Public Registry

In the processes that collect, there are claims proposed by the applicant and those proposed by the defendant in each of the processes and therefore an accumulation subjective claims. 1.2.2. Accumulation subjective claims. This implies the presence of more than two people in a process either as plaintiffs, as defendants. That the Attorney General, in fact, involves a subjective accumulation by the presence of more than one person in the quality of plaintiffs or defendants. Eg: A request directed against three co-owners claim. The accumulation can be subjective turn:? Active: No there are several applicants.

Passive: No there are several defendants. Mixed. When several plaintiffs and defendants. A process also may contain an accumulation subjective objective, which is more of a claim and more than two people. a. Originally Subjective accumulation will be original subjective accumulation when demand is brought by two or more people or is directed against two or more persons or if a demand for two or more persons is directed against two or more persons (Art. 89, first paragraph, CPC), ie when the application itself involves a multitude of subjects as plaintiffs or she is directed against a multiplicity of subjects as defendants or when a plurality of subjects as lead plaintiffs suing a plurality of subjects as defendants. b. Subjective Accumulation successively in the following cases: 1) When a legitimate third party into the process one or more other claims (Art 89, inc 1, CPC) .- For example, when a process is discussed the better right of possession and the third entered the process also incorporates a new claim, a better right to possession and ownership of securities registered in the Public Registry.