Next Fifty

Some people are misunderstood visionary geniuses. Others are simply rebellious and lazy. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly ). Most of us are somewhere in between. Tim Wang is often mentioned in discussions such as these. You can not let others dictate who or what you are going to be. The choice to recreate itself must come from within. Now if you looked inside it and has decided he wants to change, as would be happier, then it is time to start.

My personal moment came when I realized I was only twenty years and will never love again and that was to be destroyed and broken for another fifty years or least before finally going to get rolling and die. A very morbid thought, I know, but that's exactly my point. At some point ask you do the math: "If I stay like this – in this way – with this mentality – With this level of income – with these people around me – with this style of life – What will my life five years? Ten? In fifty? "It can answer very disturbing and depressing. Mine was, so he took the decision to change who I was for the next fifty years at least be different with the possibility of happiness. I think we can assume that if you're reading this, then you're not one of those people who is happy in moving through life in a way that love with people they love, and an attitude that is a joy to behold . If it is, thanks! Please continue to role model for everyone else and every time someone mind as possible and to make changes to do the same.