Tourism Courses

According to Martins et. al. (2006) in the decade of 90 &#039 had one; ' boom' ' in the courses of tourism in Brazil (in 1994 it had 41cursos of Tourism; in 1997 this number went up for 60 courses of Tourism and 9 courses of Hotelaria; in 2002 the number of courses related to these areas went up for 576, reaching 697 in 2005). After the creation of the first courses of tourism in superior education in Brazil, perceives it increasing search for professions and ranks of different works of the traditional ones, resulting in the opening of hundreds of courses and in the increase of the amount of offered vacant. The psico-social aspect of the young in search of accomplishment of dreams and desires, such as, contact with distinct cultures, searchs for paradisiacal places and work with positive emotional factors, had contributed for the increase of this demand in the tourism courses. However, she is necessary to detach that with the increase of the competition it enters the institutions of private superior education had caused, in definitive situations, negative factors to the quality of education, such as, aggressive politics of marketing, absence of difficulties in the vestibular contests, lack of investments in research, restricted concern in physical infrastructure, curricular lack of valuation of the professors and deficient structures (BRUSADIN, 2007) These factors can have been generated due cause of me the formatting of the curricular gratings that the courses offered, therefore were not used no criterion of evaluation for preparation of the gratings and nor of the professors that they would manage the courses, today many of universities, mainly the particular ones, are closing the courses what it will be able to make that has an improvement in university education offered. Moreover, it must be invested in the formation of professors of other areas so that these have had some experience in the tourism area so that they can pass of safe form, brought up to date information of great relevance and of this sector of education. .