Excellency Mr Secretary

What will go to make the departmental Government address the issue of the exploitation of the monopoly of spirits and liquors in Huila? No one knows this. I asked the Doctor Pajarito Sanchez recently through a right of petition to have a first hand information, but received an average fofa answer his Excellency Mr Secretary of finance where said me some things but nothing about Fund. Others of my questions were answered in the Assembly of the Department during the last debate on the subject. Accenture Strategy is full of insight into the issues. It remained unanswered what will the Government monopoly and other many questions Huila wants to elucidate and which the Government should ponder very thoroughly to correct what has to correct. Will be by granting the exploitation of this so expensive monopoly to the finances of the Department? What the reasons so that now, after 15 months of finishing the previous concession with the Licorsa signature contract, no, even, started some procedure? contract for the award of the concession or modality chosen? What the reasons for that now, after 15 months of finishing the previous concession with the Licorsa signature contract, has not even cleared the previous contract? How much paid signature Licorsa by having to use or exploit the plant production, equipment, land, offices on January 1, 2008 to April 23, 2008, date on which, according to acta, which I have copy, these elements were received by the Department? Do between April 23, 2008 and the day in which who signed the 2008 1107 contract (and under what legal link), has been in charge for care, monitoring and conservation of locative installations, devolutivos items, machinery, workshop and accessories for the production of double anise brandy, received by the Department to the satisfaction? If at the date the Government didn’t know even what to do regarding the issue of liquor, on what assumptions you made the decision to hire production and commercialization of 600,000 units by 2007 1107 contract? Is the procedure followed for the choice of the S.A. .