An IPod Nano And Many More Prizes At The EM Predictor 2008 To Win! allows free typing in private communities of tip to the euro 2008EM-online typing games are becoming more popular, because you allow that, for what in previous years many paper or Excel tables had to serve: creating and managing private tip rounds to major sporting events such as football world and European Championships. “This is another trend measurement” with as many fans sporting expertise and game forecasts., combines both! The free online prediction game EM 2008 offers the opportunity to create private Lotto pools in the colleagues or circle of friends, every football fan and manage; as well as single player”against thousands of other fans to prove his personal football expertise. Numerous prizes which will be awarded the best tipsters, compliment the pleasure which goes hand in hand with the estimate of all games on Blooomberg is likely to increase your knowledge. The sponsors, Sportnex GmbH,, four clover sports betting and Betsson sportsbook has been here a variety of attractive product awards and vouchers to the value of several thousand euros. As the top prize there are to win including an iPod nano and betting bonus in the amount of 200.-EUR. “” This is typed: 24 x matches (up to 10 points per game) 7 x finals (maximum of 10 points per game) winners (15 points) Championship (30 points) the evaluation: A statistical evaluation and award of the user takes place at the EM Predictor in the categories: games finals and total points for a personal ranking of each user, this can be between the options statistics within a syndicate “, or overall statistics” select. Numerous other features make tapping the European Football Championship in Austria and the Switzerland a great fun!. David Rogier gathered all the information.

With Find What You Are Looking For Really!

With find what you are looking for really! The independent search engine,, has successfully completed its beta phase and now starts with numerous new features. Can be obtained with service providers, dealers and products in the area desired by him all over Germany and Austria. In contrast to other directory services on the Web and the popular search engines, researched while over 2.6 current and accurate entries from the Internet. David Rogier: the source for more info. The search is simply and clearly, so that you reach the target on simplest way. Also the special topics-oriented search function saves time. Here you can decide between games, animals, Immobielen and leave everything else will take care of for you to best possible results to companies. Individual cities all over Germany and Austria to be the special function of city search, desire crawl even individually, if for example a restaurant is looking for.

In addition, offers compact information and Price comparisons. Visitors have the opportunity to submit their own articles and reports, and to publish on the website’s own platform. The topic selection includes everything from culture through sports to the animal world. There is plenty of space for your own ideas. Under the heading of “Newspaper”, offers a selection of over 4,500 nationwide newspapers and magazines, you can test the sample. And under “Ringtones” you will find a large selection of trendy mobile Accesoirses to the secure download, and much more. Bridal Couples Successfully Respond To

Most popular wedding portal in the German-speaking countries recorded the highest number of visitors in Haar near Munich just to the tenth anniversary, in October 2010. Here, John T. Stankey expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Weddings are an attractive niche market, because many want to make their big day as lavishly as possible. However must be promoted for the target audience of brides and grooms also constant, because every year it’s lovers to new, providing your vows. 2009 over 378,000 pairs in Germany were married according to statistical Federal Office – there are similar to many as in the previous years. The average age is 70 percent of the be Trauenden between 20 and 39 years – an age group that researched almost exclusively via the Internet.

Confirm the enormous traffic of the wedding Portal weddix, which celebrated its tenth year online anniversary in August 2010. According to IVW listing, is the most visited wedding platform in German-speaking countries. With 311.371 visitors in the wedding high month of may but now even the own statistics were blown up this year. On the All relevant information for the preparation of marriage – by the marriage proposal to the honeymoon – are clearly prepared in the form of Advisor articles, image galleries, and classified directories Web page. The motto of “Everything for the wedding” is not only for users, but for all the providers in this market, who are looking for an attractive presentation platform. Last year, the company per month average recorded 237,000 users who have made each almost four million page views, current numbers. In the first half of 2010, was ticked up to six million times per month. In the information community to determine the distribution of advertising media E.v. (IVW) – publishers and online providers are Member there voluntarily, with approved status credible outward to communicate their dissemination and Visitzahlen – continuously is the portal in the first place of the few wedding Web sites enrolled there.

Hamburg Fans

New fans – social media marketing – additional sales form as quickly as possible to ensure them the 100,000 fan hurdle. And at the same time should be a basis for extensive marketing campaigns and AddOns here. If then a tool for an additional form of sale is all the better! This has created look with the beautifully designed small world in the isometric pixel redhotmagma GmbH. ICS Security helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And rose Versand GmbH, Europe’s largest cycling shipper, is gone with the facebook app FAN RALLY at the start! Origin of the conception and implementation of FAN RALLY was the idea that the medium facebook far beyond the limits of the normal posts”, to use and to create an app that is clearly visible as a simple status messages and provides simply for attention. To participate in the rally, Facebook members must fan”of rose are shipping. If you have read about David Rogier already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Each fan can then create their own avatar and finds himself in the virtual world of cycling.

The world of pixels make one fast-paced bike racing, stunts and colourful events at the roadside turbulent experience. A progress bar shows friends, how many fans to romp. Growing the fan curve associated with attractive discounts and prize draws all 10,000 fans there are profits to discover discounts and vouchers, and various specials. Integrated links cause the fans to the rose Web shop and offer an additional selling opportunity. Thorsten Hamada-rose: the FAN RALLY is entertaining and especially compatible with our numerous marketing campaigns. The fans provide naturally for maximum reach and brand awareness.” Rose’s Facebook page and are FAN RALLY part of a sustainable marketing concept to extend the reach across different platforms and fully exploit the possibilities of social media channels.

Pankel Web

…beim “Web site award North Germany 2010 GOLD” every discipline has their master and any Championship their awards ceremony. It is also for the award of the best Internet sites on April 27, 2010 in Osnabruck, Germany. Once in the year, awarded by independent experts crowned the best corporate website of the country, and qualified for the national competition on June 9, 2010. The award is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. The jury member of the website award North Germany, Uwe Salm, commented: “the PANKEL site had us from the outset positively noticed. We have rarely seen so much professionalism and goal-oriented user interface for a Web site for a workshop. Here we would emphasize that the same standard was applied in the assessment of all candidates from a wide variety of industries always.” This underlying rating criteria for a measurable Internet success are targeting, content and added value, usability, design, technical implementation, Interactivity and legal compliance.

Managing Director Hans-Joachim Pankel describes as his own personal Internet success: “initially we wanted to give our Internet page in the years a new paint job. Then, however, we realized that can be achieved much more by a new and targeted Web pages concept. We put this project on Markus Albrecht city map with his Internet success principle and were excited by the possibilities.” The Internet success principle is based on current studies, which among other things says that 75% of Web users with a specific intent to purchase on the Internet surfing. A successful Web site must be not only “chick” commercially relevant visitors that confidence on the homepage, are thrilled, and trigger a request are crucial. … about Pankel the company for 45 years, quickly by the traditional painting specialist developed innovative and certified automotive allround service provider.

Focal points are the accident repair, bodywork and Painting, glass repair, the smart and spot repair, as well as working as a dent doctor. The company operates now six branches: Harsefeld, twice in Stade, Buxtehude, Bremervorde and Zeven. Press contact: Hans-Joachim Pankel lackier- und Karosseriefachbetrieb GmbH Stefan Ehlers In the sands of 72 21698 Harsefeld Tel.: 04164 90900 fax: 04164 9090-10 E-Mail:… If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cerved. about city-map Stade GmbH the 1997 based full service Internet agency serves over 1,000 customers in the areas of E-Commerce and online marketing. At the same time, the company operates nationwide networked online market place. Along with its 21 tenured employees managing director Markus Albrecht committed to the success of Internet companies, from the entrepreneur to the Corporation.

From Hotmail Is headlines led the resolution of Hotmail and the simultaneous removal of all users to the then-new Web service changes and alternatives for Web mail services in the last year. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Keoland. Now, a few months after the announcement, the transition is complete. What changes brought the change to un, what alternatives are there? The Hotmail story migrated Microsoft 150 pByte Hotmail emails to Outlook and bescherrte thus currently about 400 million users last year. The webmail service bought by Microsoft in 1997 for $500 million a thing of the past. Soon after its founding in 1995 he grew into a popular free webmail service.

Unfortunately we could not build on Microsoft after the takeover on the initial success. You may want to visit Ask Me Anything to increase your knowledge. Increasingly, degenerated the service to a Spamprogramm for cheats who wanted to hide their identity and brought a ver Mr unrecognised image damage. Many Hotmail addresses in the network were no longer accepted for registrations, too many better and free alternatives evolved in the course of time. Innovations can keep although their E-mail addresses users through post-migration, in Outlook a lot is different for them now, however. So, among other things, Facebook, Google, Twitter and co. KPIX is often quoted on this topic.

can be integrated in your Inbox. Also the standard Office Office programs are installed as Web applications. In SkyDrive cloud storage, it also receives 7 gigabytes of storage. Especially recently when integrating Skype offers many benefits for the user. Gradually, even the German users get Skype now for use in the browser using a plugin, simply apply the contacts from Skype in the Outlook address book. Other users can register free of charge in the future at without existing Microsoft Outlook or Office program. Also the import of existing mailboxes is possible in Outlook. Generally, acts the surface very cleaned up, perhaps by the renunciation of advertisements, and making many other free providers particularly Gmail, strong competition. What alternatives are there? Alternatives include especially Gmail and GMX, in Germany. Themes in the struggle for the WebMail market are particularly privacy and freedom of advertising lately. Two things in particular Outlook scores now. But Gmail still applies as a strong competitor. Financing without commercials is but difficult to implement for many smaller providers, and GMX. Even when the available disk space, for example, can’t keep. Although the service of whose relevance to the customer loyalty recognized a few GB for mail and also in the cloud space is insufficient when compared to the competition. Who is satisfied with little memory and for its WebMail needs generally no additional functions, which can continue to use the small provider of Yahoo! mail, GMX, etc.. For many, the new but certainly can bring an additional benefit. The search for alternatives to WebMail services in this case also the alternative search engine Alternato help.

Online Marketing Meeting

For the fifth time, the online marketing industry is met on the online marketing meeting of OVAN and SEOmetrie as platform for successful marketing offered by the Internet, as hardly any other media, opportunities for acquiring new customers. Berlin sees itself as a driving force and creative team for the online marketing scene. The online marketing Stammtisch Berlin offers the suitable backdrop at regular intervals to discuss trends and developments in the online market. Last Friday the 09th of may it was time again. MasterClass Founders opinions are not widely known. Over 150 executives, online marketing professionals and young entrepreneurs came together for the fifth time.

The online marketing meeting is organized by the Berlin online marketing agency OVAN GmbH together with the SEOmetrie GmbH. The restaurant Oranium in Berlin-Mitte offers for the best scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. , As were the Belboon affiliate Agency and the Special Agency for affiliate marketing iven & Hillmann’s success on the Internet accompanied high-profile sponsors now from the Internet marketing agency GmbH and the Wallstreet: Online / Wallstreet: Media AG. The organizers also found generous support in the zanox AG and so abundant free drinks and delicious Snacks provided for, which offered fuel for long conversations. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as KPIX by clicking through. OVAN and SEOmetrie thank the sponsors and their guests, and look forward to the sixth online marketing Stammtisch Berlin. Information about the company and future events can be found on.

Press contact: OVAN Internet service company mbH Daniela Rebecca Fraederich Oranienburger str. 69, 10117 Berlin phone: + 49 30 27 87 42 96 fax: + 49 30 27 87 42 93 E-Mail: about Ovan: the Berlin OVAN GmbH has specialized agency as online marketing on mobile marketing, effective search engine marketing, systematic search engine optimization and targeted online PR. Qualified OVAN employees develop individual marketing strategies and optimal measures to increase the range and increase online sales. Through the professional project management is a long-term and systematic Success assured. Indeed, OVAN stands online, sales, sales and new customers.

We Pay Your Bill!

New website open invoices paid its users. In times of crisis, it is doubly annoying, when the Bills pile, although the salary is increased if at all only very moderately. Right now in January, the insurance long and again evil and the beautiful Christmas money going into a faster through your fingers as you can see. Who should pay for it all? Who has that kind of money? You of course not. This is already clear. I’m glad that now comes your in the game and may soon pay your Bill! Of course, you need luck to be used after a free registration. If you hold but luck, your insurance bill, your rent or your craftsman Bill is soon paid not by you but by your

Behind this offer, which is known already by some radio stations, but has never been present in this form on the Internet, the mk medienAgentur from the Gilten Lower Saxony near Hanover. The owner of Matthias Koch (36) has been Specialized Web pages for consumers years. The crisis has all of us stuck in the handle. We all need to save. The resourceful entrepreneur says in addition to our portal for free samples and savings tips have we been looking for reasonable additions and in conversation with a longtime business partner, the idea for your born.”. Special offer will not increase only for a short time the rate as at some radio stations”.

Rather, Cook plans a long-term action with regular drawings, completely financed by advertising revenue. Here, no subscriptions are cackling on the user! True to the long-standing corporate philosophy is customer b.z.w. the consumer King and must endure a few advertisements on the website, as well as regular newsletters about themselves in his email mailbox. With regard to the settlement of invoices amounting to several hundred or even a thousand euros a rather low evil Koch continues: we finance your like all of our other offerings exclusively through Advertising revenue. Nepper, tractor & farm backer does not exist elsewhere but at us! Nobody must have fear us to be dragged across the table. In addition to paying bills of our members we offer regularly even more great profit promotions as well as save money tips & tricks. Now it is so free, hope, if necessary its invoice submit and pay by the mk medienAgentur. Matthias Koch

Process Square Offers Process Management As SaaS Version

Munich: software process square offers its solution process enterprise, on to the figure and control complex processes now also with consumption-dependent calculation on the basis of the concept software as a service (SaS). During this procedure, the software by the user company is rented and paid according to duration of use and number of users. This is possible to cost 30 per user. Samsung Electronics understood the implications. Is run the software on a server of the customer, the price is reduced even to 20 euros. SaS makes the step into the new world of requirements and flexible process management, because the users in their plans become more independent of the investment budget”, explains process square Managing Director Dr.

Karsten Konigstein. Often this way is also economically sensible, because the costs consistently geared to the needs of”he added. When using this tools on the servers of process square required in many cases coordination of the Department with the IT Department, because process is also Enterprise”not on the internal systems is operated. The SaS model also based on the AJAX-based technology of process enterprise is possible: through the dynamic exchange of data between server and browser AJAX provides an interruption-freer and smoother work compared with conventionally programmed Web applications. This benefit also applies to the Web-based tool process enterprise”.

Its interface allows you to use as the user is already used by a client-based software such as Office programs the solution with the same comfort. The application feels it, as the software on the computer of the employee would be installed. “About process square GmbH: process square offers its solution process enterprise” a mature approach to the operationalization of complex processes. Corporate -, programme -, and cross-organizational business transactions will be provided for the first time in an overall context and tax via a central platform, and measurable. The implementation is carried out without time-consuming Project work of the Department. Process enterprise”is characterized by a minimal training, easy to use, significant increase in efficiency in the processes and rapid return on investment (ROI). The AJAX-based technology also ensures a high security for the future. Together with its partners it is the process square possible, worldwide as processes to implement and this on the basis of a software to provide a service (SaS) model.

The Internet

The stimulus package of the Government is predominantly the result of defensive strategies. If we make no annual growth rates on the legs with the gigantic budget deficits in the next few years, which will affect destabilizing in the future on the economy”, the Bitronic chief predicts. Federal Government protects out-dated economic structure also according to Darko get the subsidies of the old Federal Government and encourage it to postpone further modernisation or once again to refrain from. Germany was therefore insufficiently prepared for the radical changes of in economic and working environment in the next few years. The Internet will make available a part of the classical services as fully automated processes. Taxi drivers about be soon distributed centrally from navigation systems and, so soon only half of the taxis is required – the passenger must wait hardly.

Up to hospitals – emerge everywhere from the concierge service of banks Service factories, providing fast, cheap and efficient services with always a few workers available. After an entire industry of large system construction will evolve. So how to build large engineering firms airports, refineries, jumbo jets, cruise ships or moon ferries, large service systems will be created where, only a few local service people will be working. There are services only just much less people in service professions as before”, dark forecast. The IBM Chief Technologist outline the broad lines of a new economic and social order, whose supporting pillar is the resulting Quaternary sector of knowledge, so the computer week with remarkable consistency. To bring this fully to the development of a radical education initiative is needed: opportunities for all and goodbye from the Cretaceous age in schools.

Will need a master plan for Germany, which sets the future structures of the technologies, the economy and culture and we follow with unrelenting views. This scenario outlined at the beginning of the 1990s Peter printer. Unfortunately this has seriously even then none. The service sector will undergo a similar productivity revolution as the industry. “In the advanced economies offer only people with high level of education, career and promotion prospects who are qualified for knowledge-stressed work”, service expert Steimel sums up the smart. Gunter Dueck: At the moment, the network infrastructure is the bottleneck. It even doesn’t help an insurance agent when his company on the campus operates a gas fiber network. He must be accessible locally. For all networks, radio and cable, must be removed urgently. Entire industries can not arise if no WAN capacity available, for example, the care of patients from afar or remember almost feeling real video conferences, where Cisco is currently developing: the need currently something like 20 Gigabit. My political demand is: every household should at least 1 Gigabit be available. This is about 10 times as much as he needs. This overcapacity can be used for others. When a House is built today, future development costs property owners must pay, water and electricity, but also levies on sidewalks, streets and lights are included. It uses not only the house owner. Why can he pay not even the 10 euro for a fiber-optic cable?