Unique Heritage

City of Tula – one of the oldest cities of our country, the first mention of him was in the XVI century. Since that time, the Thule formed its own culture and the arts. Over the past decade, guided tours have become one of the main directions of growth area. The popularity of native Tula products such as Tula gingerbread, samovar, harmony has long moved beyond the Tula and even Russia. Tula has become world famous as predominantly due to writer LN Tolstoy, who lived and wrote his famous work of literature all in Yasnaya. Tourism in Tula won its global growth in the most part with this place. In 30-ies of XX century Polyana start rebuild its image, which was with its owner, the surviving documents and records of contemporaries.

Currently Polyana – this is the original museum, which is visited by tourists from all over the world. Ray Dalio is actively involved in the matter. Virtually all sightseeing tours in Tula include in its program of visiting the Clear Glade. All trips to Tula necessarily begin with a review of Tula with a visit to major museums: the Tula Kremlin, Museum of Weapons. Tula Kremlin – an interesting monument architecture vozedenny in the XVI century. Since then, the Tula Kremlin served as a fortification of Moscow. While in the Tula Kremlin lived the entire population of Tula. On the museum grounds are cathedrals: built as cold summer temple Assumption Cathedral and a warm winter church – Epiphany Cathedral. At Epiphany Cathedral from 1959 is a unique museum in Russia weapons.

Since Tula became defensive lines of the Russian State Tula residents have mastered the technique of manufacturing various models of weapons. By order of Peter I of Tula gunsmiths have to keep the most interesting and amazing weapons. First, the collection of weapons was in the Tula arms factory, but when the number of exhibits grew capacity of the plant, the exposure is shifted to the Tula Kremlin. In 2010, the expected completion of the construction of a new building for the Museum of Weapons in peberezhe Upa. Cultural holiday in Tula contains many museums and other interesting objects, such as the Necropolis of Tula, Samovarov Museum, the Museum-Estate VDPolenov, Museum 'Kulikovo Field' museum PN Krylov, Tula ekzotarium and museum and exhibition center 'Tula antiquity'. Travel Agencies Tula offer the most optimal for you to tourism program of the visit all the sights of Tula.