The Same

A defined style beyond the fact of developing a proposed graph different, attractive and functional, must strive to establish a coherence between the various elements of the design used, such as: color palette, volumetry, the contrasts, the type of resources support, etc. Each one of the elements must have the same conceptual intention and you solides graph. A design with personality has the same level of quality in their photographs, their icons, buttons, etc. The key word here is consistency graph. Typographical consistency and legibility a website with typographical consistency and good readability is a nice site which projected much professionalism. This is why that should plan the typography of our design and try to give it a consistency to their use, many sites manage to successfully base their identity on the typography used, for the dedication with which designed its presentation. The readability of the content within a site, in addition to being something fundamental to the accessibility of the same is an important element of the personality of the same, therefore that the shape and style that we give will have a strong impact on the experience of the user’s visit. An effective navigation menu and featured many are unaware of the impact of design on the menu and see it only as a defining element for navigation.

The menu is possibly the area that greater amount of clicking received within our site, and represents the reference point for the navigation of users, so it is a good design, attractive, functional, and featured will contribute greatly to give our site a touch of distinction and professionalism that we want to show. Icons consistent and attractive modern web design is much supported in iconography, since it is an element that allows you to order i give eye candy to the presentation of our content. Having nice, modern icons and mostly ad hoc to the intention of our site, projected a strong sense of professionalism in its design, ensuring that all the icons used to have the same style and graphic consistency.

Titanic Rekindle

The question you would like to get back with my ex-boyfriend. If a relationship has been broken is obvious that love between the two is to evaporated and must be brought back to this relationship. To do this, we need to rekindle the love of her boyfriend towards you. The term revive means that while love remains in a latent state, the spark of love still shines deep beneath the ashes of the parts of the wreck. Well, we are not going to discuss the history of the Titanic! But let’s talk about love. Before finding an answer to the question you would like get back with my ex-boyfriend and rekindle their love? spend time Recalling the period of beginning of their relationship. What attracted you to the other? And that has happened with the memories and places in common?. They have not disappeared as snow melt.

They are buried in his mind. If those feelings can be removed, you will find a way to use the sights back to rebuild their relationship. Rekindle the love is very similar to rekindle the fire, an analogy that I’ve used at the beginning of this article. The spark this very lively, but is covered by layers of ash. You have to blow ash away from so that you can see the fire that gives light.

Blowing on the ashes. When working towards the Elimination of those small things that have filled the fire of attraction, not just pre-shackled the attraction but also the strongest hara. To be more specific, several small things for achieving your objective can be made. I will just give a couple of examples of the amount of things you can do. Express your love: when was the last time you said that, I love your boyfriend? Perhaps you do not remember! At some point in the relationship, this would have become a ritual and that it would have given up, without even thinking about it. But now, if you used these words with passion, you can witness the magic of what will happen with these words. Show your ex that you worry about him: while in the beginning of their relationship were all ears tuned to the narratives of her boyfriend of their interests, achievements etc, and be bored of them after a while. Small gestures such as ask a question of how you will, or that is doing, in short to show interest. Maybe you feel that I am being one-sided. You may be justified in wondering why they only do things that will make your ex this happy. Remember that you are which is taking the lead. Once it starts to do it is certain that the other person will respond in the same way. And when this happens, you will know that it has found the answer to the question: you would like get back with my ex-boyfriend and rekindle their love? Let me recommend the following article that certainly help him a lot in his reconquest plan… Visit if you want… How to recover your man


The installation of a Spa at home is no longer a luxury within reach of a few; the bathrooms are designed to offer you comfort and relaxation. Baths with more sophisticated functions have joined columns in shower with jets that allow you to install them, just without works, in the ancient bath or cabin. In market models of shower trays are different; sizes and shapes (rectangular, square, angles, etc.). However, you can also create a custom shower cabin, using water resistant materials as lining. Tropical woods such as the iroco, Wenge and teak (treated with special to resist water varnishes) are ideal.

They are also suitable as: stone materials (marble, Slate, stone of Colmenar, etc.). And in terms of the ceramic tile, mosaic is perfect for flooring because, having many meetings, it is little slippery. When time is available, there is nothing more relaxing hot bath in a large tub. Permitting the space in your bathroom, your ideal location is under the window, to enjoy the natural luminosity. To the traditional bathtubs, porcelain or cast iron (more resistant, but more cold), must be added the possibility of installing a free bath. Today, these models have experienced a real revival and found designs of great beauty in all styles, from the air more retro with traditional legs curved to the most innovative proposals of absolutely sculptural forms. Ideally focus the center of attention on them, giving them all the protagonism, although we must bear in mind that require large spaces. Another possibility is found in bathtub models mounted on the floor, that manage to give the bathroom a sense of greater amplitude.

They can be installed at a slope coated the same material as the rest of the pavement; or you can lie on a higher platform, will serve at the same time to visually delimit this area. Some suggestions: access to the shower to a few rungs through breaks the monotony in the ground level and brings dynamism in decoration. You should be protected with a glass cockpit. The glass partitions are ideal in bathrooms of small dimensions, because they do not detract from visual depth to stay. You can choose a version of open-cockpit. They are the most comfortable; they can be placed in a space delimited by walls clad with the same tile as the rest of the bathroom to maintain the decorative continuity. In marble. The most classic version and, without doubt, one of the most elegant: completely covered cabin in marble. Today, there are hot tubs of the same size as traditional designs, which allow you to configure an authentic spa in the bathroom for your home, with functions as beneficial and sophisticated as the chromatherapy or aromatherapy.