Blanco Original

The secret is not the quantity but the quality of your prospects. I’ll give an example: Juan sells products for dogs and buy a list with 1000 addresses of dubious origin and begins sending mail offering its products. On the other hand Pedro has a list of 1000 leaflets built over time and where all those people, who were subscribed by own will, are interested in any product or service for your dogs. What do you think it will sell more? Well, that is what, quality, not quantity. John list was achieved with $10 and a few minutes on the Internet. The list of Pedro got, probably with more money and no doubt with much longer. Two cases, Pedro managed to make his business profitable and is earned money, instead John, with that list, do not get or will get a single sale.

On the other hand, suppose that I’m in the John list, because at least I would ask, if this Mr. John got my data buying them is why reason not gonna sell them?, how can I buy him something, security offers me. Surely buying databases with names and addresses is the cheapest thing you can get, but that doesn’t mean that I will be useful. There is something that you have very well in mind, all those who have come have it made by investing in training, learning and advertising; you won’t find none that came to get what you were looking for making Spam. Is that you can tell me: – If you don’t have money you want to make. It should then be a little hard perhaps and tell you if you have no money there is no way to do business, but anyway there are ways to promote your website without money, but is forced to work and work and be very patient since it will require much more time. You can imagine that if the results always come with time and investing money, nor tell you trying to do it without investment.

Nothing is impossible, but if you don’t have patience, better forget about. It is a common mistake committed many entrepreneurs believe that the apparent low cost of mail marketing database purchased will be effective. These free programs to send mass emails are useless. Te tell me but if they are free, that I may lose? You will lose the most elemental, that you should never lose: your reputation. Lots of luck!