Internet Money System

For browsing the site you get 'credits' – internal system of money. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. And now these loans, we will use later. The program itself after the registration can be found in the menu on the right. Then scroll down the page below and download the program: You can now begin to accumulate those same credits. Continue to learn more with: Richard Anderson . They are still useful to us. 2nd Step: Let us go further – and consider the service called Yukoz ( This is a tool for creating websites. Actually we need it in order to create a site that we will promote in CAP system.

Register there, create a website with any name, fill it with some information in order to main page showing all kind alleged site is very informative. The case will take about 15-20 minutes. Step 3: Here we need third link in our chain – affiliate. There are different types of affiliate programs, but we are interested in system => This system will close our chain.

How? It's very simple – this affiliate program will pay us for the fact that people are visiting our site which we have just created in the system yukoza. How do we take these people? From the CAP system, which will show our site to others. Why would a CAP system will advertise our site? The answer lies in the fact that accumulated in the system of loans we can spend on the promotion of our site. That system and shut up. Now let's take a closer look the whole process of the chain, so that you, dear readers, do not mess up.