Wikijunta Propose

Wikijunta propose that each month the 1st time you perform a Wikijunta a protected discussion where “all” the Librarians (and only the Librarians) will meet for 3 hours discussing subjects of the Community as the continuous vandalism, wars , making (in compliance with the 5 pillars, etc.). In short, a balance of the month and should be enhanced. Librarians are designated 6 to organize the discussion (which will be chosen by vote). These confirm date and time, so you must ensure that the time is ready available to everyone, but will be modified. If a librarian is unwilling or unable to attend, you must apologize, otherwise it will not act as Librarian for a set time. The purpose of the meeting will be announced by one of the organizers. Bitcoin has many thoughts on the issue. That is my proposal. Hope you like. Daragao Power 06:24 20 feb 2007 (CET) may just like it, and not others, it is decided in voting. Daragao Power 06:38 20 feb 2007 (CET) Nice try, but bad idea, very utopian and bizarre.It is more likely that an asteroid colliding with Earth to gather all the librarians in Wikipedia, in fact in the largest wikis are unlikely to occur an event. It’s simple, read Wikipedia: Librarians, some are active, other semi-active and inactive, end of story. We should not hold meetings or anything like that to discuss, you can use simpler means such as IRC and do not need a quorum of X librarians to decide issues not think you need more than three librarians to solve a problem instantly. I also believe that everything related to Wikipedia is for all users who want to help, whether or not librarians, a good user who is a rookie and combat vandalism is welcome. We will do things formalities nor sophisticated.Besides the post of librarian is irrevocable unless there is clear evidence that Wikipedia is doing badly, remember that every librarian emerged with popular support and to revoke it did not meet at one point I think chovinista.Taichi – ( ) 07 : 47 20 feb 2007 (CET) The proposal and its full discussion have been moved to Wikipedia: Proposal to amend the label “no apparent relevance”