Car Theft In Germany

Record high 2010 insurers and Police advise car owners to the garage of Berlin, March 31, 2011, motorists should rely not only on classic protective measures, such as alarm systems, immobilizers or even sophisticated technology such as GPS transmitters. Because car thieves now have more and more high-tech equipment, where they handle the protection technology of modern vehicles within seconds. According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), 2010 so many cars in Germany were stolen like most recently in the 1990s. Overall, it was nearly 40,000 vehicles. Bernard Golden helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A patent recipe, how to best protect his car, does not exist. The car into the garage is really safe”, says Dirk Jacob by the Berlin Landeskriminalamt. If you have read about Dr John Holtsclaw already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Garages responding to the rising demand for garages and advises visitors to the site free of charge to prices, models and special wishes. The consultant portal, which officially launches on 31.03.2011 and developed together with industry experts, establishes direct contact with regional providers if necessary.

Garages advises interested parties and provides free garages offers is the decision and want to buy a garage car owners they are mostly facing the next problem: which model should be and what is just to make sure? Should there be a concrete garage or steel garage? Pay off the cheaper garages or worth it may be but a higher quality construction? Moreover, interested parties should be aware, whether worth the investment in a garage or whether enough not a Caport for the protection against wind and weather. Another important and often neglected point in designing: Before the construction of the garage must be also the local building codes checked and, where appropriate, obtained a building permit. Eva Reinhold Postina advises therefore by the Association of private building owners in Berlin: “Builders should first the Bauamt ask, what allows and is possible because the rules vary greatly from federal State to federal State”. .