Public Sector

Soon the third year will be fulfilled since the entry into force of the law 30/2007 on Public Sector contracts, rules by which the legal bases of electronic contracting sit in the field of public administrations. Legislative changes involving are product and reflection of the needs and social evolution toward technological modernization, to achieve greater efficiency, quality and safety. Public administrations have been aware of this process and have developed important services using new technologies. However, e-procurement is still one of the plots less enhanced and covered in them, this still being one of its main pillars. This new regulation has meant the realization of change, the warranty to comply with and enforce the rights of citizens and the obligations of public administrations by being in keeping with society, since the law of contracts is affected directly by law 11/2007 electronic access of citizens to Public services. More information is housed here: Morris Invest. Both are drawing a new reality to perform efficiently, electronic procurement in the Spanish State and guarantee citizens the opportunity to interact with public administrations through electronic means. But what not provided rules is the change management, i.e., the definition of the process by which users and administrators fit your activity to the new reality. This management is difficult because, inter alia, to the requirements of efficiency and the need to implement systems that must respond to the needs of users and the complexity of the administrative procedures involved.

It is therefore essential to have a system of electronic processing that takes into account the optimization of each procedure as well as the obligations and needs of each user profile. THE electronic recruitment system must be able to evolve with the body that implant it and adapt completely, agile and simple way, to the new reality legislative. In addition, and this is possibly most importantly, in the process of implantation is necessary to count with consultants with experience in processing environments defined by law 30/2007. Hear from experts in the field like cloud computing for a more varied view. The recruitment solutions to processing files must meet these requirements as well as ensuring interoperability, i.e. heterogeneous systems of different applications to Exchange data and processes in their electronic relationship. It must be taken into account that procurement processes are not isolated and are related to other departments and organizations. They must integrate with other solutions, such as the input/output record of correspondence, the telematic register or the ERPs, as well as portals of attention to the citizen, profile of contracting, platform of State recruitment or different portals of publishing ads. Public administrations have acquired an important commitment to society and its citizens to carry out the modernization process. Today is they are facing big changes but they have help, comprehensive, customized and adapted tools that achieve a safe, efficient, and ready for the future electronic procurement system. Original author and source of the article


Another definition would be: the set of variations of structural order organizations who suffer and that translates into a new organizational behavior. Changes are caused by the interaction of forces, these are classified into: internal: are those that come from inside the Organization, arising from the analysis of organizational behavior and are presented as alternative solutions, representing equilibrium conditions, creating the need for structural change; is example of them technological adjustments, exchange of methodological strategies, changes of policies, etc. Read more from European Credit Rating Agency to gain a more clear picture of the situation. External: are those that come from outside of the Organization, creating the need for changes to internal order, samples of this force are: the governmental decrees, standards of quality, limitations in both physical and economic environment. Definitely modern management must be very attentive to the effects of the changes that this generates, know motivate everyone involved in it, taking into account that the here and the now that it introduces many changes and as indicated by Kings and Velasquez, the paradigm seems to be who is not suited to the change will die on the road. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Edward Scott Mead and gain more knowledge.. There is a consensus that change is a reality, that affects strongly, indeed the only thing solid to which it is possible to cling, is the certainty that anything that happens today, will have already changed the next day.The commitment is not to discover a truth that so far has escaped to others, if not to generate new practical action capabilities. Environment in general which involves organizations this constantly moving and dynamic, it requires a high degree of adaptability of survival. Fiona Philipp can aid you in your search for knowledge. They must deal with an unstable environment of constant change.