Linden Site Promotion Internet

At the moment the Internet in their popularity and efiktivnosti in advertising almost caught up with television. But unlike the TV is much higher risk of being cheated. In my article I want to tell you about the types Fraud on the promotion Saitov and the possible adverse effects of this for you. If you wander through the pages of the Internet, you can find a lot of announcements about services for site promotion, to Unfortunately, only 10% of firms offered really hyping and promoting websites on the Internet. Among the specialists of this kind of activity also successfully ply pseudo raskrutchika.

Who are they? It's very simple, pseudo raskrutchika offers you unleash your site for a price below market value, which is quite beneficial to you, and you agree then that you got caught. The problem of such experts in what they like and do their side of the agreement that your site will have a huge attendance, but on the other hand what is attendance and who are the people who come to your site? Let's look at some of the most popular ways: Surfing the Internet 1.Internet Surfing was popular in the 20s years in the U.S.. Reasons for its popularity was the fact that the then U.S. search engines in selected sites on the basis of attendance, in connection with this and there were so-called surfing company. These sites, which people pay money for something that they will review the proposed Internet page. Thus the customer has his great attendance, and the search engine is a fool.