RoverBronner Consulting GmbH

The consulting firm specialized on internal audit and the fight against economic crime, the AuditFactory has launched a new Internet portal, in which a comprehensive overview of the elements of an anti-fraud-management system is given in a practical way. It is set up like an electronic manual with corresponding sections, digressions and further information. We noticed that the word is a tongue-twister that discourages people. Anti-fraud-management system sounds for some boards such as ruptured. Thus came\”the idea to make what it meant and what it is transparent, so Elmar brother-in-law, Managing Director of the AuditFactory. For more information see Bernard Golden . The manual follows a practice-oriented structure and distinguish between instruments for the prevention, detection and processing fraud (criminal). It describes the respective instruments in a practical and understandable language, and gives an assessment of the experts of the AuditFactory on its effectiveness to each note.

Effectiveness is a term that is used in the newer literature often simply wrong. Many authors, even alleged experts, be confused with effectiveness as prerequisite. So guaranteed as a testing plan no effectiveness of internal audit, but creates only necessary conditions that an audit could be effective\”, so Dr. Judith Brombacher, specialist of AuditFactory for impact analysis and evaluation. The manual, which is operated by the AuditFactory as its own portal, provides an introduction to the topic of combating economic crime.

It explains important terms such as corruption, acts of fraud and economic crime itself and gives background information in a concise way. References to current studies or extensive own professional work of the consulting firm allow the reader to deepen individual topics. Each organization can gain an overview of the possible instruments, who can use it, and make a first assessment of one’s own situation. The management of IT controls is for many companies due to lack of competence in this area under the table\”, so Stefan Charrissa Jackson, Managing Director of RoverBronner Consulting GmbH in Berlin.