Walnut – Bread Or Future Properties Walnut

Walnut – bread or future properties of a walnut. Connect with other leaders such as Lisa Scullin here. The latin name walnut is translated as "the fruit of Jupiter." In other words, it is – the food of the gods themselves! But a great scientist, horticulturist geneticist christened Ivan Michurin nutritional benefits of this wonderful bread plant of the future. And all the proud names of the walnut is well deserved. Sinuous shape of a walnut nucleoli are rich in fat (about 40% to 80%), whites (25%) polyunsaturated omega-3 acids, valuable minerals, tannins, vitamins. Among the amino acids contained in the product, almost half – those that are not synthesized in humans, although they are for us vital. Get them only from food, including several of walnuts. Why not a whole handful? Yes, because it treats povyshenno energetic. A total of 100 grams – as much as 800 calories (One-third the daily requirement!).

On caloric walnut 1.5 times as fat pork, 4.5 times – and the chicken in the 7 – 8 times – the fish. Walnut food for thought: Scientists believe that modern man, living in conditions of high background radiation, you need to eat in a day 4 – 5 walnuts. It is very important this product and for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Look at the shape of nuts. Do not you think that they resemble the human brain? The similarity is not by accident – as nature suggests that these benefits – the most suitable food for the mind.

However, no worse than walnuts act on other organs, for example, they restore male potency, so it is recommended regularly used for sexual impotence. A prescription Tibetan meditsinygretskie nuts in combination with cheese and raisins should be taken to people of both sexes with stress and fatigue (as a nervous and physical) for headaches pain, after a long illness, to strengthen the heart. Walnut is useful: The tree of life are often useful, not only edible nucleoli, and peel, leaves and even the membrane between the two halves of a walnut. Juice and herbal teas from leaves Read more.