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“Stable, robust and reliable”, writes to the trend in Magdeburg the real estate newspaper currently. Although the capital of Saxe anhaltinische could hold not the positive development of the previous year in terms of rental, but this was marked by a special effect. So rented proud 15,000 square meters in one fell swoop in 2011 the Ministry of environment of the country and thus “distorting” the big picture. Extrapolating this rental earnings from 2012, Magdeburg increased again in 2012. To give an impression of the economic situation of the city: despite rising population, decreases in the unemployment rate significantly.

Magdeburg is in the Eastern European cities network said continued attractive prospects offers in the real estate market. The charge of MCM investor Management AG to see continued good prospects for investors. The vacancy in the city declined in 2012 to 13.5 per cent (previous year 13.7 percent), very sensitively dealing with no longer rehabilitation-enabled objects. The demand is unbroken, which is why professionals determine that Magdeburg real estate market is stable through and through. Because even withdrawing the “market bodies”, which fell vacant massively off.

There are currently living around 230,000 inhabitants in the town. The top rent for Office objects remains at 10.50 euros per square metre, on average there are around 8.50 euros. Investor interest is undiminished, because in particular apartments are currently still considerably cheaper to acquire than, for example, in Berlin. But the demand comes increasingly from its own users. High in the favor of investors maintained apartment buildings stand, so the real estate newspaper. A business which operates MCM very successfully for many years and this benefit investors in the form of profit participation rights. A smart strategy, because many investors would benefit with manageable amounts better from the professional as to be years-bound itself on many real estate development business. For more information, MCM investor Management AG