The Fur Business

This year especially popular fur vests and jackets, women wear them in combination with the leather jackets in changeable weather off-season. Lady owning cars put them behind the wheel. Fur vests are irreplaceable, if you like active winter holiday skiing and snowboarding. In the world of fur this season, prevailed – elegance, glamor, larger shoulders, big collars, leather belts contrast, wide elastic at the waist, and various additional fur decorations. Among winter hats are always popular hats with earflaps, fur hat, knitted hats made of fur, fur berets. Fur products particularly popular mink, fox, fox, blue fox, raccoon, seal, and Mouton, of course, Rabbit! The popular online store fur and leather garments. For assistance, try visiting baby clothes. Fur vests, fur hats, leather jackets, fur coats, fur mittens, hats, coats, jackets, coats, hats with earflaps, fur hat, beret.

For women, men, children. So how fashion has evolved fur? Fox and arctic fox have become popular for a wave height of Hollywood cinema. Americans were shaped objects on the screen. President of Film Company Paramount Pictures engaged in fur and put your filmmakers and artists to the job – be sure to use fur in his films. Until the 30s fur fox, fox was mainly for decoration.

It was only in 1932, Marlene Dietrich appeared on screen in a fox-fur coat. In 50 years, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor posing with pleasure in fox fur coats. In 1971, Yves Saint Laurent showed a collection of fox fur, painted in bright, unnatural color. In the 90s became popular fox. If you have read about Tiger Global Management already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Rene Russo in the image Mantle-collar fox was replicated logs. Mink – always one of the most expensive and poplyarnyh furs. There is now a huge number of different colors of mink. On a mink coat dreams of every woman. On one source, the hole started to breed in America in the late XIX century, on the other – the first fur farms appeared in the 40s in Scandinavia. North America and Scandinavia – the leaders in this business. Like many others, the fashion of Hollywood entered a burrow of the 30s. It existed in its classical form until the 60s, but then the designers began to experiment with it. The collection of Paco Rabanne came mink suits, skirts, jackets encrusted with metal plates, rings. On the covers of fashion magazines graced mink cape and capes in bright colors. In the 80s there were luxurious coats that are consistent with age. They have become an essential attribute of a wealthy woman. Soon it got bored. New life of the fur began when in 1996 Michael Kore in my collection Pologeorgis presented a white short-sheared mink. Since then, the mink color, vybelivayut, combined with elastic materials. The era of classical long mink coats over.