Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management Enterprise Asset Management is the discipline that seeks to manage the entire lifecycle of physical assets of an organization to maximize its value. It covers processes such as design, construction, operation, maintenance and replacement of assets and infrastructure. “Enterprise” refers to the management of the assets even though they are in different departments, locations, facilities, and in some cases even different business units. The asset management can improve performance, reduce costs, extend life and improve the return on investment of the assets. The industries with a high number of assets are that a failure in one of them, in a highly competitive environment, it is very expensive. They must also adhere to a set of regulations on safety, health and environment while maintaining maximum availability of assets, spaces and infrastructure, essential for the competitiveness of organizations.The functions of asset management are becoming an essential element in organizations that are ignoring the reactive behavior (fault – repair) and are adopting the philosophy of total planning life cycle of assets, preventive maintenance procedures and other best practices. Some organizations still view assetmanagement as part of maintenance plan, until it demonstrates the impact of sound asset management business. This change in attitude evidenced by the change is happening now from maintenance management to the management of enterprise.