4 Uses MetTags in all web pages and they must be different on each page based on the contents of the same. Using unique MetTags you anchor the visibility of the web site on the Internet. 5. The website must include text using keywords more important to increase the density of keywords. It is essential to have text content in areas most important: in the title, description, tags alt tags of images, as well as in the body of the web. A website with insufficient content will not get a good ranking. Repeats the most relevant keyword in the content of the web.

6. Use the HTML validator to detect and correct possible errors in the internal structure of the web page and maintain clean code. Identify areas of code that are unnecessary or not accepted by all browsers. 7 Use the Active WebTraffic analyser Robot to check that web site is properly designed for the search engine robots and they can crawl the web in depth. The function of the robot is to simulate the behavior of the spider from a Google type search engine when you visit a URL exactly the links that sees and can index and detect possible errors. Remember that this type of robots cannot read text in images or JavScript.El Robot scanner also optimizes the MetTags of the web page with the correct length. 8 It uses the Google Sitemap tool so that your web pages are indexed by Googlebot everytime your web content is updated or add new web pages. It is also a great way to make your website user-friendly and compatible with Google. The sitemap is also compatible with Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Most of the time that a page is rejected by a search engine or directory is due to the basic rules of the search engine have not been followed and the information is incomplete, a simple list of words separated by commas, uppercase letters, use of phrases such as the best, the only.

Twitter Ones

Like causing that it returns? Advice not to use social means He has seen lately some of the crazy things that finish in Facebook or Twitter or some blog personal of people? Some people share the intimate details of their lives and their relations. Some of these social means sites are great places to communicate with the friendly and to improve the relations. These routes also can be used to destroy the relations. So asegrate to use these tools for ayudarte to recover to your ex- and not opposite it. In the case of Facebook and Twitter, please you do not put things negative that way and you hope that your ex- ones it angers the sufficient thing like causing that it calls to you. In addition, you in line do not make the bombing with tweets and messages of F/B. The key to cause that he returns your ex- ones and for always is the pasiencia and intelligence. You do not hope to that the things flow by logic I am sure that you will agree in which sometimes what ex- ones says your does not have sense.

On the one hand, it says that everything has finished, but their actions not always are backups of their words. Or it could be that the reasons that it gave to break do not have sense. The unique thing that I can assure is that the people often make and say strange things when they are in the love or the lack of affection. It would be good if the things always go according to the plans and thus the relations would be easier, less frustrating and less painful. So the point is to wait for the unexpected thing and to be preparations to fit to your plan for darte the best opportunity to reconquer to your ex- ones. I have a friend who was passing through a similar situation and my advice the era not to enter panic and not to make things made that it seem needed more, to cling and desperate to cause that it returns. If you propose it to you he is easy like causing that it returns Is quite easy to learn like causing that returns once you concentrate in making the things correct, the suitable moment and for the correct reasons. Please, it creates the atmosphere invites that it to return to your life and you will be so happy. I hope to receive the news of you and perhaps you can share your success with the others on like causing that it returns after a rupture.