Solution Problems

Willebaldo Montiel Tizcareno * Opinion break paradigms, a solution to the problems of the hospital system El Dr. Willebaldo Montiel Tizcareno for master in management of health organizations and Medical Director of career by La Salle University says: break the existing paradigms could solve many problems of the large hospitals in massive attention. We’ll explain medically hypothesis. Etiology (the source of the problem): is well known; The high tax burden, unemployment, the sub-empleo, the minimal corporate support and distrust of the medical service generate a large amount of people interested in economic hospitalization care that the circular by different vital social systems are trapped by the first line of defense that we will call the micro-system of health private; The micro-system of private health is composed of health rapid response leukocytes popularly known as clinics, sanatoriums, maternity hospitals, small hospitals, laboratories, cabinets, pharmacies and private medical offices that metabolizando (met) this needy population makes them harmless for the Government at the time of produce a heavy load of AtP (energy) in taxes and jobs that maintain homeostasis (balance) of the complex living being that is our society. Credit: Shrapnel-2011. The pathological box (the problem) begins when a great load of people interested in economic hospitalization care acquired resistance against the first line of Defense for various reasons, and without being metabolized (aided) followed the bloodstream of the city accumulate in the last defensive white organ, the public hospital system. Natural balance is broken. Hypertrophy the public hospital system at the time (increase in size), demand more movement of cash and nutrients by the Government and begins a delicate box failure chronic budgetary (Paulatina lack of financial resources) that is compensated for most of the time with a gradual increase in the endogenous governmental needs of raising taxes. The drug administration: construction of hospitals is a remedy cytotoxic that more increases the size of the Verrucosus organ already if unsustainable; Sharpens (accelerates) budgetary chronic insufficiency and inmunosuprime (weakens more) secondarily the Natural first line defence of the Micro system health private by the kidnapping of patients, lack of work, low sales and the increase in the tax burden.