"To be as inherent Verb. This form is used in verbs that are inherently reflective. Peter fainted, Elena repented, the boy was proud. It is these types of verbs are conjugated regularly with participation in a reflexive clitic. Wilson included in this type of form. The boy is sad, I think John is his brother. In them, the subject does nothing, not that they look or seem, the semantic impact of prayer is to a viewer experiences a sense distinguishes Panhispanico Dictionary as: "Component third person forms of verbs pronominal.

There are verbs (regret, complain, etc.) Constructed in all its forms with an unstressed pronoun reflexive that syntax plays no role in prayer, the form that corresponds to the third party is it: The dying man repented of his sins Customers complained of his treatment. Some verbs are pronominal only as repent, take over, suffer, and so on., And others take some significant or expressive nuances in pronoun usage, like going to (be), sleeping (it), exit (se), etc..: Juan ( se) left the meeting. It is also necessary to construct the meanings unstressed pronominal pronoun corresponding to the so-called middle voice, with which it is stated that the subject happens denoted by the verb, with no known cause or without this amount, because it sometimes action in the nature of the subject: The boat sank; In spring the fields are filled with flowers. "indicator is impersonal or passive sentences reflects today The word is used to form two types of sentences: impersonal and passive reflected. .