Market Intelligence

Recommendations are some everyday, that everyone has to do so also your customers every day: the good movie tip of the colleagues, recommended restaurant or a book, spoken enthusiastically about the. You even make recommendable, if the relationship is true to their customers, they are an expert and do high-quality work. Then, recommendations arise almost (!) by itself. So don’t hesitate to ask. And show that you know to appreciate recommendations. Still a small tip that should reduce the fear of the recommendation question: people get not only like recommendations, they recommend also like to order others to do a favor or with the good tip even a bit to come up trumps. 8. take advantage of the small entrepreneur! Small businesses have the advantage that they much closer most Market are off than large companies.

Learn which trends are coming up and what is already back out first what is going on in the market. In addition they can respond very quickly. Large companies just here often have problems, since it can react to changes not as flexible and timely manner. 9. provide impeccable service! Excellent service is reserved for not only large companies. Service need not be expensive.

Some services cost nothing at all, others can be adapted exactly to the specific conditions in your enterprise and the individual needs of your customers and costs keep within limits. Important service factors are: experience, expertise and high quality of services, personnel continuity and reliability, transparency, good organization, flexibility, personal commitment and a positive attitude to the customers. Also includes a smooth and effective complaint management. Here you can score, if you lot Show understanding for the needs of the customers. 10. pass the test in the price war! Although the weakening economic situation incites real discount battles who small have companies and freelance often no room, to compete in the battle for the lowest price.