I also know that in that case, the powerful fear art, whatever its shape and form of art that runs between people as a rumor and a legend because he finds a sense that atrocities can not find a way that unites us because it is ultimately inseparable from justice. Art, when he acts that way, it becomes a meeting place of the invisible, the irreducible, the imperishable, the courage and honor. For even more details, read what Jeffrey Sofer says on the issue. :::::::: Ours is the century of forced travel. One could go further and say that ours is the century of disappearances. The century in which thousands of people have seen other people very close to disappear over the horizon, unable to avoid it. “Every time we say goodbye,” immortalized by John Coltrane. Perhaps not so strange that the narrative art of this century itself a movie. :::::::: The infinite and the surface of the fabric play hide and seek in a room in a box is displayed.I mean when I say that collects paint the world and brings home. You can do this because their images are static and unchanging. (…) The film, because their images are in motion, takes us from where we are to the scene of action. (Action! Whispers or shouts the director to put the scene in motion). The painting brings home. The film takes us elsewhere.