The second option although the manual, but simple and durable. There is a third option eliminates the previous two – is the installation of pipes to a depth of more than 80 cm in this If merging generally do not need anything. Be sure to ask the designer denote not only the type of equipment to be installed, but its characteristics – such as: rotary sprinkler, R-11th., H-10 cm, Q-17l / m This approach enables you to produce accurate estimates of miscalculation in a few firms. Note the designer on the shady side plot in places such watering is not necessary and may even cause unwanted effects (moss, mildew, blight). Since it is assumed that you select a qualified designer, without going into technical details I will note only that the pump and the controller must be in a heated room. It is desirable to the controller uninterrupted power supply, so as not to cause each spring programmer. And do not be stingy – Take the remote control, it really makes life easier. Now, when you hold a full and detailed project cost estimate, you can to monitor the market as the equipment and installation services.

Manufacturers of equipment for irrigation are not many, but among them are recognized leaders such as toro, Rain-Bird, Nelson, Hunter. Typically, distributors of the above brands provide services for installation, it is these companies inspire the greatest confidence. Should be wary if you offer to mount a mixed system of several brands of equipment, this approach significantly complicates maintenance. The cost of installation varies on average between 50 – 60% of equipment cost. In some cases, installation costs can be lowered to 40%, for example if the irrigated area exceeds 1 hectare. Not forget about the possibility of mounting, if you have a staff of skilled construction workers from the assembly can be completely refuse to pay a supervision, in the presence of detailed project and a good consultant this option is acceptable, but still does not guarantee protection from oshibok.Vysheopisanny approach to choosing a designer of equipment, the installer is recommended only to those individuals and businesses who had no experience with automatic watering system. If you have recommended a company engineer, or by placing an order, you will likely receive free project. A level of quality can look at the finished sites.