Collective Notepad

I am going to comment one of the techniques that to particularly have worked me in some cases for the search of solutions to some problem, the Collective Notepad (Collective notices book). It consists of providing to several people (if possible, with different profiles, so that there is major variety) the definition of the problem. During a more or less long period (following the time del that get ready, but he could be between two weeks and a month), each participant will be writing down in his pad at least one idea to the day in relation to the problem at issue. This perseverancia requires a good dose of self-discipline that, along with the natural maturation of the subject in this period, is the keys of this method (work more inspiration). When the finishing the period, each participant indicates the one that he considers better idea of those than he has had, although despite, he passes all the ideas to him to the coordinator of the project. This one examines the ideas and chooses;normally I recommend that once analyzed, reunites to the participants to comment it enters all, because from better solutions can there arise. Evidently, although here it is spoken of a notepad, is that it prefers to use the new technologies and the possibilities that offer in this sense some applications to us.

From my point of view, even being habitually a defender of the advantages of computer science, the notepad in paper is not bad in the sense you can take that it in the pocket and to point the idea where it wants that you are, and to shape it anyway (words, drawings, graphs). In a question-answer forum AMCU was the first to reply. By all means, who has a PDA can make use of this apparatus Pablo Rodriguez is licensed in Enterprise Sciences, postgraduate in Audit of Accounts and masters MBA, enthusiastic of the world of the economy and the enterprise management.