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A consideration important to be made is the condition of the fish while merchandise. According to Marx (1985) ' ' the utility of a thing makes of it value of uso' ' being that ' ' the value of use is only become fullfilled in the use or consumo' '. On the other hand the things also possess an intrinsic property itself it makes that them exchangeable for others and ' ' what it has of common, that the exchange relation of or value of exchange of the merchandise shows in, is, therefore, its valor' ' (MARX, 1985). With this he fishes, it presents another perspective of market which encloses a differentiation in the root of the capitalist relations of production, that is the quarrel of the value of use and value of exchange. Each fishing boat possesss, in its garrison, members of one same one family in its numerical majority, generally with the head of the family in the function of ' ' patro' ' , that is, commander and owner of the boat. Resumidamente, the labor functions in a fishing boat of the studied community are divided in the following way: ) Commander of the boat (' ' patro' '): proprietor of the boat and the nets, and that he knows all the functions in the work fishing boat.

Generally he receives the command from the boat of hereditary form. b) Thrower of net: professional specialized in this function, with good physical conditioning, ability and force. In some cases, the family does not make use of this professional, she contracts and it in the quarter of the Mauazinho or the city of careiro of the Fertile valley. c) Shoal of fish observer (' ' olheiro' '): she is the respected professional more of the boat. Its activity consists of fixing forward post and analyzing the shoal of fish flow in the area of the campaign. .

Georgi Lozanov

Finally stopped talking for a moment. But they had not finished yet since missing the evaluation. At this point students were more calm since during the session they had calmed his anxieties and fears, all had the secret hope of overcoming the examination with acceptable rating. Finally the teacher delivered the results of the experiment: taking advantage of the class average is ninety percent!! They learned a thousand words a day!! Learn that amount of words in a day is equivalent to knowing half of the practical vocabulary of a language in just few hours; and without the minor effort. Everyone left happy experience and thinking that they had grown a meter, to have attended to a momentous meeting and have known of extra-dimensional beings who themselves were. With this, the researcher Georgi Lozanov, discoverer and scholar of suggestopedia techniques, was able to demonstrate the ability to learn and remember that it has the human mind, is almost limitless and this is to exploit the reserves of mind people who have experienced it say it makes them feel that have inherited a great legacy. See themselves in a different and better way.

This type of quick learning is useful for assimilating any type of practical information: learning of the hemisphere left but always accompanied and harmonized with the right hemisphere and the person’s body ability is. Everyone is providing mutual support in a concerted manner. This is the essence of the holistic learning system. This system also serves both as to stress in any business meeting, as to Excel in any sport court. Also You can use to develop chess and other games. For further details and information you can contact francislearn09@gmail. com !!! Last minute: do wants you more information about this way of this revolutionary way of learning?… will be them sent, free of charge, a weekly newsletter, enrolling in the francislearn09@gmail mail. com Keywords: assessment, techniques, method, motivation, learn the author is Professor titled at the University of Concepcion, with dimension technologies. Today is dedicated to advising groups in the field of pure technology and education.

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Who would like to have printed business cards, should hire a professional design service despite the increase of importance of Internet advertising and the increasing digitization have lost hardly important classical advertising media such as brochures, flyers, brochures, etc. in Germany and continue to represent an effective form of advertising as an important part of the presentation of companies in most industries. As with all forms of print advertising worth for business cards, to make use of a professional design service. This need not be expensive, can however be very rewarding, because the card is often the first impression a company leaves and in case of doubt even can decide if there is a further contact, or a business degree. Who want to create business cards and print business cards, is in good hands with trend power. In addition to the aspects of colour, design and typography, the caring for a recognizable company logo is one of the most important elements is one Business card. In the Berlin print and advertising agency trend power, a professional and creative logo design belongs to the Fulllservice offer. Also designs and manufactures trend power printed materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, brochures, letterheads, invitation cards, calendar etc. and it arrives to the customer’s individual design wishes. Also, who needs a professional technical and creative Web design, is at the advertising agency with satisfaction at the right address. Daniel Maluk

Industry Development

1. Background: Until the early days in the period of early state formation, trade and industry development of defense tools, the Chinese in the year 100 BC found some of the oil properties by taking advantage of its insolubility and flammability sought the fire to enemy ships in their battles, performing well the first signs of oil exploitation in history, but the variety of hydrocarbons and the properties of this element, leads to countries to develop the mining industry oil, which was initially more basic elements such as bamboo, expressing properties of rapid growth and encourage the drilling of the soil to the search for oil, but even still unfulfilled complex processes as refining, so that and in the nineteenth century began the so-called black gold rush for their environmental consequences that would bring marketing. This mining activity, on geographical location, abundant natural resource areas such as swamps, marshes, rivers, streams and soil mostly with agricultural potential, livestock and fisheries and wetlands, often live with the deposits of oil exploitation and thus be harmed by the use of products physico-chemical as well as untreated waste or collected, which are usually dangerous or highly – environmental liabilities, and currently represents a growing threat worldwide. However, treatment of environmental liabilities in the oil industry represent an opportunity to implement an environmental management proposal investment, allowing characterize, assess your risk and implement mitigation measures designed to reduce potential risks posed to society. Although no precise inventory has respect, it is estimated that the world is generated annually about 350 to 400 million tons of hazardous waste. .


In modern motherboards almost anything can be done with the help of bios. To call it, just press del (in some versions BIOS'a key ctrl + F1). You can even several times for the faithful. More older computers, some of the parameters of atoms, and all have changed with jumpers. Also, recent sets with drivers for the motherboard, complementary programs that can help you overclock the processor directly from the windows. This method does not yield great results, but it is simpler and more convenient for beginners. Besides, he does not always require a reboot. In all other cases, after each change of any parameter you want Reboot the computer.

Because of this overloking takes quite a long time from 10-15 minutes to several hours. How could link together our options? We have the fsb and cpu multiplier. Multiplying them, we obtain the frequency of the processor. For example: a 200 MHz bus speed and multiplier 15x. As a result, we have a processor with 3 GHz. Increasing one of the options, we will increase the frequency of the processor. But Not all processors, all parameters can be change.

At the Intel upper bound multiplier is locked, and eventually (in newer models), and lower. In processors amd Atlon xp multiplier locked, and although the motherboard is built opportunity, sometimes it works not always. Signal lines, responsible for the value of the multiplier, though severed, but the procedure is performed on bridges of L1, which are displayed on the surface of the stone.

Web Design

Web Development – Design at the professional level – is not just a beautiful design and readable text, while the original idea, the concept of a unified style, perception of the integrity of the artistic image of the site, its simplicity, convenience and consistency. These network resources attract visitors and visiting this site, you not only get the right information, but also admires the great web design, and most importantly – he will remember this site and at need to necessarily come back. Therefore, those enthusiasts – beginners who have made their efforts to earn money on the Internet, should be clear about the basics of Web technology and terminology, a virtual network. Basic knowledge should start, because not knowing the essence of the basic concepts of technology saitostroitel'stva, you will never learn to earn money on the Internet seriously. However, it is nowhere meticulous research and study rather complex server technology and / or based on network programming, rather to know the basic concepts of web design and conceive the essence of the basic Internet terms.

After starting Moneymaker initially quite vague imagine what a hosting service, the Internet zone, the domain name system, network card and so on. And it is really confusing for a beginner definition – tags, metatags, hypertext network, links, etc. But – if you wish make money online than on ice cream, and a car, or aim a blow at something more serious, then all the knowledge one way or another you will need.

Live Video Streaming

Now I am reminded of the way in different periods of life, I tried to convince some people to accept one or another global solution. I vividly remember making these vivid personality had such a huge influence on me and my subsequent elections. And that certainly – all of these individuals were very intelligent, vibrant, emotional, expressive, confident in what they say and show. As a result, I have them turned at once full contact! Thus, for What I have just told the story of my life? Just for you to understand one crucial thing The more you have opportunities and channels to deliver their information, their emotions and yourself as a person to other people, the more successful the result is the presentation and your intention to share something important and really useful to your target audience! If you do not have the opportunity to meet personally with your prospects and customers, with your readers, fans and admirers, it is the video format solves this problem as efficient and effective way! Well, considering the important point that I have focused exclusively on private e-commerce (business via the Internet), the streaming live video becomes a real and unique breakthrough in solving your most lively communication with an unlimited number of their potential and real clients! So now we consider all the pros and cons of video streaming technology for you and your online business. Let's start with the advantages of streaming video: The most powerful and literally fantastic erasing distance and distrust of you by a potential customer! We are all real people Each of us has developed a standard way to interact with others, and this method is the main and most famous. .