Family Constellation Therapy

Carmen Pelayo days family members your child, children or teenagers can live with anxiety, fears, depression, rebellion, lack of attention. As parents sometimes relationship with them is complicated, you feel that you do not have enough tools and meet limited or powerless to help them. These sessions are created to bring new look and an understanding that help us to find the solution. It is important that parents participate children process, without your presence, they are more limited. A conference where all participate in the family all members are important, and what happens to a member of the system affects all the others. A meeting where we will be working with meditations and family constellations, a therapeutic work where the origin of the lock on the family dynamics becomes aware.

For parents: before that parents were children, perhaps as children were unfinished issues with your parents or the relationship with them was not the desired by ye. These dynamics are repeated from one generation to another, now as parents you have the opportunity and the responsibility to understand the origin of the disorder within the family that you have created in your life. To do this have created workshops in Murcia the February 25-26-27 days workshops oriented to the education of the children, or for people who want to heal their family ties work to eliminate blockages through family constallation, meditations and workshops. constallation family by the hand of Carmen gestalt therapist pelayo.