Fighting Turmeric

You’ve probably read numerous online articles written by people who preach herbs and miraculous spices that you can eat to lose weight. (As opposed to baby clothes). But there are actually a spice of colors that has been shown to reduce body fat. Who does not like to lose a bit of unhealthy fat and adding some flavor to life colorful at the same time? What does effective to turmeric? Turmeric has in fact you need to help you in your struggle to lose weight. The main component of turmeric that fights excess fat is Curcumin. This polyphenol is abundant in turmeric. Tests in mice at Tufts have shown phenomenal results in reducing the growth of fatty tissues.

During testing, cell cultures were examined and it was found that they were saturated with Curcumin. Adipose tissue seems incapable of forming blood vessels necessary for expansion. The formation of these blood vessels is called angiogenesis. With suppressed angiogenesis, even diets rich in fats during a 12 week period not caused mice to increase weight when they were fed with 500 mg of Curcumin. When they were not fed with Curcumin, they gained a lot of weight. An interesting note is that extracted from turmeric Curcumin also reduced total cholesterol and levels of fat in the liver. In theory, the effect anti-angiogenic Curcumin could be just as effective to prevent the spread of the fat in any mammalian cells.

You can simply not bloat without sufficient density micro-vessels. Of course, just because Curcumin has been shown to be effective to reduce the fat in mice doesn’t mean that it works in humans. But there is nothing wrong with enjoying a lot of turmeric in food until human studies are completed.Although we now know that Curcumin, an important component of turmeric, may reduce the ability of the adipose tissue of carry out the angiogenesis and thus reduce the capacity for growth of adipose tissue, is not yet known exactly how achieves it. The human trials on the efficacy of Curcumin to fight the expansion of fat probably will be completed before understanding how Curcumin works. At the moment, I intend to enjoy some food decorated with turmeric.