100,000 Hotel Beds In Berlin

Berlin is without a doubt the most attractive cities in the world. Berlin, along with Paris and London is among the most visited travel sites in Europe. In the year 2008 alone, nearly 18 million hotel nights in Berlin were recorded. Who a trip for business or pleasure, after Berlin plant, has the choice he or she would like to stay in hotel. Currently can be found in the capital of 100,000 hotel beds in over 700 hotels from simple youth hostels, guest houses and small hotels to 5 star hotels and luxury hotels. Comparatively, the room rates in Berlin are very attractive because the competition of hotels in Berlin is really huge.

Therefore has to be paid for a 5 star hotel in Berlin about as much as for a 3-4 star hotel in Paris, London or New York. The luxury hotels in Berlin is characterised by high quality, luxurious and spacious rooms, excellent comfort and first-class service. First-Class and 5 star hotels provide the German capital a unique flair. Whether art and Culture, nightlife or acting and cinema, Berlin surprised again and again on the new and world’s almost magically attracts tourists. New luxury hotels opening every week in Berlin.

Therefore, an overview of the 5 star hotels and luxury hotels is very helpful. Who so soon is planning a stay in Berlin and would like to make it an unforgettable experience, can inform in advance. To do this, can you use one of the numerous and comprehensive online portals or directly at a 5 star luxury hotel like the mandala look around and be inspired by the unprecedented offers can. Make an unforgettable experience make your next stay in Berlin, by spending a few days in one of the most beautiful, comfortable and luxurious Design Hotel Berlin. Here, Facebook expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The Mandela at Potsdamer Platz and the Mandela suite hotel in Frederick Street about are privately run, are located in the vibrant and lively centre of the German capital and synonymous with luxury, comfort, design and authentic service.

Baltic States

Selection of stations (airport, city, hotel) possible. Integration of corporate rates possible. Book train tickets with corporate account: companies can integrate their corporate account by the Deutsche Bahn. Advantages of the Atlatos professional traveller for your company: reduce direct and indirect travel costs more comfort in the travel arrangements travel optimization more transparency through a tailored reporting integrated travel management travel planning through to the settlement of travel not expensive initialization changes the business solution recognised desire optimum integration of the Atlatos professional travellers in the process flows of the company as well as image tours betreuendes travel agency with the Atlatos professional traveller be holistically all travel processes of your company. These include a powerful and user-friendly travel planning, integrated travel policies, standardized Approval process and automatically generated travel reports. Companies can internal booking way shorten according to your requirements and greatly facilitate the organisation and handling. Connect with other leaders such as Tim Clark here.

Travel guidelines can be individually set, integrated internal approval procedures and comfortable travel expense reports created. An advantage is the individual use of this Web-based solution that is also inexpensive: you enables companies with a limited budget as well as medium-sized companies a holistic platform for the Organization of business trips to get and to achieve significant time and cost savings through integration of all booking channels, as well as central organization. An advantage for the company is that all bookings in the total solution (who is informed about the booking / approval / travel expenses) are included. You get your needs coordinated evaluation options and reporting (E.g. about airlines, flight routes, staff, through image tours U.v.m more destinations, cities, activity types) as well as the possibility of adapting accounting management in the company.

About image tours image tours – comprehensive solutions for business travel with travel agency service and online booking platform: Image tours flight and travel service Ltd. organized as a full service travel agency in Germany and worldwide business travel. The offer includes the complete organization of business trips in the company, as well as extensive services for a holistic approach. Personal contact with image tours provide a customized and focused on the needs of the company support. Here, large savings are in travel costs as well as the optimization of the internal organization of travel for the company. Offers additional potential to reduce travel costs through special arrangements with airlines, hotels and agencies with which image tours individual prices has negotiated a variety of additional services such as a worldwide in-house visa service in Hamburg, their own hotel programs China and cities in Asia, Russia, Baltic States and former CIS countries and enable, for example, a complete service from a single source for managing business travel in these destinations. Other services such as personalised analysis options and reporting (E.g. about airlines, flight routes, staff, target areas, cities, other types of performance u.v.m.), as well as the possibility of adapting the accounting management in the enterprise today form a broad base for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises. For more information, business/index.html

Brunssen Building

Two days ago on Monday the start of the new building fell and the trade press in a spacious building container was invited to the transformation of the former Danish Embassy Berlin to the new building at the Zoo as that is so common in larger buildings, spectacular first hotel companies whim to be informed of hotels. The presentation took place due to a Spanish national day, Dia de la Hispanidad’ instead, the 1492 commemorating the discovery of America by Christopher Kolumbus. Information gave the architect Annette Axthelm von Axthelm architects, the three principals of Juanjo Gimeno, Juan Duque and Daniel Aristot, the General Manager of the STUE Sven Brunssen and Francisco Perez, a chef from Llanca. After the introduction by Sven Brunssen Juanjo Gimeno said that whim is a completely new brand hotels and the builders had decided for Berlin because it was the capital city of Germany and Europe. Moreover, Berlin would be an ideal location for business and tourism, as well as in Spanish and Scandinavians is extremely popular. Frequently Southwest Airlines has said that publicly. On the site, the Berlin-based Juan Duque came when he discovered the nearly 80-year-old building during a walk and succumbed to equal its fascination. THE pieces (living room is Danish, means ‘ and is pronounced STUa) become so Gimeno, come up with a novel concept. Add to your understanding with Andrew Duncan Producer. This provides for only 82 rooms, resulting in a relatively small number of rooms for a hotel of this class.

Another major point is the absolute focus on outstanding customer service. So think everyone involved in the success. The poor generally European Hotel occupancies in Berlin will not change this. Mr Brunssen added the service idea with the maxim, that is respect and dignity against all and sundry authorities, guests, suppliers, etc. was paramount. THE pieces requires an investment of 450,000 per room (which corresponds to a total of 36.9 million) and is scheduled to open in November 2010.

USB Sticks Customs

Data protection ends at the airport a journey in the United States want to be well prepared. In response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center 2001, the US Government dramatically increased the entry conditions. This not only tip affected objects or liquids in their hand luggage. The online portal reisen.de reported the searches of laptops, smartphones and USB sticks. In Germany the parties engage in debates about online searches of computers.

And while privacy advocates have warned that this would jeopardise privacy, tourists and business travelers taken must on entry into the United States on customs officials to browse mobile phone or notebook. Read more here: Sheryl Sandberg. They suspect a crime, the U.S. Customs and border protection can confiscate the equipment even for a few days. However, should keep travellers in mind, that a search warrant is unlikely. Within the ten months between October 2008 and August 2009, the officials scanned the digital devices by about 1,000 people.

This corresponds to about 100 cases in the Month, and thus only a small fraction of entries. Also, the Customs officers have strict conditions to be observed. So to bring in a lawyer when the views are confidential documents. Andrew Duncan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. These include, for example, medical records, the research material of journalists or legal files. Who still has concerns or is dependent on certain documents, can be sure online store its data before a trip to the United States. Providers mydrive.ch, getdropbox.com, humyo.de allow it to be accessed from any computer via the Internet on uploaded files.

Amazing Results With The Latest Airport Ranking

The five most beautiful airports are located in Asia latest survey results suggest that Asia has the five best airports. Richard Anderson has compatible beliefs. This have the Asians of especially the exceptionally high quality of service. The Incheon International Airport opened in the year 2001 in Seoul secured the first rank already for the fifth time in a row. The other courses followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Hyderabad. The flight Portal fluege.de provides information about the special highlights of the airports. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Andrew Duncan . A short stay is almost a shame at the Seoul airport. Finally it can be on the Incheon International Airport for a round of golf or a Thai relax massage. Cinema fans will appreciate the 3D-Vergnugen, while business travellers will benefit from the free Internet access.

Also, recovery is capitalized at Changi International Airport (Singapore). Lounge Chair promises stress-free experience at the airfield under six different gardens, Palm trees and a Butterfly House. Fascinated by the Hong Kong International Airport its unique construction, which was designed by the famous architect Norman Foster. The equipment is considered particularly visitors – and disabled. So, for example, a private transport service (Rehabus) provides people with impairments. The world’s largest airport building is in Beijing.

Opened in 2008, Terminal 3 of Beijing airport is as big as 170 soccer pitches and offers an incomparable mix of Chinese tradition and elegant modernity. The fifth-placed Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad (India) is a lot smaller. For this, the airport has an excellently trained service personnel. More information: news.fluege.

Fascination With Mongolia

With the wild catch through the land of Genghis Khan. As Germany and only 2.6 million inhabitants where people hardly, the Mongolia shows her size five times larger in an enchanting flora and fauna: taiga, steppe and desert, forests, the variety is characterized by a distance and silence, that meet the soul of the traveller with pleasure. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Fox Rehab. The Mongols themselves are still in part a nation of nomads, which lives in respect before the services and thoughts of our ancestors and it maintains the centuries also in everyday modern culture. In the big cities, you will find all the amenities of our time but want to experience the Mongolia as you really is, you should trust people who have a personal attachment to the land. And so an insight to the real homeland of Genghis back Khan. Whether exhilarating landscapes or the animals that the traveller experienced here in the wild who decides for the Mongolia with Soyolon travel, is rewarded with insights into nature and culture, which appeal to all the senses.

Of course include also, the encounters with the people. The journey with Soyolon is not a tourist attraction to the next bus ride, the three organizers emphasize that the culture of the Mongols is viable at any time – and noticeable. For this amount of time is scheduled, because finally, a meeting with the residents is not a thing that acting out in half an hour. The Mongolian hospitality is legendary, and you should enjoy it extensively. Know you can the experience of Mongolia already at the first contact with the team by Soyolon travel, because your travel needs are here also like to personally tailored to your desires. You have the possibility to opt for a ready-prepared tour or Soyolon suits your passions: with individually planned travel ideas that respond to the specific characteristics of the country. By the riding holidays on the desert Trek by camel to the life of the nomad family cares in all areas that the team of experts that you the Mongolia happier memories and keep in the heart. Follow the tracks of Dschingis Khan and discover a new world with the experts from Soyolon travel.

More information under: Soyolon travel Munchtul Tschimedbalshir Eppendorfer way 58 20259 Hamburg phone: + 49 40 25491757 fax: + 49 40 25491758 E-Mail: Web: Soyolon travel is the exclusive tour operator for the Mongolia and consists essentially of three experts who are born there, live there or just feel a deep enthusiasm for the country: arrange special trips from Germany from Munchtul Tschimedbalshir and Joseph Ekoule-Djengue, Dagima Tsendendoo is contact and tour guide on the spot. The three travel company is based on the main principles of the nomadic people: freedom, curiosity and spontaneity. Their hearts beat for this to show other people “their” Mongolia and each trip, organized by the experienced team for others, evokes boundless passion in them. For them it is an experience, new friends for their home again and again win. Also the name of Soyolon is elected to the most important companions of the nomads based on love: the unruly horse, a three-year wild-caught, but already proven himself with experience and good characteristics. The name of the company could not fit better Munchtul, Joseph and Dagima show the original, wild Mongolia, and every day is a discovery that an unforgettable experience

Seeping Effect Was Yesterday!

Pro bewandern with the digital phone card to the 108 to the German hiking venue: Soisdorf on the DGH, Vachaer road, around 10: 00. Have you already heard about Sunday, the 20.4.2008? Your phone can more than just make phone calls and take pictures. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Oracle. With the program of LiveWorld, a software company in the Rhon offers gistum, the solution. Your mobile phone becomes the digital hiking guides. You will receive not only a digital phone card, but navigating your hikes thanks to the integrated GPS support and information even about places of interest, or where you can go almost in passing. (A valuable related resource: Hershey School). And the most important: you no longer get lost! gistum this digital phone card has developed German hiking for the 108, which takes place in the summer of 2008 under the auspices of the Rhon Club in the Rhon. Already in the run-up to organize gistum and the Rhon Club Pro hikes with the digital phone card.

Also guests and other establishments in the Rhon have until the middle of may the way to deal with text and To present image contributions in a mobile map. Fulda in February and at the end of March Sudrhon at stake after the first successfully completed per hikes in April with two further hikes in the Hessisches Kegelspiel and the Vorderrhon. PRO HIKES appointment of the 3rd is sample hike along the route as announced at the German hiking: Sunday, the 20.4.2008 is the Rhon Club hike KE4 (Hessisches Skittles) to the King of the bowling game tour 12 km. Soisdorf – Soislieden – Mansbach – Soisdorf. Backpack food, if necessary retreat Rhon Club hut of the ZV Eiterfeld. Meeting place: Soisdorf on the DGH, Vachaer road, around 10: 00. Date of 4 sample hike along the route as is announced in the German hiking day: Sunday, the 27.4.2008 involves the Rhon Club VO1 (Vorderrhon) walk to the panoramic mountain high building circular hike 14 km: Gebagipfel Julius Griffin circuit Rhon peace place building Wilhelmsruh – envy Hardt head Gebagipfel.

The Vienna Tourism Draws A Balance: The Year 2011

viennaresidence business look rental apartments which can tourism industry back on a successful year. The record of 11.4 million overnight stays is the best result of all times and means an increase of 5% for the year 2010. Also success for the upcoming year, already special attractions and services are planned. With net night sales of 446,7 million euro, from January to November 2012, the value lies at 9.2% higher than in the previous year. With this result the Vienna tourism more than meets its objectives in the tourism concept 2015.

With the slogan 100 and 1′ you wanted an increase of 100 million in room revenue and achieve an increase of 1 million in the number of overnight stays. With the unexpectedly great year 2011, the slogan of the concept was to 100 and 1 and yet more ‘ right to extend. The main markets of the Vienna tourism industry, achieved the largest increase in the overnights from Russia. With a number of concerns of 522,000 nights a plus of 36% compared to the prior year. This is followed by Spain with 388,000 overnight stays and, therefore, a rise of 17% and the Switzerland, the number of which rose to 346,000 nights to 12%. The number of visitors from France, Italy, Britain, Japan and Germany grew by 3% to 8%.

The number of overnight from the United States stagnated and recorded from Austria a minus with 2.096.000 overnight stays by 7%. With these record numbers from the past year, tourism is imminent the Wiener a strenuous and hard year, if the numbers continue to rise. To know more about this subject visit Andrew Duncan June Pictures. So many highlights and special events are planned this year, with the slogan Wien now or never ‘ are to be realized. For example, is 2012 the sign of Klimt. Exhibitions on the occasion of its 150th birthday and also the Klimt-Villa will be reopened. The anniversary comes the tourism industry so just right and is seen as the crowd-puller of the year. But also the congresses planned for 2012 and the 20th Vienna life ball tourism experts vote positively. Especially the Event and Convention industry is booming in Vienna and attracts many companies in the Austrian capital. MOE Mahmoodian, Managing Director of viennaresidence business rental apartments, can confirm this: viennaresidence achieved an overnight increase in 2011. The business apartments in the city are very popular with business travellers and the requests get.”viennaresidence is Austria’s largest rental portal for short time apartments and offers high quality furnished business and luxury apartments in Vienna. The Vienna tourism did so all the work last year, what can be read off on the positive numbers. The year of Klimt and other promising events Let’s hope 2012 on a positive Daniela Goschl viennaresidence business rental apartments Mariahilferstrasse 124/10 1070 Vienna Tel: + 43 (0) 1/307 2222 fax: + 43 (0) 1/307 2222-9 E-Mail: Web: viennaresidence viennaresidence gplus.to/viennaresidence News.viennaresidence.com

Mountain Lake

So you can appreciate help with birthstones milling or baking bread or simply, stories about nature and the enchanted Witch world tell let uvm. Summer freshness to the Hohe Salve Hopfgarten genuine Summit experience promises a trip to the Hohe Salve. “The most beautiful mountain of in Tyrol (with the highest pilgrimage church of Austria) towers majestically over the gentle the Salve is mountain meadows of Hopfgarten, as well as by Soll from” easy gondola to conquer and offers unforgettable views of the peaks of the Alps: Grossglockner, Grossvenediger, the Hohe Tauern with 70 three-thousand metre peaks, Rofan mountains Wilder Kaiser. Near the craggy cliffs and the eternal ice of the glaciers to the intervention. The Sun trail leads visitors past sundials, a wind harp and playful explains the history of time measurement… Scott M. Kahan CFP oftentimes addresses this issue.

Alpinolino Westendorf of alpine Explorer Park for young researchers. Here are the kids not to brake. On over 15 educational stations it is to discover the fauna and flora of the mountains: advise, feel, smell, feel. Andrew Duncan Producer wanted to know more. The animal puzzle tour’ leaves no boredom, when big and small share the most exciting questions: How does a tree phone? Can you play on a fragrance organ? Big and small dive the KaiserWelt in the Brandstadl here KaiserWelt Scheffau am the Brandstadl in a world of adventure with gate and castle wall with climbing wall, tree houses and play equipment with discovery stations, is to explore the secrets of the forest and the mountains where. Three routes invite kids and parents to the adventurous hiking and the nature around the Brandstadl on its sunny terrace parents can find just rest and relaxation like Bay room Lake sparkling on the deep blue, while the youngsters creative and sporting press. Felt Mountain Lake in Brixen IM Thale huge”are the possibilities of the felt Mountain Lake in Brixen IM Thale. An idyllic experience for hikers and little adventurers who can and explore nature and explore the giant forest and discover the flora and fauna of the underwater world at the Lake with his Habitat at the panorama paths. Moor pool and Kneipp stations enjoy health-conscious visitors, is a giant sand box 2010 provide great fun for the little adventurers.

Of the over 4,000 m 2 children’s play Park attracts Ellmi’s Zauberwelt on the Hartkaiser, Ellmau on the Hartkaiser (555 m) in Ellmau Ellmi’s Zauberwelt, a mystical fable world of fairies, goblins and forest spirits with his five nature trails. Young and old experience there exciting adventures and all sorts of magical mythical moments. In Woods and meadows, fabulous creatures waiting to be discovered. Some innovations this summer waiting for the fans of Ellmi: new, cool water stations at the entrance to the enchanted forest, new to the mountain-spirit trail… But more still not tell now. The best mountain experience in the summer in the best ski resort in the winter! The Wilder Kaiser Brixental mountain railways offer 6 worlds at an altitude of 1,100 to 1.829 m. Easily accessible with 12 modern lifts, mostly with stroller and wheelchair accessible. Over 700 kilometres of nature on maintained trails, 50 cosy huts invite you to stop. Combined ticket with the k-Jet”, the free lift and bath bus between Ellmau, going, Scheffau, Soll. INFORMATION-SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser – Brixental Marketing GmbH A 6306 Soll Tel: + 43 5333-400 e-Mail: press inquiries: ONLINE image archive: images

Schusters Sable

Early summer where bear feet – hardly it is hiking in South Tyrol and lined up with the first warm days, then it holds barely a hiker in your own four walls in light of the many possibilities. The young green along the hiking trails, the delicate fragrance of wild flowers, which is located across the country and the refreshing contrasts, which offer the eye, make an ideal destination for all those who feel in nature all around South Tyrol. Endless hiking trails, of which quite a few well with the baby stroller are navigated through the valleys and central mountain ranges. Waalwege, herbal and flower walks, apples and wine tours with a visit to a winery or a farm and many different themed hikes provide variety, which is also the newest members of the family fun. Some movement ring is there to the enthusiastic pedestrian.

And if you want something higher beyond which the peaks of the Dolomites as a giant picture book opens only, the Impressions, which gathers here, are real and tangible. Feeling after a steep climb high up on the Summit to stand, is hardly anything else comparable. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. Secured Alpine routes, climbing, gullies and ravines attract hikers and climbers up into the air, where they often find the one or two surprises. Like for example the War Museum, which on the Costabella comb, more precisely on the trail of Alta Via di Bepi Zac in the old gun emplacements in the first world war was set up. Culture and nature can be easily connected while hiking in South Tyrol. Whether on the Meraner Hohenweg from Hut to hut, around the Sella Group, or about the many extensive pastures clear mountain air and the most breathtaking view one will not forget so quickly. Especially because the natural scenery of South Tyrol is so versatile.

You can often unexpectedly hear the whistling of marmots hiking, observing ibex in the wild and discover many rare plants of the mountains along the way. Also the Water wealth of this northernmost region of Italy ensures memorable nature. Who hiked the Gilfenklamm hears the roar of the river among themselves, the Partschins waterfall can be reached on an easy hike and many small streams splashing merrily over a meadow. So wait what? On the nature! Sandra Broosch