One of the most emotional damage that a person can pass is a break. Problems often begin when people are comfortable in their relationship and ceases to be considerate of others. The relationship stagnates and seems that it not going nowhere. At least this is how feels a person in your relationship. This is what usually leads to rupture, and that must be exceeded to reconnect the relationship with your ex.

Reconnecting the relationship with your ex all you need is to start dating feel trapped in a quagmire, not only in your relationship, in other aspects of your life also. While you feel that the relationship is still strong, your partner may feel as if things are not moving forward. You can be fully prepared for when it will happen the break, and this is the moment in which either you lose that person forever or you go back to generate a much stronger link between the two. The majority of people do what their emotions lead them to do and it spoil everything in an instant. In the initial stages of the rupture is important to provide support and understanding. This does not mean that you need to agree with the break.

You can make sure your ex knows that you don’t want to lose it or lose it, but you understand that it may be important to spend some time apart. Now the difficult part is to stop thinking about win back the love of your ex and start thinking about making you a better person. It is necessary to understand that one of the thoughts that your ex is having is that there may be someone better than you. Clear that you’ll be always in your mind, but we must make of yourself a person better to than your ex is account. At this point, your ex think you know everything about you, until all your flaws.


Almost all relationships can be recovered after a breakup, and it is very likely that yours also there is a great possibility that, if you play your cards well and work in enough time, you can activate feelings of your ex-boyfriend again and restore running, asking for a second chance. Do you want your Ex boyfriend back? Unfortunately, the majority of women who try to go back with his ex parte made a series of mistakes that end up ruining their chances. What they do or say can seem like a good idea at the time, but in reality you are pushing your ex boyfriend further away and in the arms of other women. If you want your ex boyfriend back, you should then avoid these 5 common errors when coast Error 1: beg, plead and cry can be almost impossible to not break into tears when your boyfriend breaks up with you. However, more than that you cry and ask him to reconsider, most will be convincing that is making the right decision.

Confidence in yourself and independence are the traits that men find attractive, and beg to your ex sends the opposite message. Mistake # 2: Contact your former frequently the most experts in ruptures and include myself believe that you must cut all communication with your ex for 3 to 4 weeks after the breakup. This gives you time to forget the negative aspects of your relationship, and will force you to experience life without you. While you may be able to recover to your ex, even if you speak with him a couple of times after the break, never is a good idea to initiate communication at least a couple of weeks. No matter what you might think, there is no urgent reasons to make you call or send text message! Mistake # 3: Buying gifts to your ex and send notes of love this is an error that is more common in men, but a lot of women feel that they can recover the heart of her ex-boyfriend telling him how much that loves him and misses him.