I recall that morning hell, I never dreamed that could happen what happened that fateful day. I went into the bank always said hello to staff working in it, after years as a customer we have come to know and making friends. It was a beautiful day, sunny with moderate temperature and pleasant spring, everything was fine, but that changed in an instant. I remember when set at the man through the door, his eyes reflected the evil bloodthirsty which would gala. He pulled out a gun, a semiautomatic 9 mm. He shouted that we were to cast us all down and gave him the money from the box. Instantly obeyed trembling with fright. Without warning a girl shot in the forehead to show that he said was serious.

Everyone screamed in terror while the lifeless body of the young woman collapsed on the floor. From his head began to sprout blood spurts. I could not believe what was happening, I wanted everything to be a nightmare from which I could wake up, but no, that was cruel reality. My heart beat wildly as a result of panic, pounding seemed to go through my ribs. I hurt my lungs breathing and hurried. A cold sweat ran down my face, in contact with my lips I could see he knew bitter was the taste of fear. My teeth squeaked while my mouth is outlining. Despite being disgusted by the sight of blood, could not view the body of the girl.