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Today already surpassed by the systems LED, that come from diode of light emission, and which they offer hi-res images, clearness and range of colors without equal, and this is managed on the base to count with million points that are illuminated giving combinations of the 3 basic colors, is seen red, green and blue. We must add that the technical characteristics of to the equipment make them much more compact, diminishing its weight as well as the thickness of these. We are speaking of technology 3D, that is vision in third dimension that will pass on experiences more than images, because it will make us feel that we are part of the spectacle that we were enjoying when seeing us bottled and active part of the goal of our favourite equipment accompanying Leo made goals Messi in its spectacular one, or in the din of a combat of Paquiao and Margarito, or because no, in the middle of a surgical operation, without despising that we will be exceptional witnesses of world-wide occurring. Who is the CEO of MasterClass has plenty of information regarding this issue. And it will be able to obtain it to this with hper real 3D of Samsung (3D Real Hyper Engine), controlling the color, the resistance and the movement of images to obtain levels optimized of his images. But when saying Samsung we are not only speaking of audio-video systems, we must consider that Samsung is present in everything what means comfort and pleasure in the home like is the equipment electric home appliances that make the life together with our families pleasant, like are refrigerators, lavarropas, microwaves or conditioned air, without being inferior the transcendental paper that play the movable telephones, consubstantial part of the human existence at present, adding the possibility of counting on the digital cameras of videos and photos that put record of the familiar events or those that we looked for to conserve in our graphical memory. And all this implies that every day the equipment has a technological complexity superior, and to this we must respond with Samsung services in Mendoza that have capacity and professionalism that to offer security to him of which their equipment is in very good hands. If it has found east article interesting, comprtalo in its Web. It can postear it in his blog or send it by mail..


What kind of fibers the same question? In the first all – of the heat-resistant, able to work for a long time at high or very high temperatures. Then – about hemostoykih that can withstand prolonged contact with the most aggressive chemical environments: strong acids, alkalis and oxidizing agents. And finally, the question is, apparently, of the fibers used in one of the most important areas such as medicine, particularly in surgery and alloplastica. Technique every day increases the demands on heat resistance, heat resistance materials. Two or three years ago, we were not aware of fibers and fabrics, can hundreds of hours working at a temperature of 250-300 , without compromising the strength or failure. And now required for fiber work in more severe conditions – at temperatures above a thousand degrees.

And these synthetic fibers have already been established. True, the "work" as long as they only a few minutes. But the thing that has identified ways to address this complex and very important technical problem. The search for chemists working in this field are focused generally on certain classes of synthetic polymers, especially hetero. Macromolecules of the substances containing aromatic ring, different stiffness – it makes heat-resistant polymer.

On the basis of precisely such polymers, American scientists have created two years ago, polyamide fiber-HT, the temperature "endurance" of which reaches 350-450 C. There are methods for producing fibers capable of withstanding a short time heating to 700-1000 . These macromolecules also have a cyclic structure. But this structure is not characteristic of the source material, it occurs in the fiber at a special treatment. What does this mean? Take, for example, normal poliakrilnitrilnoe fiber. It shrinks and loses its strength even at 150-180 . But start to warm up the fiber, slowly raising the temperature to 250-300 -and structure, and with it the properties of the fiber gradually changed.