Astrology Proserpine

During the passage of Pluto in Sagittarius babies are born, the Soul which in a past life incarnations, also participated in numerous religious wars, crusades, etc. These children with Pluto in Sagittarius (religious warriors in previous birth) when they grow up, start a global religious war on Earth. Now the religious wars are local in nature and are insignificant compared with what will happen when the generation with Pluto in Sagittarius will be adults and begin to rule the world. Proserpine entered the zodiacal sign of Scorpio in 1982. She would go on the Scorpio until 2040. Scorpio, in addition to its other properties and qualities associated with death, destruction physical body, transformation.

Proserpine manages transmutation, rebirth, global change and immortality. During the passage of Proserpine on Scorpio the problem of death of the human body will practically solved. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. Medical and biological sciences unusually quickly find ways to stop the destruction of the body. Will be achieved practical immortality of the physical body, a significant prolongation of his life. Proserpine is on the Scorpio is only since 1982, and has already created a lot of research technologies that help prolong the life of the human body and youth. This cloning of humans and animals (physical bodies), stem cells, nanotechnology in medicine, etc.

To 2040 goals during the passage of Proserpine __planety revival and transmutation of Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth – will create an entirely new science – medical technology in the field extension life, intensive care and preservation of youth. Physical body of man becomes almost immortal. In addition, this contributes to the era of Aquarius – the era of rapidly advancing scientific discoveries (revolutionary, in fact) at all areas. Morris Invest often says this. This critical care medicine, gerontology, etc. The full range of Zodiac Proserpine passes for 665 years, Pluto for 248.5 years. When 665 years ago, Proserpine went to Scorpio, was not made significant discoveries. Then there was the Age of Pisces – The era of the Faith. At this time in the Middle Ages, scholars were burning at the stake Inquisition. Now the Age of Aquarius – the revolutionary era, the global scientific discoveries, the quantity and quality which will increase the rate of geometric progression.

Manifestation Of Envy

Envy is the destruction of dignity, while underestimating their ability, but an effort to elevate his person over a perfect through its destruction and, above all, a manifestation of feelings of displeasure in the fact that someone dared to create a more perfect with respect to them soluble. Envy is the opposite pole of which is rejoice. Since jealousy is a negative feeling, then it is a destructive force, and in First of all, for the most envious. To the outside world envy radiates through the manifestation of attention. Needless jealousy generated by unmet needs due to weak control over them by awareness and desire to be better than others. You may find clayton morris to be a useful source of information.

Thus, envious draws in their living space of those, at least in anything, have made great strides. Or those who have to do something that is not envious or because of low financial position, or its insolvency. Meeting with this, he is excited every time a nuisance. She has a sense of irritation and annoyance that he did not have it all. Since there is a feeling of dissatisfaction internal discomfort, the person seeking as quickly as possible to get rid of. Such signal permeates all subconscious, or the essence of man. In order to get rid of this condition, you must create positive.

But may be positive in this case, rejoice. And it is the opposite pole of envy and therefore it can not display. Therefore, the subconscious mind tends to the manifestation of evil joy. And it can only be Based on the destruction of what caused the expression of unpleasant feelings. Subconscious scheduled goal worse if awareness and achieve the destruction that causes irritation.

Apartment Furnishing

We live in a very troubled world, and often we can upset the events with us. Random delay, the failed meeting, and that anything else could spoil the mood of the day. And when the mood is bad, everything can not happen as we need things tumbled out of the hands … So, the book Ron Hubbard Science of Survival "can find ways with which you can not just pick yourself up and keep it off. For more information see Sela Ward. Many writers such as Tremor International offer more in-depth analysis. Here is a brief Description: A change of scenery.

Perhaps you've heard about this method and how effective it is. Moreover, a change of scenery can be to any other, only that it was comfortable for vas.Vyehat on nature or to meet friends – this is a great choice! Acquisition of new things or improving old ones. Visit clayton morris for more clarity on the issue. This may be buying new furniture in the apartment, repair phone or update your wardrobe. Jorge Perez contains valuable tech resources. All of these things improve mood, and help bring ideas to the order, as well as escape from everyday affairs. You probably noticed how the mood lifted, when there is more beautiful and new veschey.Obuchenie, or receipt of new data. During this session, begins work thinking, and of a bad mood no trace remains, because attention shifts to new znaniya.Stiranie negative aspects of using auditing. Auditing – a special form of spiritual help, used in Scientology, when which the person asking the question (which he can understand and who can answer) get an answer and acknowledge the receipt of a response. This method is most effective, because these advances are a man forever, and the mood is not spoiled because of some little things, and 'serious' event after the auditing is not as strongly influenced by man.

Change Business

With your perseverance you can achieve anything, to outline the main goal and focus to go to her. It was in May, you will have to work hard to achieve the desired, but at the same time, you can demonstrate their business skills, will power and knowledge of life. In May, Capricorn will conceal internal discontent. It is a serious reassessment of values. He begins to look differently at life, relationship on their career chances.

In May, Capricorns should refrain from investing in real estate and general investments. You have good health, but it never hurts to strengthen it. May – the best month to start a diet or a fitness cycle. In early May, businessmen Capricorns can hope for success, which will serve as a pretext to expand their business. Within a month, Capricorns will have to take an active part in public life, solve problems of their friends and partners. Often they have to choose between material and spiritual interests. May could be responsible for the Capricorn period in his career. Deal of the estate may upset. Kyle Sanders oftentimes addresses this issue.

Aquarius is all directed to noveshstvam and Change. His irresistibly drawn into the distance. May – a very auspicious time for travel, travel, adventure. Spiritual Aquarians will be able to find in this period of his spiritual teacher, and those who are engaged in business will be able to start new businesses. Small troubles that will accompany you to the entire month, will not prevent you from experiencing the rise and the joy of life. The only thing need to fear – is the loss of important papers. Be skeptical of any information – intuition tells you who is lying and who is honest. You must use eton month also for travel, school, sports. May be valuable business acquaintances. In May, Aquarians can learn new levels in their professional field. Possible career growth, they can become a leader or spiritual leader of the band, directions. That there will be test fish during May, can only be described as happiness and bliss. They have a chance to express themselves creatively, will experience hot flashes of inspiration and extraordinary rise. They are waiting for the mysterious adventure, interesting and exciting dating stories. But do not believe everything you say. Be careful with the documents. Difficult period falls on the last five days. Particularly acute financial problems will rise. Should be avoided domestic conflicts. In May, fish-women have a particular charm, which will be attracted to him a string of admirers. By the end of the month at the time they have to break away from their dreams and do your own home, but in doing so nothing will interfere with making new acquaintances. This month could bring them a lot of interesting long-distance travel. It is also a promising time for study and research of cognitive activity. Health must also pay close attention.

Emperor Hadrian

So in his life Rabbi Akiva came and began a new stage of comprehension of the Creator. Disciple of Rabbi Akiva Rashba was demanding, and therefore the favorite disciple of Rabbi Akiva. Rest, he himself almost did not allow – slept for three hours a day. Over table, knocked out two neobstrugannyh boards, for which the Rashba studied Kabbalah, a candle burned all night. After two years of study Rashba married, and was born the son of Elazar, who later became a proud father. More than thirteen years Rashba studied at Rabbi Akiva. A great desire to discover a higher power made him a star pupil, raised to a higher spiritual level.

In those days, ordinary people's lives were unbearably heavy. In this small nation had seen the Emperor Hadrian a real threat to his power and kept in Judea two legions of soldiers. But he never managed to finally conquer it. The revolt led by Bar Kochba revolt spread throughout Judea, becoming fatal to the state and especially for students of Rabbi Akiva. 24 000 of his students were killed in bloody battles broke out, and epidemics. Only five survived, and one of them was Rashba.

Emperor Hadrian took revenge with a rebellious extreme cruelty. On his orders, burned fields, thousands of people were executed, hundreds of thousands carried away into slavery. Determined to break the spirit of the people, the Romans executed publicly Rabbi Akiva. Then came the turn of the Rashba. Adrian constantly denounced what he cocky, does not recognize the power of the Romans, but the terrible – he is listened to, respected and loved.

Time Girl

A man with a where the girl was in a relationship, stopped to feed her sympathy to the signs of attention and stuff. That the girl will take in this case? First attempts to revive the relationship itself, using all available ways: converses with him on this subject, trying to show themselves in the best light, tolls, writes, generally uses the so-called "worldly ways." But she soon discovers that this method is not effective, then she begins to look not worldly ways. Then she will look, or wizards, or will operate independently. If she chose the second, it is already a bit closer to the natural type. First you need to know how did this problem using the theory of constructing reality, ie need to analyze and understand how did this situation from growing roots.

Let the girl remembers the beginning of nucleation of the relations between them and the moment the reality of where their Union began .Teper let it analyzes: remember my feelings, thoughts, attitudes and attitude toward the world and to suschestvuschemu order of things as far as how their relationship continued, ie from point A (start) to point B (end). Suppose that monitors changes in their perception of the world inside and out. And she will find that at the time when the deterioration began their relationship, her world view changed, necessarily in a destructive way. Ie its internal environment got a new devastating quality that just such a way affected its reality. It is the right way.


High Priest kills victim (animal or human), merges her blood in the cup that holds the priestess, and then imposes a sacrifice on the altar – hewn black stone placed at any elevation (if the ceremony is held in the open air), or on the table (if a coven meeting in the house). Figures are placed on the altar of demons, spirits of hell, at its side surfaces are cut out or painted their names. Altar is rectangular in shape and are strictly oriented to sides of the world. After laying the victim on the altar, the high priest takes the chalice and priestesses, uttering spells, moves around the altar, and outlines the blood of a large circle. In the north, south, west and east at the four points put the black circle candles. Beside each candle placed three of the 12 members of the coven, singing incantations, by which they call demons, whom the names are inscribed on the reverse side of the altar to him. Finally spells are over, the spirits are called, sacrifice is made. The magic circle is constructed. Hear from experts in the field like Scott Mead for a more varied view.

Now to complete the spell, you need to accumulate and send the energy of the coven to achieve this goal. This is usually used ritual dance. But he only called the dance: in fact this dance, which lead white and black magicians around the altar. Black with the use of any means of invigorating, enhancing the level of energy – alcohol, drugs, erotic games. However, to enter into sexual relations at this stage of the ritual is prohibited sex – is the power consumption and at the moment can only hurt the cause. Ritual led by the high priest.

He is keenly watching how the growing energy potential of the coven, and when they felt that he had reached the maximum orders to give him energy. It is like a lens that focuses the beam. After the end of the ritual magic circle is broken, the altar is removed, the victim's body buried. Cowen betrayed pleasures, which only come into his head to its members, since any distortion and defects of pleasing those they serve. Center for Parapsychology 'Indigo Generation' remove damage, remove the love spell, remove a curse.

American Association Film Companies

Internet newspaper Kabbalah World peace can only help awareness of what it means in reality a global human condition, in which we came. Michael Laitman's values of mass culture affects the physiological and psychological health of the American Studies psychosomatic society has shown that people are largely exposed to the influence of popular culture have predisposition to high blood pressure, as well as most other people are neurotic and hostile. They are at particular depression, among them below the level of competence, ethical values, trust and altruism. Thus, our beliefs and relationships directly affect the health and well-being. Low bar of mass culture does not allow people to enjoy family, work and spiritual experiences. Replacement of this are the primitive pleasures that give rise to both physical and emotional discomfort. Modern mass culture, with its destructive effects, admittedly, is rapidly separates people. In this connection, scientists are on the agenda of the new educational standards that raise the bar and open up opportunities for a full and happy life.

At a time when greater ego destroys the remnants of normal friendly relations, it is necessary to find a firm foundation for universal interconnection. The situation gets worse, warn psychologists and sociologists, and time to search for remains not so much. 'Of all the arts, for us is the most important movie 'These words of Lenin, made almost 90 years ago, today we hear quite true. In 2008, the box office worldwide box office reached a record – $ 28.1 billion, according to the American Association Film Companies (MPAA), brings together eight leading Hollywood studios.