Secure Safety Clothing

Include highly visible Workwear / safety clothing in many occupations to the basic facilities inadequate visibility conditions are often cause of accidents during the day or night. High visibility workwear and safety clothing are therefore in many branches of the profession standard. You knew only the workers of waste disposal or road construction in highly visible safety clothing, until recently more and more private companies like forwarders, parcel services and rescue services equip. What is seen in other European and above all Scandinavian countries as a matter of course, is classified in Germany as meaningless. Each craftsman or worker who comes only in the vicinity of a road, is required to wear a certain class of protection or protection level in safety clothing.

A significant decline in accident numbers is a very clear indicator that this obligation is very useful and protects life. High visibility warning clothing is composed of two essential ingredients” together. Which is the highly visible fluorescent, which is made of fluorescent fabric and there are currently in alert protection yellow, warning protection Orange and warning protection red. On the other hand, it is the use of reflective tape, again reaching an extra strong back Jet value. This mixture makes the safety clothing only to what it is. As long as possible to meet the high requirements of the safety clothing, you should choose as a buyer in any case for a high-quality version.

Great price and quality difference is concluded by the following factors: cheap reflective tapes are quickly porous, this dirt in the cracks can accumulate and the reflective tape almost blind. The arrangement of the reflective bands should go these days at least to the waist and sleeves, even better as a kind of suspenders over the shoulders. Advantage: it represents the silhouette of the body and when you’re wearing something to himself, not the complete reflex material of safety clothing is covered.