Almost everyone looks to leaders as exceptional people. Yes, nobody should put in doubt that they do. And we are not talking here of leaders or those who have the command for a post. It’s leaders, these charismatic people capable of guiding the masses and agglutinate them without the need of an appointment. And precisely, as they are exceptional people focuses its attention on them. Until there are theorists who study them and write books on how to be a leader. Thousands and thousands of people will read these books.

But virtually none of those readers becomes a leader ever. And they disappoint after leadership factors applied to the letter. But it is leadership scholars seek to find the causes of that phenomenon in leaders themselves. Sure, that’s what could seem more logical. But in them you will find mainly the consequences that has operated the status of leaders. And most of the people not really cares about studying these personalities were like before you get to stand out.

Because if we want to find causes we should go to the background of the phenomenon and not otherwise. And even after clarification that many would continue without finding what they seek. They would begin to scrutinize, to investigate the past of leaders and they would not find anything. But why. For the reason that not have been looking in the right place. Clayton morriss opinions are not widely known. They are always looking for the childhood of the leader, his youth, etc. But they are always focused on the person. They believe or assume that the factors are in personality. And it is correct to assume that many elements of the leadership are in it. However, the main factor which decides if someone is leading or not, is external to the individual. And that factor is called circumstances. The moment you decide, determine the conditions. Nobody should be surprised by having greater intelligence and skills that particular leader. And, despite this, never get to have such high status. It may be that even an anonymous or unknown person forever. I repeat, the circumstances are the that make a leader. And the time in which one is required and the conditions are given, this will soon emerge. It should not be interpreted so that people have no chance of reaching the leadership. Otherwise, what I meant is that everyone is a leader in power.