens, stone walls – create a feeling of remoteness from the bustling city. Shrapnel has many thoughts on the issue. Here you will be able to retire in the remote corners of the park, or enjoy complete peace of mind on the terrace of his cottage, where you can listen to the birdsong and breathe freely. The Park Hotel 'Ancient City' is proud of its restaurant 'Hut The commanders', who will be remembered for a wide variety of exclusive dishes prepared for the old Ukrainian recipes combined with European dishes. A complement to your experience will be comfortable, comfortable rooms and cottages, which guarantee a relaxing stay. All buildings are designed in a style that allows to perceive Park Hotel 'Ancient City' as a holistic and harmonious complex. Natural stone, wood, leather, combined with all the necessary amenities (satalitarnoe TV, wi-fi internet throughout area, air conditioning rooms) – 13 th century on the outside and 21 inside! The Park Hotel provides its clients with two saunas: Finnish dry and Ruska. The hotel can easily accommodate up to 120 people. It is for this turagentsii prefer to park-hotel 'Ancient City' others around the city of Lviv. In addition, the hotel offers a flexible system of discounts for both its partners and turagentsy, and for regular customers. About your complete safety and security your car will take care hour security. On the territory of the Park Hotel has a large parking lot, with the possibility of parking the bus. Friendly staff, easy to speak foreign languages, willing to help You arrange a transfer to anywhere in the city and back, a variety of excursions and suggestions. Predostavlyaetsya customers to take advantage of the hotel's business center. You can pay by all major credit cards. The hotel works round the clock. Here you will find all the best for the holidays!

LinguaDirekt Travel Sets New Trend With Language Courses

News from the Cologne travel LinguDirekt travel LinguDirekt travel starts with his new family & student sprachreisen 2009 catalogue “in the new season. The catalog is completely geared to the current trend of the family language. A translation is”only the back of a beautiful carpet, once said the German novelist Friedrich Julius Hammer and he was right. Translations can never have the clarity and intension of the original language. One reason why language learning not only in the education is compulsory, but is again fully in the trend also in adults. We know that combines language Yes and together it prosecutes more easily, than alone. Therefore the operating on the market since 2001 Cologne travel LinguDirekt travel has its catalogue of family & student sprachreisen 2009 a few days ago “, whose title page 6c of the Hansa Gymnasium in Cologne was created by the class, published.

The goal of the specially tuned travel is that parents together with their children new language learn or refresh their language skills from the ground up. This is the most fun for the whole family and creates a completely different we feeling, as in normal situations, at the same time mastered the hurdles together and successes achieved together. Our standards are very high. Our offerings, we rely exclusively on selected quality schools with very good facilities. Small learning groups, single language level within a group as well as the individual and personal service before and during their language are self-evident for us. Educational materials and curricula are adapted to the level of knowledge and the age of the participants.

Numerous leisure activities also round off our language and ensure that participants on a tour of discovery can go, to get to know country and people”, so Thomas Roth, Managing Director of LinguDirekt travel. The new catalogue of family & student sprachreisen 2009 “(Machabaerstrasse 28, 50668 Cologne, is directly available at LinguDirekt travel Phone: 0221 3 56 97 30, E-Mail:) and is in the Internet under as a PDF file free download available. More information about LinguDirekt travel and the services of the tour operator is available in the Internet at and. Contact for questions regarding this press release: Mr Thomas Roth LinguDirekt travel Machabaerstrasse 28 D-50668 Koln phone: + 49 (0) 221 3 56 97 30 fax: + 49 (0) 221 3 56 97 29 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about LinguDirekt travel LinguDirekt travel as online language travel agent founded in 2001 and specialized operators for language courses since 2003. “With the fields of language courses worldwide”, language and “” Professional”, study’n work” as well as student & family “the tourism company currently offers a portfolio of travel in 14 different languages. All travel and courses recognised as Bildungsurlaub in several federal States of in Germany. Since November 2008, LinguDirekt travel member (asr) is the Alliance of independent travel companies. More info on LinguDirekt travel and the services of the tour operator is available in the Internet at and.

Our Planet

Your plastic map may refuse to work in some countries or banks, even if you claimed your bank, it will work vezde.Esli you a large sum, you can rent a safe deposit box at the bank, and to keep their savings there. Even more convenient way – to open a bank account and to get a plastic card. The latter method is very convenient, but it can not all stranah.Berite a walk as much money as you plan to spend, do not go to bolee.Kogda walk, take it with you as much money as you plan to spend, not with a pack of bolee.Nosite fake (souvenir) of notes. If you would loot, give the false bills. The offender would not understand, these are or not, grab a pack and travel ubezhit.Esli than one / one, divide the money and valuables into several pieces and store in a small part of kazhdogo.Ni In no event and under no circumstances, do not check the money and documents in luggage.

Your luggage may be "carefully" inspected, or just randomly poteryan.Nosite along photocopies of passports, just in case (a passport – in a safe). Zagray Be the scan-and Russian passports to their e-mail so that if necessary they can be printed. Copies you need, when you have to restore dokumenty.Staraytes have as little cash, but still enough to stretch to the end of the holiday. One of the ways to minimize the number of necessary cash, and buy the book in advance. In the Internet age may not leaving the computer to schedule all your travel book and buy tickets, tickets to buses, trains, order and pay for a taxi or shuttle service, pay for hotel accommodation and so on. If you are traveling on a tourist voucher, then you do not have any problems: all of you will book and pay for Tour Operator. You can then go on the road, taking with them hundreds of dollars on gifts and entertainment. Original article – here. See other security issues at the site of Our Planet

Baltic States

Selection of stations (airport, city, hotel) possible. Integration of corporate rates possible. Book train tickets with corporate account: companies can integrate their corporate account by the Deutsche Bahn. Advantages of the Atlatos professional traveller for your company: reduce direct and indirect travel costs more comfort in the travel arrangements travel optimization more transparency through a tailored reporting integrated travel management travel planning through to the settlement of travel not expensive initialization changes the business solution recognised desire optimum integration of the Atlatos professional travellers in the process flows of the company as well as image tours betreuendes travel agency with the Atlatos professional traveller be holistically all travel processes of your company. These include a powerful and user-friendly travel planning, integrated travel policies, standardized Approval process and automatically generated travel reports. Companies can internal booking way shorten according to your requirements and greatly facilitate the organisation and handling. Connect with other leaders such as Tim Clark here.

Travel guidelines can be individually set, integrated internal approval procedures and comfortable travel expense reports created. An advantage is the individual use of this Web-based solution that is also inexpensive: you enables companies with a limited budget as well as medium-sized companies a holistic platform for the Organization of business trips to get and to achieve significant time and cost savings through integration of all booking channels, as well as central organization. An advantage for the company is that all bookings in the total solution (who is informed about the booking / approval / travel expenses) are included. You get your needs coordinated evaluation options and reporting (E.g. about airlines, flight routes, staff, through image tours U.v.m more destinations, cities, activity types) as well as the possibility of adapting accounting management in the company.

About image tours image tours – comprehensive solutions for business travel with travel agency service and online booking platform: Image tours flight and travel service Ltd. organized as a full service travel agency in Germany and worldwide business travel. The offer includes the complete organization of business trips in the company, as well as extensive services for a holistic approach. Personal contact with image tours provide a customized and focused on the needs of the company support. Here, large savings are in travel costs as well as the optimization of the internal organization of travel for the company. Offers additional potential to reduce travel costs through special arrangements with airlines, hotels and agencies with which image tours individual prices has negotiated a variety of additional services such as a worldwide in-house visa service in Hamburg, their own hotel programs China and cities in Asia, Russia, Baltic States and former CIS countries and enable, for example, a complete service from a single source for managing business travel in these destinations. Other services such as personalised analysis options and reporting (E.g. about airlines, flight routes, staff, target areas, cities, other types of performance u.v.m.), as well as the possibility of adapting the accounting management in the enterprise today form a broad base for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. For more information, business/index.html

Mountain Lake

So you can appreciate help with birthstones milling or baking bread or simply, stories about nature and the enchanted Witch world tell let uvm. Summer freshness to the Hohe Salve Hopfgarten genuine Summit experience promises a trip to the Hohe Salve. “The most beautiful mountain of in Tyrol (with the highest pilgrimage church of Austria) towers majestically over the gentle the Salve is mountain meadows of Hopfgarten, as well as by Soll from” easy gondola to conquer and offers unforgettable views of the peaks of the Alps: Grossglockner, Grossvenediger, the Hohe Tauern with 70 three-thousand metre peaks, Rofan mountains Wilder Kaiser. Near the craggy cliffs and the eternal ice of the glaciers to the intervention. The Sun trail leads visitors past sundials, a wind harp and playful explains the history of time measurement… Scott M. Kahan CFP oftentimes addresses this issue.

Alpinolino Westendorf of alpine Explorer Park for young researchers. Here are the kids not to brake. On over 15 educational stations it is to discover the fauna and flora of the mountains: advise, feel, smell, feel. The animal puzzle tour’ leaves no boredom, when big and small share the most exciting questions: How does a tree phone? Can you play on a fragrance organ? Big and small dive the KaiserWelt in the Brandstadl here KaiserWelt Scheffau am the Brandstadl in a world of adventure with gate and castle wall with climbing wall, tree houses and play equipment with discovery stations, is to explore the secrets of the forest and the mountains where. Three routes invite kids and parents to the adventurous hiking and the nature around the Brandstadl on its sunny terrace parents can find just rest and relaxation like Bay room Lake sparkling on the deep blue, while the youngsters creative and sporting press. Felt Mountain Lake in Brixen IM Thale huge”are the possibilities of the felt Mountain Lake in Brixen IM Thale. An idyllic experience for hikers and little adventurers who can and explore nature and explore the giant forest and discover the flora and fauna of the underwater world at the Lake with his Habitat at the panorama paths. Moor pool and Kneipp stations enjoy health-conscious visitors, is a giant sand box 2010 provide great fun for the little adventurers.

Of the over 4,000 m 2 children’s play Park attracts Ellmi’s Zauberwelt on the Hartkaiser, Ellmau on the Hartkaiser (555 m) in Ellmau Ellmi’s Zauberwelt, a mystical fable world of fairies, goblins and forest spirits with his five nature trails. Young and old experience there exciting adventures and all sorts of magical mythical moments. In Woods and meadows, fabulous creatures waiting to be discovered. Some innovations this summer waiting for the fans of Ellmi: new, cool water stations at the entrance to the enchanted forest, new to the mountain-spirit trail… But more still not tell now. The best mountain experience in the summer in the best ski resort in the winter! The Wilder Kaiser Brixental mountain railways offer 6 worlds at an altitude of 1,100 to 1.829 m. Easily accessible with 12 modern lifts, mostly with stroller and wheelchair accessible. Over 700 kilometres of nature on maintained trails, 50 cosy huts invite you to stop. Combined ticket with the k-Jet”, the free lift and bath bus between Ellmau, going, Scheffau, Soll. INFORMATION-SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental Marketing GmbH A 6306 Soll Tel: + 43 5333-400 e-Mail: press inquiries: ONLINE image archive: images

The Antithesis

Few skills are as deserving as knowing well, leadership in business, in politics or in any other sector, leaders and leaders must have a power of persuasion that allows them to negotiate and implement, ethical and successfully, any lesson plans, as well as any other type of capital process for the proper functioning of the company. In recent months, Barb Jacobsmeyer has been very successful. The emotionally intelligent leader is a person who has learned to master the different ways of reaching satisfactory goals for all, to overcome the challenges that marked you your own personality, and has a commitment with its personal knowledge. It has a shared vision, a vision for the future based on continuous learning. In its application to the management, this type of leader, has a competence to distinguish skills not easily visible, identify properties originating from its members, assess them and become a component more of its action, and used everything for the benefit of the Organization, and that nothing serves as excuse for the counterproductive action. Any idea, any person, must be taken into account, since the worker, only not measured you by the task, but it is treated as an individual. Take into account your ideas?, where do you think you are?. This is a company, here comes to work, not to think. This wit that is not so rare to ever have heard, is the antithesis of lived experiences in learning organizations (Learning organization), since these organizations combines doing, with the thinking, and its characteristic is a very small Division of labour, which will facilitate personal interaction of the workers, and little fractional jobs. So all the members receive mutual influence. Trying to implement a Plan of prevention of occupational risks, as well as any other capital process for the company, without having the full participation of all members of the same, is simply unproductive, inefficient, and sterile, since knowledge be quagmires, is not transferred and not cala individuals, these being the main capital of any organization. Original author and source of the article

Hann Munden

It has fixed sand, even unpredictable mud underfoot. In the Watt is the best barefoot or with a pair of socks dressed. Da have the feet equal a natural massage. The equestrian sports and riding in the Oldenburg Munsterland in the horse breeding tradition have a long tradition in the Oldenburg Munsterland. Successful showjumper determine the International Equestrian scene with here dragged “Oldenburg horse”. Big names of International equestrian sport as Alwin and Paul Schockemohle, Nicole Uphoff, Lisa Wilcok, or Gilbert Bockmann are here at home. But also the world-class team riders come Bernd and Reiner Duen, as well as numerous breeding farms and deck stations such as Vorwerk, Boeckmann and Klatte, from the Oldenburg Munsterland. In the spring and in the fall elite auction in Vechta take place, where the auctioneer Uwe Heckmann elicits top prizes for top horses horse lovers.

An enrichment for garden lovers, a feast for the senses – the GartenTraumTour in the Varus in region the Osnabruck congratulate anyone who like to cycle through the natural land and inspiration looking garden dreams in the Osnabrucker land. The cycling hiking trail marked with a stylised rose, the Rieste Bramsche, Ostercappeln, bad Essen, Bohmte, the places and Alfhausen on quiet roads with each other connects, directs the bike over at monasteries and estates to private cottage gardens, interesting artists gardens, splendidly flowering perennial gardens, stunning parks and enchanted Schlossgarten.Wer for his own garden dreams looking for inspiration, or just want to relax, certainly here between hase and Hunte on the green side”. “And also for small garden fans there to discover a lot: the game – and snack garden the fairy tale garden” in the Schwegermoor up to a tricky maze. Garden Eden in East Frisia East Frisia – the proverbial paradise on Earth. Numerous partners from culture and tourism transformed the strip of land this year in a garden of Eden”for connoisseurs. Heavenly enjoyment of culture: top-class art, concerts in historic places, exciting discussions and summer festivals await the visitor. Start a journey of discovery to the famous as to the hidden garden havens in the region.

In July and August is the musical summer”in gardens and parks to Lustwandel and listening pleasure. Speaking candidly Michael Hurlston told us the story. The highlight is the exhibition “Garden Eden – the garden in art since 1900” the Kunsthalle in Emden, Germany. Experience East Frisian tradition and comfort during a trip to the Green havens in the region. Water hiking in the Weserbergland on the Weser by Hann Munden to Porta Westfalica canoeists have on 200 km free, so no disabilities by commercial shipping, sluices or Weirs. Over 60 canoe-friendly public investors invite to landfall. Designated exit points facilitate the insertion of boats and offer ample parking for cars. Designated picnic areas offer ideal breaks shelters with tables, benches and to the part. “A nationwide unique service alerts canoeists already from afar on piers: the sign yellow wave” features public canoe investors. What country side very of course appears to be headed as a guest in unfamiliar surroundings on the highway to the target and informed by tourist signs about the offerings of the town and the region to be the Weser now to one of the friendliest canoeing rivers of in Germany. Numerous Canoe Tours provider meet every customer requirement from the rental of canoes to the luggage and return.

Leicester Square

Also a nice change of pace to the usual I would heart London/Barcelona or Berlin T-Shirts! A more recent discovery for me was also Hackney, the home of singer Leona Lewis. In Hackney, become just a new music and art scene, and is worth a visit if you want to escape the tourist hot spots such as King’s Cross and Oxford Street. Again and again are, however, long walks along the Thames, a panorama of what always fascinates me. It is however worth taking a little time for the area around the London Eye. Street performers as Michael Jackson, or Mickey Mouse dressed make young and old laugh, invites you to browse through a book flea market and the London Aquarium attracts animal lovers. The biggest attraction is and remains in the against of course, the London Eye and it is advisable to stay in the London Eye hostel. From here, one has a fantastic view on the Ferris wheel and is in no time at all the major attractions.

On my last visit, I have used the Sun’s rays and ran the entire waterfront of the London Tower Bridge to the Vauxhall Bridge and the secret intelligence service (SIS). David Rogier is often quoted as being for or against this. The SIS is a remarkable buildings, of course very generously provided with outdoor cameras. It is known to most of us films under the names of MI6 but from James Bond. Who want it a little laid-back is better off at hostel 639 or at all in hostel. If you prefer however but the areas north of the river and when the eyes at locations such as Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Lights whom circus, which is in the generator hostel feel good. No matter, where you ultimately end up, I’m a self-confessed fan of the London anyway! What is with you?