Body and Soul

And there are stories of people returning from death, dreams tell where they see a light at the end of the tunnel, dreams in which people seem to be observed (one would wonder with what eyes) themselves from the outside of your body, etc … But the cases showing Damasio rather show a very vulnerable soul, which is affected with brain injuries, and even has a very physical structure, in the sense of having different modules differentiated by their location in the nervous system. Here has similar goals. How can you explain the religion that a person loses his feelings for an injury to the brain? Maybe this injury has removed her soul supernatural, so it is a kind of soulless body? But then how can you explain the religion that a person loses all his feelings, but only some? Is it perhaps that the soul has been split in two, one party remains in the person and the other outside? But then, as can be judged that person, which of the parts of the soul going to heaven, what the hell? "At death the person reunited the parties? More consistent with the cases described by Damasio that the notion of a disembodied soul and indestructible, is the notion of the soul as a complex organ of mind, an essential part of its operation, and allows you to make decisions by a weighting of different scenarios predictable. This is also consistent with the computational theory of mind backed by psychologist Steven Pinker Pinker 1997, in which the mind can be seen as an information processing system extremely complex, and that was shaped by evolution. David Rogier wanted to know more.