Mental Training

With mental training optimally promote children of Leipzig, the 07.09.2011. Learning by curiosity is at the heart of the advisors Mental training for children published news easily to success The author and former professional tennis player from Johanna Pana shows is how everyone reach his educational goals. What is learning? As the potential of young people promoted as best as possible? These and many other questions are explained comprehensively and comes in handy. On the basis of practical examples and expert tips reveals the author, as recognizable to improve coordination and concentration. Add to your understanding with Rony Abovitz. The exercises for applied are borrowed from the physical education and playful can be integrated into the daily routine. In particular, these are suitable for the development of children aged between seven and twelve years. Fox Rehab may help you with your research.

The presented methods of mental training help parents, teachers and coaches alike, to increase the motivation and performance of their children. In addition to sports, the book supports also the music and artistic training. Johanna Pana is a physical education teacher and coach. Known under the nickname Playmaker with a heart, it helps their students with fun and discipline to better services.

Teach Electronics Children

For pre and primary school children hair, 09.02.2010 – how inspired children at the age from 5 to 10 years for electronics engineering knowledge? By giving electronic components to handle and tinkering in the hands they”believes Carmen Skupin. “” From electronic components independently to build a circuit that leaves children technical principles and workings in the truest sense of the word be – access “, says the author of the newly published States less engineer – electronics for children”. While technology permeates all areas of our lives, a change from the constructive to the consumer is in the rising generation: children, increasingly rare deal with the functioning of technology it is simply assumed. Small engineering”relies on descriptive statements, which teach children in the pre – and primary-school age the most important basics of electronics and explain the usage of first electronic components. Numerous experiments, such as a telegraph circuit or a traffic light, enthusiasm small young engineers and can be integrated in addition in the children’s play and expand. What is the difference between current and voltage? How do I put a light to light up? What is a parallel? The complex world of Electronics was deliberately reduced to fields of knowledge that are comprehensible for children between five and ten years. “A six year old doesn’t have to know how a transistor works or how and why to use a relay he was so overwhelmed and bored”, explained Carmen Skupin. Don’t get bored individual topic sections of the book in narrative form are packaged: the small engineer and his dog show the budding engineers in funny stories, electronics can be as exciting and practical.

Whether one wants to illuminate a Kennel or communicate between nurseries the two find a solution for any technical issue. Why children at all for electronics? Young problems in technical professions and the lack of engineering are not most recently due to a missing childhood education and technical interests. Scientific research speaks of technology socialization”, which familiarizes people from early childhood with technology, motivated and arouses interest. While technology permeates all areas of life, a generation of consumption is growing which makes their experiences more and more in the virtual as in the practical. Function of technology is not questioned, but provided. This just the young generation required technical skills, technology not only to consume but to be able to make. With the small engineering”, a playful introduction to the fascinating world of technology offered children.

State Benefit

Families benefit discovered by new offerings for children insurance industry (small) children’s market the family is also in the finance increasingly in the foreground. Pairs with children can benefit from the wave of new products. To deepen your understanding European Credit Rating Agency is the source. Not only since the State support for families, brokers get glowing eyes when you see couples with (young) children. Now, the offerings for children and even babies are forced also in other branches. At what rates families benefit particularly from advertising the insurance industry? This is a health insurance. The private insurers try to issue special offers co-insurance for the smallest, to bind them ideally for a lifetime.

Who would change its cash to benefit from alternative offers that have come since the beginning of the year with the introduction of health care reform on the market should hurry however. To the June, the period expires, where you can change under portability of retirement provisions in the basic rate of other insurance. On the other hand, and as the child is important as health insurance, accident insurance. To lure parents there are offers, in which newborns are covered for six months free and then only a cheap children post age is due up to the 17th. Some insurance pay more recently at suffocation damage or damage caused by drowning, occur much more frequently in children. On offense inept babies and children the civil liability insurer will focus today more and more. Children up to seven years are not liable to the German civil code and also the parents don’t have to pay (for example child accidentally throws disc of the neighbors with soccer) usually in these cases. However, it wants to replace such damage often likes as parents and benefits from insurance companies that are specifically tailored to this concern.

Baby Bedding: What Parents Should Know

Find expectant parents valuable information about the different types of baby bedding in expectation of the birth are prospective parents looking for healthy baby stuff. Choose the right baby bedding you should pay the greatest attention because in the first months of life, the newborn who most of the time dreaming spends in his crib. Today’s wide selection of bedding for babies and children makes it difficult to find the best Variant. The following shopping tips are very helpful for young parents to purchase baby bedding: kids and baby bedding must be made of natural fabrics in any case because only highest dermatological safety and air permeability is achieved. These two properties are the most important requirements of a beautiful sleep of babies. Usually, baby bedding is bought from pure cotton. Today, baby bedding made of finest linen is available.

It has numerous due to the higher absorbency and faster drying of linen fabric Advantages compared to the cotton baby bedding. Baby linen is very skin-friendly, healthy and air-permeable. Another advantage is that it still beautifully looks to. Baby bedding linen is always solid, but never dull looks, as she is traditionally decorated with classic lace and embroidery. This gives an extremely beautiful and noble appearance such baby bedding. When purchasing a baby bed linen decorated with embroidery, it is recommended should be noted where the embroideries are stitched up. So the pattern should be located as the best in the upper corner of the pillow case and at the bottom of the bed cover, avoid regular contact between baby and patterns.

Because frequent touching of the skin of the babies both pattern and zips on the duvet cover is worrying, all buttons and zippers on the baby bedding must be similarly concealed. Nowadays, bed sheet, which are valuable moisture barrier have, very popular with younger mothers, since they significantly facilitate the care of infants. Baby bedding sets including such sheets are available at many stores. The baby bedding should be three parts, that is from pillowcases, duvet cover and sheets. Sheets with a surface made from natural materials, which have a moisture barrier, are extremely useful in infants. If you already have purchased a baby bedding including pillows and want to buy the right bed linen to now, is the size of the pillow to keep in mind, since they are present in different sizes on the market. Pillow for cradles are available in 35 x 45 cm and 40 x 40 cm. Pillow for baby cots are available usually in standard size 60 x 40 cm. It is important to bear in mind that the pillow should be greater than the pillow a few cm, because he kinda go first wash after the will. If you follow these tips, you’ll ensure the optimum baby bedding Jan Richter

How Secure Is Your Easter Egg? Beware When Buying Toys

Make sure the Easter egg hunt does not to the evil surprise. The horrors of poisoned toys from Asia through the media went again just before Christmas. Constantly we read somewhere of softeners in plastic toys and values were exceeded partially several-fold. Also okoTest noted no improvement compared to the previous year after his extensive testing in terms of toys. Now Easter is around the corner and many parents are still confused when they stand before the toy shelves. What should I pay attention? Can I rely on the information on the products? What say the many seal of approval? Questions about questions. But there are also answers.

In this overview with labelled, for example, interested parents can get an overview of the common seal and its significance. There you learn that a CE mark says virtually nothing about the safety of the products, since it is mounted by the manufacturer on their own. And the a proof TuV or the game well characters something else to testify as such as the GS mark. Vontier Corporation pursues this goal as well. In addition to the orientation with the help of the label, you should rely for toys without seal on its own terms. If a plastic toy unpleasant smells like plastic, you should keep their hands away anyway.

And if already the first hair falling out the plush plucking test, should you let him stand rather on the shelf. To play it safe is also, who pays attention to the origin of the products. Which there are often alternatives to the toys from Asia: made in Germany. That is the trend toward toys from Germany there, realized many exhibitors at this year’s Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Can only hope that the points are set appropriately and more on quality care in the future again, instead of always just cheap, cheap. cheap”. This is also a bit in the hand of the consumer. Class instead of mass”, the motto for the nursery should be in the future. Finally, it comes to the health of our children.

Flea Market

“The first February has BBs in itself: with great toys and baby clothes from the mommy Web flea market and the first Mommy Web parent meeting in Frankfurt of the first Sunday in February is Frankfurt/Bornheim by Mommy Web under the motto of social commitment promote and thereby contacts”. The mommy Web parent meeting will take place in Frankfurt/Bornheim is the largest virtual mother network Rhein-Main region and is there the Mami Web GmbH headquarters. A get-together in the Cafe is planned prelude that holds a large number of games in addition to healthy organic and thus is tailored to the needs of mothers with children. All Mommy Web members from Frankfurt and its surroundings, as well as their children and also anyone else interested, are invited to come in the time from 10 to 13 h in the Saalburg road 61 (close to Gunther Castle Park), to get to know each other and the mommy Web team. Registration in advance is requested (by email at:).

The charity flea market “is also held on the 1st of February and in the Office of Mami Web GmbH (Arnsburger str. 58 c / d backyard) instead find, which only a five minute walk from the Cafe foreplay and quite close at the Metro station (U4) Bornheim Center” is. Mommy Web had encouraged Austria and the Switzerland since October 2008 its more than 200,000 members in Germany, very successfully within the framework of the toy donation”to send donations. There will be a variety of affordable baby and Childrens items, which can be purchase for a good purpose for very little money. Well preserved, as well as new toys, clothing, books and many more articles are available here for mothers, fathers and children and also Cafe and cakes is provided. The entire proceeds of the flea market will be donated for the benefit of a recognized children’s charity.

FACTS: Mommy Web parent meeting in the Cafe prelude, Saalburg road 61 (on the 1.12.09 from 10 am 1 pm), registration, please contact: Julia Gatscha Mami-Web, mail: baby flea market on the 1.2.09 from 12 o’clock: Mami Web GmbH, Arnsburger str. 58 c / d backyard about Mommy WEB: Mommy Web has over 200,000 registered members (stand: January 7, 2009) the largest German language online network for mothers and women who want to be there. Per day up to 1,500 new members – register a new Member – of the free community that was launched late May 2007 so every minute. Mommy Web offers tips from other mothers and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and in the lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment.

Kidoh Celebrates Birthday!

Every day a new top articles to the best price long throughout September 2003, so six years ago, the first Kidoh appeared catalog in Austria. The blue Kidoh logo synonymous with the Red Crown since the best ideas and offers to play and learning for children from 0 to 12 years. Kidoh celebrates its sixth birthday together with its customers: the whole September long the well-known mail order traders every day offers a carefully selected articles from the Kidoh assortment at a highly competitive price. In any bargain offer, the customer can save 50% and more. Means there’s be quick, because the offer is only a day and only while supplies last! You can view the current article under. There are for example creative craft ideas like the 380-teilige foam rubber handicraft set or the great memo game little Raven die Wilden Kerle has birthday “or the wild football quiz” from the series”and much more every day a special offer. In addition to this large birthday action, the client finds price crackers always latest bargains on.

Who not want to miss the best deals, get the latest tips and deals with Kidoh newsletter twice per week. All to support children. Strong brands at a great price: the claim on quality in a family-friendly pricing Kidoh makes one of the leading shipping companies in Austria. The company aims to promote the development of children with carefully selected toys and learning tools. Example way with products that are tested and found to be recommended by educators and parents. “Kidoh play + learn” stands for well-known brands, toys, equipment for sports, games and fun handicraft utensils and trends to the start of school. Via the online shop at kidoh.