Construction Insurance

This is a must for every client, because every construction site risks every construction site risks, for which he absolutely must protect themselves for the builders and his construction projects. Much can go wrong on the construction site. Examples there are many: vandals smear the body with oil paint: 18.000 euro damage, thieves steal the already installed radiators: damage that a storm gust brings 11,000 euros a prebuilt wall to collapse and the severe weather like rain is the basement with the fresh concrete under water: 27.500 euro damage. In these cases may occur doubly bad for the investor, since most contractors are not liable for force majeure. The has already been created and the construction work to be drawn up must be paid twice.

Just in a less than calculated funding, each additional euro, which was not planned, can lead to ruin. The construction work insurance is the insurance for the building: it provides compensation for unforeseen damage to construction services and building materials, finished components. Including fall such as storm and hail damage, the vandalism of the construction site by unknown and usually also the theft of already built-in components and glass breakage. No client should save on the construction insurance, especially as the premium for the owner is often only a continuous post. Usually, he can kill the premium on the companies at the construction because these companies through the construction insurance are protected.

The amount of the premium is usually according to the amount of construction. The contributions vary very greatly also the benefits insured with. For a normal family home of 250,000 euros, the one time contribution is in the German insurance market between 178,50 and 1.071,00 (source: comparison of construction insurance: bauleistungsversicherung.html) is not only the contribution to construction insurance for a decision of the builders of great significance, but also additionally insured services should be considered. In almost every construction insurance, the risk of glass breakage is included, but liability ends depending on the insurers with the finished installation, or with the end of the construction period. A small but yet decisive difference. To note is that the construction insurance for all damage comes up: so for example normal frost damage during the winter months also poor construction work by contractors are not covered. Also be aware, excess will be deducted from any claim of 150-300 euros (depending on the plan). So that the client can get a judgment about the different services and offers of insurance companies, IAC GmbH made the first comparison calculator the construction insurance with traffic light assessment of tariffs in the Internet. So, the client can get an immediate overview of the rewards, services and conditions. The value of individual rates client is represented in a unique traffic light system as an aid for the inexperienced.

Sun Glass

They are ideal for the integration of Sun and Sichtschutzsysteme.Zudem can meet special requirements for the fire protection, laser or X-ray protection playing. Assembly is easy and fast. Wall connections are absolutely flush! Floor to ceiling, endless butt joint glazing in all-glass optics make Planline a fascinating presentation of light and space. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Rogier. More information: Planline: planline-glass system press report sensational sound insulation values achieved: fileadmin/glastec/pdf/Pressemitteilungen/Planline_Schallschutz57dB.pdf further press releases of Glastec: press info request: contact new! Glastec videos! “Planline at the central bus station (ZOB), Munich, Video: Glastec – glass system since 1990 develops and produces Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH successful glasses with system” and asserts itself successfully for years with multifunctional glass products for the window facade and partition wall construction. This one draws both from the knowledge of the glass technology, the insulating glass technology and solar technology. The resulting technical synergies flow in dominant’ products and services.

With the development of a comprehensive range of high-tech insulating glasses with daylight and solar shading systems in between the panes Glastec carries the ever higher requirements of the law to save energy, to the Sun, heat and environmental protection consistent invoice. Glastec is successfully operating in special areas such as day light and climate control, fire, radiation and laser protection. The product line Planline, a flush glazing system of Glastec for the high-quality interior design and drywall is unique. The exclusive partitioning system in aluminium, wood and steel frame and new! Planline dry construction wall can be combined with additional functions such as fire, radiation, noise and privacy with a special frame system. The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH sees itself as a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture and offers a large variety of programs which includes customer-specific special solutions for this purpose.

Insulation: Warm Coat For Your Rafters

ISOVER Integra AP supra and AP SuprPlus is laying the lower deck railway and gluing the joints in one step. The Integra AP SuprPlus, which is equipped with an additional lower deck railway, as well as wrap-around and on both sides with high-quality integrated tapes can be without additional on duplication or formwork directly from the outside to the rafters. The easy-to-use, water repellent mineral wool plate is diffusion-open and allowing the roof to breathe.” Thus, the danger is avoided by moisture or mold damage in the approach. In addition to the additional heat insulation of very good heat control group (WLG) 035, it ensures more comfort with effective soundproofing. Integra AP supra and AP SuprPlus complement the intermediate rafters insulation with a thermal bridge free uberdammung of the rafters in the modernization of the roof from the outside with only 60 mm Aufbauhohe. In this way can modern insulation qualities even in old buildings with low existing rafters heights according to current legal requirements to be achieved. The extra hardened, pressure-resistant surface allows a fast and thus economic installation without elaborate additional measures: so far had to the rafters are sheated with swaths in rafters width, to allow a higher insulation thickness.

Because of the large format 1900 x 600 mm, a pad on at least 2 rafters is guaranteed during usual rafters down were. The roof insulation, the lower deck railway laying and gluing the joints is made possible by an applied in addition, angle-side overlapping lower deck railway when the Integra SuprPlus in one step. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dun & Bradstreet by clicking through. When the surrounding on both sides self-adhesive strips will be deducted only after the installation of the plate of the adhesive strip. Always two fresh adhesive surfaces are pressed together. Dust, rain or cool to play no more role for the quality of the bonding.

Rain-proof and dust-free bonding succeeds thanks to the double-sided adhesive strips very easily and quickly and also particularly economically. The current required minimum thermal protection is not achieved with a typical old 110 mm high rafters full insulation long according to EnEV. Integra AP improves supra this pure intermediate rafters insulation again to 39%, so that they (U playing? 0.24 W/(m2K) requirements are. Get more information about Integra AP supra and SuprPlus by ISOVER interested about ISOVER dialog (free telephone hotline: 0800 / 501 5 501, fax: 0800 / 501 6 501, E-Mail:) and on the website. The portal offers an unprecedented structured overview: housework such as renovators for comprehensive, understandable information to all questions regarding roof planning expansion and rehabilitation. It is addressed not only the head: galleries with several dozen photos and a 3D Planner allow to design the future roof even after the optical convenience. The expertise of renowned manufacturers inside In short: Who is planning with is always on top. Contact information: Evelyn Scheuten sturm@drang AG Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821-567-62-88 fax: 0821-567 62 87 e-mail:

EnEV Just Reduce The Roof

The stricter EnEV 2009 places high demands on the building envelope. Read more here: Vanguard Group. A 30 percent higher thermal insulation is intended as essential insulation of the roof of any new building more. (tdx) Target the energy saving regulation is generally the reduction of energy needs for heating and hot water throughout the building to an absolute minimum. Gradually, the regulation closer to this goal. Last October the stricter EnEV is already in force in 2009. She has aimed to reduce energy consumption by a further 30 percent compared to the previous regulation.

Concrete result increased requirements to the building envelope, and thus also on the roof. The insulation of a roof at a new building must pay 30 percent more heat protection in the future than previously without a proper insulation is not achieving this goal. Whether on -, intermediate – or under Rafter insulation, especially the quality of the material used is important. Mineral insulating materials, such as glass or rock wool, have significantly higher As plant insulation on insulation values and have proven themselves in practice. Also applies when choosing the right insulation material: the lower the thermal conductivity the higher thermal insulation. The generation 032 of ISOVER, for example, boasts a thermal conductivity only 0,32 W / mK and is thus highly insulating. experts recommend in any case to a material combination which guarantees the roof a U-value less than 0.22 W / mK. The insulation can show their full effect, must be also the roof skin in perfect condition.

Because as soon as moisture can penetrate, there is a risk that the insulation becomes ineffective. This also applies to connections on the wall, floor and ceiling: here should be worked using special adhesive tape and check the air-tightness of the structure. An insulation of a roof is not only in terms of the thermal insulation in the winter of particular importance: in the summer, the insulation plays an equally important role. Much about air conditioners Energy lost. Energy can be saved with proper insulation. Because the insulation protects not only cooling off, but also heat. This prevents the summer that the attic, may excessively heat up and the air conditioner can safely be dispensed with. These ensure the minimization of the cooling energy is prescribed in the new EnEV 2009, thus it meets several with roof insulation at once. An insulation of a roof is essential not only for the new building: in a historic building must be retrofitted. By the end of 2011, the attic must receive a thermal insulation as the topmost accessible floor. For this, special insulation boards can be placed, can reduce oil consumption per square meter by 90 percent. A roof insulation effectively helps to save energy, thus to sustainably reduce the CO2 emissions and the environment protected. The own purse and the living environment benefit also, in short: the quality of life under the roof rises. Free Information brochure offers an information brochure for builders and renovators “Everything around the roof” on the subject. The brochure can be requested free of charge at email: or fax 0821-567-62-87. More information can be found on the Internet at. Tanja EST

Private Homes

The home building technology advised of the possibility to install elevators in private homes. Through the installation of a lift in the own House, people create a piece of independence in old age or early occurring diseases. In addition, an elevator increases the value of a property. Stair lifts have been the common way to gain mobility in the own House. Purchasing a stair lift seems pretty cheap even at first glance, from 3000-5000, the speech is here. However the price changes relatively quickly if the stair lift to a curve to drive. Here the double or triple will soon incur. Also, it restricts the freedom of movement on the stairs for people who do not use the stair lift very.

An alternative has become possible to stair lifts some years ago by the machinery directive. The machine directives, it is possible to build lifts in a slightly simplified form. The security will not be affected by this of course. The Lift machine directives must be some conditions meet, for example, a slightly slower speed, this is no great difference floors but a support height of 2-4 elevators lift guidelines there. The company advise home building technology for this purpose.

Checklist For An Excerpt Part 1 / 2

This article a is used to briefly overview which tool you need to perform the most basic work. It is for everyone as far as sooner or later – the excerpt is. In this article it should go however to housing or recommendations for this, but this article start from an existing apartment. Here, I want to give a small overview on what one advance should think about driving to avoid the constant back and forth. In my opinion thats all, I mean really of all most important a reasonable set of screwdrivers. In the course of the move, you need screwdriver of varying sizes again.

Also, you should have cross – and -tip screwdriver at hand. We start with the Elimination of the previous tenant: mostly older carpets are installed, they must be laboriously removed. Therefore it is extremely helpful to have a sharp knife in the House – I recommend a knife in that you can pinch razor blades. The old carpet in the House can stay if necessary and the new laminate on it is transferred. This is very important to make sure the carpet is really dry and no moisture under the laminate can collect. This could have “unpleasant consequences’ that you usually do without…

To remove the existing skirting a trowel to prise is also useful, because often are likely to bind this unfortunately and can be removed only with a little violence. We swing is just the spatula on hand to replace wallpaper. When we had to solve the last time in a room of 70 m wallpaper from the wall, this has proved very successful: we bought an ordinary car sponge at the hardware store and in the middle cut through these => very cheap. In addition, wallpaper remover was bought – unfortunately with chemistry, but in my opinion inevitable. We of course very sparingly use the chemical. Is the chemical/water mixture in a 5L bucket with the help of a sponge froth, froth that so is the whole bucket full of foam. We have this foam then really thick on the wallpaper applied. We were skeptical, but the foam must be applied really thick. This moves completely in about 10 minutes. When the foam was applied thick enough and well fed, even multi-tiered wall-paper with the help of the spatula in a train from the wall are solvable. In addition to his studies, the author – Karl Meyer – cheap writes smaller articles for sites such as E.g. chairs.

Secure Safety Clothing

Include highly visible Workwear / safety clothing in many occupations to the basic facilities inadequate visibility conditions are often cause of accidents during the day or night. High visibility workwear and safety clothing are therefore in many branches of the profession standard. You knew only the workers of waste disposal or road construction in highly visible safety clothing, until recently more and more private companies like forwarders, parcel services and rescue services equip. What is seen in other European and above all Scandinavian countries as a matter of course, is classified in Germany as meaningless. Each craftsman or worker who comes only in the vicinity of a road, is required to wear a certain class of protection or protection level in safety clothing.

A significant decline in accident numbers is a very clear indicator that this obligation is very useful and protects life. High visibility warning clothing is composed of two essential ingredients” together. Which is the highly visible fluorescent, which is made of fluorescent fabric and there are currently in alert protection yellow, warning protection Orange and warning protection red. On the other hand, it is the use of reflective tape, again reaching an extra strong back Jet value. This mixture makes the safety clothing only to what it is. As long as possible to meet the high requirements of the safety clothing, you should choose as a buyer in any case for a high-quality version.

Great price and quality difference is concluded by the following factors: cheap reflective tapes are quickly porous, this dirt in the cracks can accumulate and the reflective tape almost blind. The arrangement of the reflective bands should go these days at least to the waist and sleeves, even better as a kind of suspenders over the shoulders. Advantage: it represents the silhouette of the body and when you’re wearing something to himself, not the complete reflex material of safety clothing is covered.

Federal State

Garden sheds are not generally permit free first, it depends on size and type. Who would like to purchase a garden that faces a variety of regulations. Building permits on federal, country and community levels, and neighbourly issues therefore demand a thorough preparation. Garden sheds are not generally permit free first, it depends on size and type. Includes in addition to the classic wooden house large playhouses for children or the trendy Treehouse.

All questions rules depending on the Federal State nationwide laws as well as the rules down to the individual municipality. And the zoning of the land must be studied also exactly. Calculated it on the one hand the Interior in the authority German: the M2 volume, on the other hand especially outside height and width. In many places, the Interior may not occur as a lounge. It is suitable only as a shed, or for storing garden equipment. It is also in some federal countries permit-free House without concrete foundation there. A possible other reason: space problems require special permits on a small plot of land.

There are rules, how many meters of border to the neighbors may be built at all as a whole. Is crucial whether already limit cultivations were taken to the neighbors. The strict regulations to impact the dismemberment of harmonious urban planning intentions contrary to. The numerous regulations are often confusing for lay people. The first way normally to the neighbors. Who already fightin’ a sunflower nodding over the fence, you will get problems. This is even truer, putting up becomes more difficult from the outset due to space limitations, unfavorable locations, and other features. A plaintive neighbor has the best chances to get through before the Court with his request for repair or even removal of the evil. Already a centimeter too much can be expensive. Properly prepare instead expensive repair that in addition each State and each community bringing out their own regulations, makes the thing that is not simple. Hardly a DIY indicates how difficult the individual can make. Specialists such as the Garden House provider from Berghulen advise their customers to this tricky topic. Where only a few cubic metres are allowed within the settlements, the other authority approved slightly double. May the a Garden House within the settlements is easily available, it gets outside difficulties; Allotment settlements are excluded, subject to the special rules. So the right approach can mean only: Select House, talk to the neighbors, a plan to take on the Office and inspected the freedom of construction of or authorization.